Unfortuately not worth the money for me

I'm a 45 yo guy in Los Angeles and had a...

I'm a 45 yo guy in Los Angeles and had a single Zeltiq procedure done on my abs (with the small hand piece) two days ago.

I'm lean (some would say skinny -- 5' 11 1/2" and 153 lbs) but have a small roll of stubborn fat around my navel that only comes off if I drop below 150 lbs. At that point my face looks gaunt, which is not what I want!

I was originally considering Zerona but decided on Zeltiq since it's apparently more permanent and isolates one area better.

The process of sucking my gut into the machine practically knocked the wind out of me but fortunately both the doctor and nurse did an excellent job of getting me to relax. The pain did subside after around 8 minutes and the rest of the procedure was uncomfortable but bearable.

My post procedure experience has been similar to many I've read on this site. I went out with friends that evening with the odd -- but not painful -- sensation of a numb belly. After two days I'm still somewhat numb with slight soreness and maybe (?) a bit of swelling.

If I see even modest results the procedure will be an amazing bargain. I will report back.

It has now been more than 3 weeks and I'm changing...

It has now been more than 3 weeks and I'm changing my review from "undecided" to "worth it."

My results are subtle -- as I expected them to be -- but two friends, both skeptics, have noticed results and my abdominal area is modestly flatter than before.

Was this a life changer? No way. But it was worth $750 and not insignificant discomfort for the results I've achieved.

Almost 9 months after the procedure and I really...

Almost 9 months after the procedure and I really can't see any meaningful change. Sorry, folks.

2 years later

Was poking around the site and thought I'd post a quick update. I never did see any real improvement from this procedure, plus the there was a lot of discomfort. Not worth it.
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It has been almost 2 months post procedure and I'm not entirely sure if there has been meaningful change -- certainly any change was very subtle. Just thought I'd add this in case anyone is following my story.

I'm changing my review back to "not sure."
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Oh no. :( Sorry to hear about your lack of results. Does your provider do anything to track results, i.e. measurements, photos?

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how are you now..its April...
I'm freaking out...
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I wanted to share that at 2.5 weeks after the procedure the pain went away at the 14 day mark although there is itching in the treatment area from time to time.

For those who are going through the procedure the worst of the pain for me was in days 6-9.

I'm thinking about changing my review to "worth it" since (I think) I have seen subtle changes. I'll give it another week or so to be sure.

Stay tuned.
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A quick update: at day 6-7 the itching and sudden zaps of pain increased. Again, not unbearable but uncomfortable enough to get me to call my doctor and make sure this was normal -- he says it is. Looks like from other posts the pain goes away at around 12-14 days. We'll see!
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Thank you, Dr Persky, for sharing your personal experience.

After watching video clips where people say, "it feels like a massage!" I thought I was the one being a baby.

By the way, despite my discussion of the after effects I would do the process again... if I see results. Time will tell.
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Hi All,

After much due diligence (I spent over one year of research and investigation as well as personal communications with the experts in the field), I began offering my patients Coolsculpting by Zeltiq. My criteria for incorporating any treatment or technology into my practice are that it be both SAFE and SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVE.

I was the first patient on our Zeltiq device. My wife was the second person treated. I too was told that it was "very comfortable", but when the large hand piece grabbed my abdomen, I must have lost the color in my face (at least that's what my office staff described my shocked appearance as) as beads of sweat formed on my forehead. Of course my wife assured all present that, "Oh, don't go by him, he's such a baby!" as I felt that I was being lifted up to the ceiling by the suction cup. After about 15 minutes of feeling what I was later told feels like "menstrual cramps" (my empathy to all of you girls reading this), the cold plates took over and I was able to comfortably take zips of my Cafe Frappuccino (likely one of many causes for the tummy "pooch" being treated), but taking a deep breath was still difficult as I felt as if my diaphragm was stuck to the hand piece. Once the hour was up, the family-size brick of butter under my skin did feel like frozen chicken breast that was thawing out. The redness went away after a few hours. The numbness and tingling of pins and needles (like Novocain wearing off) lasted for about two weeks, but was very tolerable. We are about two months; my wife is very pleased with her result, and wants more. I will have another treatment soon, and have seen a little improvement (treatment immediately before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years may be associated with weight gain, having nothing to due with Zeltiq, more to do with yummy food).

Realistic expectations are essential before the treatment. More than one treatment session should be counted on, and even scheduled from the start. It is a gradual, but scientifically proven technology.

Thanks for sharing your Zeltiq experiences. The technology is scientifically proven to work, but it does usually take multiple sessions. The numbness and tingling is normal for a few weeks. There have been a few patients who have experienced more severe pain that has responded well to lidocaine gel or patches (speak with your physician before self treating). Good luck and be well.
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I keep seeing/hearing "no down time" regarding Zeltiq. While technically true -- I have not missed work or changed my behavior much -- it downplays the discomfort that many people on this site (myself included) experience post procedure. It would have been helpful for my surgeon to share this information with me.
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Thanks for sharing your story so far! Can't wait to see how it works out for you.

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It's now day 4. Just like many others have described the numbness is slowly becoming prickly soreness. It isn't too uncomfortable and actually gives me hope that the fat is being processed as promised.
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Awesome! Sounds like you're off to a good start. The tingling would make me think it was working too.

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