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I have deep vertical lines above my lip -- thanks,...

I have deep vertical lines above my lip -- thanks, Mom! My doctor took fat from my stomach and injected it into the area between the lip and nose. He also pulled up that part of the mouth to expose more of my teeth. As we get older, the lips drop, covering our teeth. On youthful-looking people, you can see some of the front teeth when the mouth is at rest. So my upper lip was pulled up to show more of the lip from underneath. More of a pouty mouth, I guess, but VERY subtle and real looking. He also pulled up the very ends of the lips so that the mouth had more of a smile rather than a droopy sad look. It was all very subtle but the results were fantastic! The fat gets absorbed eventually, but it's been about 8 years since I had it done, and I am going to do the fat injection again. However, I did have a laser treatment on my face as well and fat taken out of my upper eyelids. All great results, but thus the hefty price.

Dr. Randal Haworth

I saw him on TV and he talked specifically about vertical lip lines. At that time, I could find very little information on how to correct the problem, and certainly did not find any doctors but Dr. Haworth who was doing this procedure. It was rather new at the time. My doctor is Dr. Randal Haworth on Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. He's a real artist as well, so he has a good grasp on symmetry and beauty.

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Wow ! Your treatment lasted for 8 years. Strange, but sounds great.
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Wow, if you got 8 years of "wear" so to speak from your fat graft that seems pretty good! Certainly longer lasting than most fillers. Do you mind me asking if you were doing lipo at the same time as the fat grafting, or did you seek the fat grafting out completely on its own?

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No, I didn't do
Lipo. It actually lasted a bit less than 8 years, but it took me that long to decide that I needed another one.
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Can I ask you about the lazer treatment - was it the whole face? what kind of lazer was it? and , did you lose pigmentation in your skin - and become pale?
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Yes, it was the whole face. It was a CO2 laser resurfacing. I did not loose any pigmentation, and I did not become paler -- just prettier! I have fair skin, but not overly fair -- I tan well (a little English, Irish, and German decent). You look pretty scary for about a week, but when it heals after that, the skin is still swollen, but you look fantastic for a few days -- 20 years younger. Beautiful like baby's skin. I wished that would have been the final results, but it was not. When that swelling goes down, your skin begins to look more normal, like the final results. Still, highly recommend it for fine lines. It doesn't last forever, and it won't stop your skin from aging naturally. As I said, I have vertical lip lines again, an inherited trait on my mother's side, which are the most bothersome to me. But it's been 8 years since that treatment.
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Thanks so much, that info helps so much as I've been considering Lazer for a long time - my main worry is there is no info on long term affects on the skin and whether, for example it makes the skin weaker, or more prone to wrinkles in the future. Like you I have inherited irish vertical lip lines and like you this is the area that bothers me most. Someone suggested that I should have Scuptra which is supposed to put volumn in the face. Not sure it will help with the lip lines though! A doctor did say that he could do intensive peel while I was under if I went for a face lift at the same time, so I am also considering that. By the way I tried Botox on the top area of my mouth - It felt very strange and a bit odd to eat and drink - It didn't really stop my lines forming when I talked and wore off pretty quickly. Thanks again.
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I am a 55 year old female with deep upper lip lines and a few under my lower lip. I have tried two different lasers they did discolor my skin and I now have large pores around the areas of my upper lip and chin. I was told now my only choice would be the CO2 laser. I'm thinking about it I have a consultation on July 11, 2014. Do you have any advise for me, would you do the treatment again?
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I did have laser around my mouth over 12 years ago - it didn't make that much difference but I have heard that Co2 laser is the way to go and the lasers seem to have improved over the years - It works well on pictures I have seen on this site. I do plan on Co2 - whole face - in the future but can't do it yet due to work commitments. From what I have read on this site it seems people have stronger laser just where the deep lines are and a bit lighter everywhere else. Good luck and be very interested on your results.
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