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Vi Peel - Beverly Hills, CA

I got it during my rhinoplasty on my face, neck,...

I got it during my rhinoplasty on my face, neck, chest, and hands. I loved it. My face is pretty much done peeling now and it looks really shiny and fresh. It did not hurt. it itched a little on my neck and chest. My face got brownish and crusty and peeled a lot but I liked that. I thought it would be stronger, honestly. I was wanting to do a TCA peel and I may do that another time, but this peel was nice and a little deeper than other peels I have gotten in the past like the skin medica vitalize peel, PCA peel, 50% and 70% glycolic acid peels. I get them to control breakouts and help fade hyperpigmentation and solar lentigos (brown spots) from excess sun exposure as a child and teen.

Hi schmie2, 

Welcome to the community. I'm glad you had such a positive experience. I imagine the peeling probably does feel good, like a sunburn. Did they have you put anything on it, or after? Thanks so much for the review and the pictures, they are great for the community. Please keep us updated.



Yes, they had me put some post -peel pads on for the first 2 days following the peel. I had to wash my face and then swipe the pads on and leave the yellow liquid on my face overnight and do that 2 nights in a row. After that, I just washed my face with a gentle cleanser (CeraVe). I did not use a moisturizer because I did not want to touch my face too much due to the rhinoplasty. I just used Blue Lizard sunblock for sensitive skin which has zinc oxide and titanium oxide sunBLOCKs. By the way, did you receive my rhinoplasty review or do I have to re-do that one? I was having trouble uploading it.

Really useful info for the community. Thanks so much!



It is 17 days post -peel today and my skin is no...

It is 17 days post -peel today and my skin is no longer as nice as is was after the initial peel days. After the initial peel days my skin was moist and fresh, now it has become somewhat dry and has broken out. I am flaky all over my face. I am not sure if it is the surgery and anesthesia that is causing dry, flaky skin or if it is normal post-peel flakiness. Anyone else who knows about this, let me know :)

Today-Jan.23-11-I broke out a little on my forhead...

Today-Jan.23-11-I broke out a little on my forhead and the area around my nose. My skin is kinda dry now in some parts. My nose is horribly dry but it might just be from having that splint on from my rhinoplasty. I am still happy I got the peel though.

Today is January 29, 2011. It has been 25 days...

Today is January 29, 2011. It has been 25 days since my peel. My skin was beautiful 7 days post peel but now it dry, rough, flaky, broken out, and it gets a burning sensation sometimes. I do not know what happened because I used sunblock everyday and everything. I am hoping this will go away because my skin looks like crap right now. Also, a scar I had under my eye got darker after the peel.

Hi everyone. I am 6 weeks post-peel now. I am...

Hi everyone. I am 6 weeks post-peel now. I am still really dry on my face. My skin is rough and flaky, especially on my nose, cheeks, and forehead. I had some dryness before but nothing this bad. I can feel every expression on my face due to the dryness. The peel did not get rid of my annoying lentigo under my right eye so I got it zapped with the laser when I went in for my 2nd laser hair removal treatment this past Wednesday. It got a little darker after it was zapped, but now its back to normal and has not crusted and flaked off so maybe the laser setting was not strong enough for that spot. I am washing with CeraVe, moisturizing with Complex 15, and using Blue Lizard sunblock for sensitive skin. I have not started on my retin-a again yet due to this irritation on my face. I have a dermatologist appointment on Monday. Hopefully, she can help me with the dryness. Here is a link to my YouTube channel. I posted a new 6 week post-op video: http://www.youtube.com/user/dermlover1?feature=mhum
Hi. How are you today? Still dry and rough? Did it make your pores bigger? Thanks! You look great. Don't do any laser treatments - your skin needs to rest! Plus summer comes early in Fl.
Hey :) I am still dry and rough but not as bad as before. My nose is really the worst part of it all. My nose looks so dirty and horrible. It is full of blackheads and flaking skin. I do not think my pores are bigger except on my nose from all the blackheads. I don't know if it is just time making the dryness and roughness better or if it could be due to the things I have been doing. I have been removing my thick, white sunblock at night with an oil cleanser. Then, I use jojoba oil both morning and night on my damp skin followed by nia24 intensive recovery moisturizer that my dermatologist recommended to me. I also started using the glycolix elite 15% peel pads 2-3 times a week again. I used to use them before my surgery for like 5 years but then I stopped a few months before my surgery and now I am using them again. They really help with the flakiness and also help keep my skin clear. Yes, your right about letting my skin rest. I will probably get a series of IPL treatments after this coming summer. In the mean time though, I think I will do monthly glycolic acid peels (50-70%) to keep my skin clear. That was my normal regimen for a few years. I don't know if I would do the Vi peel again. Dr. M told me to do another again 3 months after the first one. So, that would be about now but I think I will wait and do a TCA peel next year. I don't think the Vi is really a medium depth peel. My derm suggests a medium depth peel be done once or twice a year to maintain youthful skin for life (along with proper home care, of course). My derm also suggests IPL treatments to keep pigment and broken capillaries at bay. I have moderate sun damage showing beneath the surface of my skin and that is the regimen she recommends according to the Visia photographs. You should go to a derm who does those photographs because it really can help you understand how to treat your skin based on the damage it has incurred throughout your life. Anyways, are you thinking of doing a Vi peel?
I am still experiencing extremely dry skin with flaking, burning, and rough texture over 6 weeks post-peel. I looked good one week after I finished peeling (2 weeks post-op) but ever since 3 weeks post-op my skin has been getting worse each day. It looks good in my pictures, but in person it is flaking like a snow storm. I am stressed from this. The doctor has yet to respond to my concerns. I went to a dermatologist here, in Florida and she is trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Any advice? Has this happened to anyone else?

