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I had a chin that jutted out of my face like a...

I had a chin that jutted out of my face like a witch's chin. I've always been extremely self conscious about it. However, I never did it until now because of the horror stories I have read. It's over a day later and. Have full feeling in my chin and lip and not any bruising. He promised me I would not have nerve problems afterwards and he was true to his word. I'm a little swollen, but anyone would be after having chin gone removed but it's not noticeable to anyone but me, I'm glad my fears finally subsided and I got this done' but I'm even happier I chose a surgeon with tremendous skill who knew what planes to stay away from to avoid nerve damage. I can't wait to see the final results but the "jut" I had is gone! So I'm hoping things will only look better from hear on out!


I'm considering this procedure. Do you have any before and after pics to share? Did the chin pad swelling go down or does it still stick out when you smile?
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Hi Lalady. How are you feeling now? Are you completely healed yet?

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Hi. No, not yet. I am able to smile normally, but the soft tissues are still swollen and uneven. I'm frustrated because the chin pad is super puffy, and when I smile it gets even puffier. Before the surgery, when I smiled, I never had any puffiness, it was just the bone jutted out. Now that the bone is gone, the soft tissue juts out, so I'm frustrated. But I'm hoping it's just the remainder of the swelling. I didn't realize it takes so long to recover!!!

Honestly, it doesn't look much different than...

Honestly, it doesn't look much different than before I had it done. No worse, and not really better. I don't think enough was shaved down. It took 9 months for the swelling to go down completely.


Hi Lalady, I'm having chin reduction surgery on February 7th. My doctor is going to reduce in both horizontally as well as vertically by 2-3 mm. He said the difference will be subtle but real. My biggest concern is how long will I be a swollen mess? Will it be super obvious when I go back to work or can I pull off saying I had oral surgery? Thank you!
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Hi Lalady I am also thinking of getting this surgery done.. I want to know if you were satisfied by your great resuls.. I can send you pics of my chin i hate how it looks.. thank you
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hello Lalady. I have a consultation set with the same dr next week, and I'd like to know if you're happy with your results. How long did it take for you to look/ speak normal?
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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

In reviewing chin reduction procedures I was literally terrified to get it done, even though I've wanted it done my whole adult life. There hasn't been a single review I've read on this procedure where it has been good. Either there was nerve damage, swelling so bad you can't leave the house for weeks, you name it. I am only 40 hrs after my operation and I have full lip sensation, full chin sensation, and zero bruising. I'm swollen and my chin feels very tight, but that's to be expected. I don't know what the results will be, and I am nervous, but he showed me pictures so I get the general idea. He shaved off a lot of bone as I had a chin that jutted out of my face like a witch's chin, very unattractive in my opinion. He looked at me and knew exactly what to do and how to make it softer. If you are looking for a surgeon with skill and has 40 yrs experience, then Dr. Mayer is your surgeon! My scar is even practically invisible!

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