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After doing A LOT of research on various surgeons...

After doing A LOT of research on various surgeons and techniques, I chose Dr. Brent Moelleken to perform a neck lift/face lift on me. It has now been a week since my procedures. I am still quite bruised and swollen, but everything so far has gone just as he told me it would, and I'm already noticing a much improved neckline and reduced jowls. (I'm sure I'll be even more pleased in 3-6 months once the final results are in.) I must say that so far I am extremely impressed by Dr. Moelleken and the surgical and office teams he has assembled. He seems to be an unusually intelligent and genuinely nice person, as well as a talented surgeon with an artist's eye. I will try to post again in a few months once my results are more clear. But so far, I'm very happy I put myself in Dr. Moelleken's hands.
Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! What has been the most difficult part of recovery for you so far?
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