My skin dryness has been improving. As of now, my...

My skin dryness has been improving. As of now, my nose is still the most dry area of my face. I barely put moisturizer on it because it is to sensitive to rub it in. I have started back on my regular skin care regimen. It goes as follows:

am= CeraVe cleanser, glycolic acid treatment pads (15%) 3X a week, Nia24 intensive recovery moisturizer, blue lizard sunblock for sensitive skin.

pm= oil cleanser to remove sunblock, CeraVe cleanser, retin-a micro .04%

I started a new birth control, nuva ring, and I got some breakouts, so I am hoping that starting back on my regular skin care will take care of that.

At 3 months post-op I will start again on getting monthly to 6-week glycolic peels. That really keeps my pores clean, clear, and tight.

I did try using some jojoba oil on my skin when it was really dry and i think it did help but I think it may have also contributed to the breakouts along with the NuvaRing. I liked how shiny and fresh the jojoba oil made my skin look and feel but I will wait until my skin settles down from the breakouts before I think about adding that back in.

My skin has improved. My nose is still dry and...

My skin has improved. My nose is still dry and flaky but it is slowly getting better. I am 3 months post-peel in 2 days.
I was so happy to find your post. I had the VI Peel done over a month ago and I just don't know what happened. I was peeling properly then about a week ago my skin especially my cheeks feels like I have a sunburn, skin is so dry its like the mostizer can't even get absorbed and my skin is scaly and I hope this is not my skin from now on. I have been so careful using all the correct products I don't always wear makeup but sunscreen always. Did your skin look two different shades? Any help would be great.

My skin is back to being dry, flaky, irritated,...

My skin is back to being dry, flaky, irritated, red, and rough. Also, I have acne now (from the NuvaRing). My skin has also taken another turn for the worse. My normal, gentle cleanser, CeraVe, is now burning the hell out of my skin when I wash with it. It feels like acid is being applied to my skin each time I wash my face. I don't know what is happening, but I guess there is something that is irritating my already irritated skin because when I use my oil cleanser to remove my sun block, I have no burning. This never happened to me before the Vi peel. I used to use so many skin products before and my skin was more than fine. I used retin-a micro every night. Glycolic aicd peels once a month and even some glycolic acid at home peel pads. With all that stuff, I never had any problems and now since the peel I have all these new problems. After this peel, my annoying brown lentigo under my right eye still did not go away. My skin looked so good 1 week post-peel and I do not understand what the hell happened!!!

Did you follow up the peel with the Vi Derm skin care line? I do the Vi Peel 2 times a year, once after winter and once after summer. I use the Vi Derm line to maintain the results and find it works wonderfully. I like to go in for a facial about two weeks after as well. I have always had horribly dry skin that was constantly flaking and find that this regiment has kept my skin soft, dewy, and glowing phenomenally. The peel can get you back to fresh, but it MUST be maintained, that is key. I also use Oxygenetix foundation, as there is nothing even remotely comparable on the market when it comes to benefits, quick healing, and best of all...the coverage is GORGEOUS! I use Vi Derm at night and Oxygenetix during the day, this has yielded optimal results for me. Hope this helps you too! Best wishes!
No, I do not use the Vi Derm line. I just use retin-a at night and nia24 and sunblock during the day. Thanks for the tips.
Your very welcome. The Retin A will make your skin continue to flake as it is a a Rx level exfoliant and cell stimulant. I use one as well, but when matched with other products it doesn't flake so much. Enjoy! =)

At 4 months post-peel (Vi peel), I am still dry,...

At 4 months post-peel (Vi peel), I am still dry, flaky, and have lizard skin. I guess I am turning into the lizard from using so much blue lizard sunblock!!
Has everything resolved? Any pros or only cons?
I still have the reptile skin, unfortunately. So far, only cons.

