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I went in wanting more of a neck lift than a mini...

I went in wanting more of a neck lift than a mini facelift. I had a wrinkled turkey like jowl from years from sun damage and aging. My face itself looked ok. I was told that the life style lift would tighten my neck area. During the surgery it appeared to me that the doctor was doing a routine lift and neglected the area I was most interested in fixing, under the chin. After surgery he said give it time to heal and you will see continual tightening over time. With every checkup he would say it looks great and I wouldn't see any difference especially to the loose skin under my chin.

I went back a few times and asked what I could do about the area I wanted fixed that never showed improvement and they told me that my doctor had left the group and I would have to pay the full price (more now) to have it fixed/redone. They don't guarantee their work and I am frustrated to have paid all that money and still look the same as I did before it was done. My jaw line looks great but that was fine before surgery and now my jowl area only looks and gets worse overtime. Be very carefull when choosing a doctor and find out as much as you can about his work both good and bad feedback from others before making a decision.

Crossing my fingers with some correction my facelift and neck lift will end up successful. Lifestyle Lift Beverly Hills
Sorry that you are not happy with your result. Dr Simoni is not affiliated with lifestyle lift. We have reviewed your picture and we do not have you in our files. It must have been an error to get Dr Simoni linked under lifestyle lift while you were writing your reviews. Dr Simoni only Assisted lifestyle lift to open their Beverly Hills office in 2007. He does not perform lifestyle lift procedure.
Why did Dr. Simoni associate with LSL?
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Doctor Simoni should have offered to correct his mistake and fix the neglected area and at no charge. It should have been done properly in the first place. That was a lot of money for me to have paid out for the work then end up disappointed. Never saw my original photos.

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