So, I am 6 months post-op now and my skin is still...

So, I am 6 months post-op now and my skin is still bad. Actually, it has gotten worse over the past few days. I look like I have a sunburn on my face and the flaking is horrible. I can literally rub skin off my face when I wash my face morning and night and ALL throughout the day. My skin actually looks older. It has this weird look to it. It burns when I wash it an dis really sensitive to the sun. I tried to wear makeup the other day to cover the redness but that was a mistake. The makeup stuck in all the flakes and since my face is soooo red and chapped, the makeup did not even match my skin tone anymore. This is after I rubbed the skin off in the shower, sprayed my face with Evian, and put on 2 coats of moisturizer. It's like the moisturizr does not even penetrate. Once the moisturizer dries on my face, my skin just goes right back to feeling chapped again. Chapped is the best way I can explain it. There is like this burnt later over my regular face. I am so desperate at this point. I went to another dermatologist today and he prescribed me with this cream called Desonide. He gave it to me in an ointment form, which means the vehicle is petroleum jelly. It is a corticosteroid so I can;t use it for too long but hopefully it will offer some relief. This has not been a good experience at all. :( Make sure you guys make the pictures larger when you look at them so you can see my skin up close. Here is the link to my latest YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlrZpM5rZ3w

Ok, so it's been 7 days of me using the...

Ok, so it's been 7 days of me using the Desonide ointment to treat my dry, flaky, red, chapped skin. The ointment is a petroleum jelly base. It is really hydrating but the only con is that when you use the ointment during the day it is hard to put anything else on the skin since the jelly is so thick and sticky. Anyways, my skin has improved. The dryness is really the most noticeable difference. My skin is still sunburned looking though. I have been using the ointment a.m. and p.m. In the morning, I do not use face wash anymore, I just rinse my skin with plain, cool water and then reapply the ointment. After tonight, I will not use the ointment anymore, but I think I will continue to use plain petroleum jelly on my face at night and CeraVe moisturizer with sunblock during the day. I am not going to sue retin-a, glycolic acid, or anything else irritating. I am hoping that if I just leave my skin alone it will heal itself naturally. Down the line, I can resume the use of other skin care products with the approval and supervision of my dermatologist. I will keep you all updated. For all of you experiencing side effects from this chemical peel or any other, I think you might want to try the petroleum jelly treatment. It may work for you too.

I just wanted to chime in that your nose looks really nice. And the assymetric nostrils give it a very natural look. I know it bothers you, but to someone who has never seen you before (ME!) you look fantastic! I'm sorry you had a weird experience with the VI Peel. I personally love it and try to get it done every 3 months or so to maintain that baby fresh skin look. It does eventually fade over 6 months and it's recommended to reapply it after a month or so to achieve great results. my skin couldn't handle that, i don't think, but that's what the company says to do. you look great!!!!!!!
Thanks for the compliments. I am happy to hear the Vi peel works nicely for you!! :)

My skin is still bad. It is still red, dry, rough,...

My skin is still bad. It is still red, dry, rough, broken out, burning. So pretty much I have not been using anything on my face except aquaphor and have been trying to avoid going outside during the day so i don't even have to wear sunblock. I am trying to let my skin heal. I have been using the aquaphor for 2 straight says now (day and night). Even with the aquaphor, I wake up with dry a** skin. I am not exaggerating when I say my skin is as rough as a reptile. It is like there is some kind of callus or something forming over my normal skin. I have been to the dermatologist 4 times and they can't seem to figure out what is wrong. No derm has yet suggest rosacea but I think it is a possibility. Hopefully not, but I still have to be realistic about what it may be. I never had this problem before. it as only been since my surgery and peel. But maybe all the stress of everything caused a bad rosacea flare. I am scared to use any topical rosacea meds for fear of further injuring my skin, in the case it is not rosacea and just a chemical burn or something. It has been over 6 months that I am dealing with this issue. The best way to describe my skin is sandpaper skin.

Hi there, I was wondering how you felt about the rhinoplasty you received from Dr. Motykie. Do you like the results? I am thinking of going to him for my primary rhino.
he will ruin the nose compelety it will be irrepairable.
Eeek. :X Ok. Thank you for the response. My decision is between him and dr grigoryants and I have a consul with both in the next few months. I am really sorry to hear you are not happy with your results - but honestly, I think you are extremely beautiful and every thing looks terrific. Thanks so much again. -H
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

My nose did not come out as good as I had expected. The nostrils are asymmetric, one side of my nose is con caved in and looks very strange when I smile. My skin is horrible after that peel. Also, I can't get in touch with anyone from the office. Whenever I e-mail them something negative like, "my skin is messed up," they ignore me. How rude.I wish I would have had my rhinoplasty some where else. Not impressed. No one has told me I look better. I regret my decision.

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