Upper Lip Lift with Dr. Randal Haworth - Beverly Hills, CA

It's really too soon for me to post my final...

It's really too soon for me to post my final opinion on my surgery I just had 3 days ago with Dr. Randal Haworth since results won't be known for quite awhile due to swelling, however Real Self insists I make a choice in order to write a review of my experience. After a couple of more weeks I will give my final review based upon physical outcome of the procedure but so far, so good. It has been an entirely positive experience at this stage.

I am posting pics day by day. I did feel a lot of pain the first day and really needed help moving around at home for atleast a few hours due to the anesthesia wearing off, but I was prescribed pain meds, anti inflammatory meds and meds to prevent infection and nausea so I was pretty well armed for recovery. I did not want any solid foods for the first day through third day following surgery due to the chewing required which hurt as it pulled my upper lip so I stuck to nonfat yogurt, and protein shakes made in my blender with ice, fruit and protein powder ( this makes up 75% of my regular diet anyway). I used a straw and bit the straw with my back teeth in order to swallow since my upper lip had no movement. I just used my back teeth to bite the straw which I have been doing now for 3 full days and it's fine. I sleep sitting up with pillows and take pain pills 2-3x/day since I do need them ( party because of other facial surgeries I had done same day..a lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer on my eyes). I'm doing well.

Before Pic

This is the before pic of my lips.

Before pic of my upper lip


Photo of me directly following surgery, same day

1 day following surgery of upper lip lift

3 days following upper lip lift surgery

4 days post op

Finally feeling better...still taking pain med before bedtime. Sleep upright with pillows all night. Still on a diet of protein smoothies I drink with a straw used between back teeth, and also yogurt. No chewing (hurts, puts tension on stitches). Scar still looks raised, almost hypertrophic, however Dr. Haworth provided paperwork indicating a free of charge kenalog shot and/or C02 laser treatment should a hypertrophic (raised, thick) visible scar appear so I am ok. I am not working right now which is why I chose to time this procedure to allow as much time as needed to heal and look as good as possible.

5 days post op, starting to look good

Feeling a lot better. Still hiding out in the house. Protein shakes, no real chewing food other than very ripe, soft fruit. No need for pain pills anymore. Sleep upright. Stitches coming out tomorrow. I also had a lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer to eye area so my face is extra swollen. Stopped icing after the first 3 days, moved onto warm washcloth compresses several times per day. Scar still raised.

Day 6

Going in to have stitches removed today and to show what is looking like a possible hypertrophic scar under my nose. I know the doctor has treatments for this, if that is what I am seeing.
I'll update once I see Dr. Haworth, after I hear his opinion on how the scar looks raised and thick.

Trying on lipstick post op one week for first time

Dr. Haworth removed my upper lip lift stitches under nose yesterday on 6th day. Hurt a bit to remove them. He said my scar is not hypertrophic and looks good for 6 days, and that it is just swelling that will go down to nothing. Symmetry with center of nostrils and cupids bow has improved a lot. I go back in one month for a look at my total face with swelling reduced. Went out in public first time today but still very swollen in nose area by about 75%. My nose is huge right now from procedure, no sensation in nostril region at all right now and cannot move upper lip when I speak just yet. It's frozen for now but will improve over time. Check out my new mouth!! :) :)

10 days post op- nose scar has gone down to almost nothing

2 weeks post op--chewing food

Most lip swelling is gone now, other than cupid's bow and area just above that surrounding nostrils. Very stiff and numb there. Nostrils and tip of nose swollen and hard.
Muscle function of upper lip still not working well... Upper lip does not meet lower lip to chew with mouth closed just yet..talking with letters 'b' or 'm', for example, look very funny right now. Looking forward to the healing...told it will take 4 months for full function of mouth to return. Scar is minimal... No one would see it, even without makeup up close.

Almost 4 weeks post op, scar turning pink, nostrils still VERY swollen

Nostrils are still VERY swollen..almost exactly the same as the first week post op. This is normal for this procedure as muscle hemming was used, so the internal area of the nose near the incision site, and the sides of the nostrils are all very hard, numb and swollen. Scar as turned pink and needs to be covered with makeup and sunblock. Going in on August 16 for post op look by Dr. Haworth and will see if I can get the C02 laser treatment they offer to smooth it out and also IPL to reduce the redness. It is free according to the paperwork I received.
Really looking forward to my nostrils going down and not looking so wonky and asymmetrical. Post op care explained it would take up to 4 months to see final result.

13 weeks post op and looking great

Well, it's been 13 weeks since my surgery July 9, 2013. The doctor's office said it would take up to 16 weeks for final results to be seen and that all should look back to normal with the improvements before that and it does look great. In this time, I have had two follow up visits of getting C02 lasered to the incision site under my nose by the doctor which is included free of charge in the procedure on an as needed basis. I go back for a final time for C02 later this month over the incision site. It wasn't really that bad to begin with and not really noticeable at all, even without makeup except for one area on the side of my nose which with the C02 has helped it a lot.
I did have issues of the internal suture threads popping out to the surface in the form of what looked like a small pimple that created a pus like tiny amount of oozing (gross, I know), but to anyone looking, it just looked like a very tiny pimple. The doctor was able to detect this immediately and with some numbing on each visit spread about 6 wks apart when each one showed up out of the blue, he pulled them out and they came out very easily and the pimple/oozing disappeared by the very next day.
The C02 lasering was so easy and quick (within minutes) that I was able to apply makeup to it within a couple of hours and go to a concert with my boyfriend who didn't even know I had anything done in the first place..he just thinks I look really good regardless.
My toothshow has decreased as the upper lip has fallen a bit but it is ok because I have very pouty lips now when my mouth is open and my upper teeth are still seen quite a bit. It looks really great.

Very happy with the results, highly recommend this procedure to look a little younger and more attractive. It is actually a pretty subtle procedure if done properly and no one really knows you had anything done as Dr. Haworth made the scar so undetectable. I also have full movement of my upper lip now and have had it back by about 2 1/2 months' to 3 months' time. I still have a little stiffness at the incision site directly under my nostrils and sometimes they still look a little swollen and assymetrical when I wake up in the morning due to laying on my back to sleep at night, but it all goes down by the afternoon and it not noticeable.

One year later

I'll post pics soon but the swelling in my nostrils has gone way down to normal. There is no visible scar at all. My own close friends see me in person did not even know that I had anything done, other than to say that I look great. I have a small flaw which one nostril being slightly higher than the other, but it's not a big deal.

I've been harassed by Dr. Haworth haters on another website.

One year later exactly

One year later, my swelling on my nostrils has disappeared. It took a long time and jumping to conclusions about the end result before allowing your face to fully heal (esp the nose which takes up to a year), is a mistake.
I am posting these pics as I have been attacked by someone posing as several people on another website, ripping my results, saying they are mediocre to trash Dr. H. My nose at one point had asymmetry in healing, but not anymore. My nostrils stayed wide at the base for about 9 months. No longer. I do have the upper middle part of one nostril that has a peak in it, unlike the other HOWEVER I have had TWO prior nose surgeries from TWO DIFF doctors to narrow the tip so I need to clarify that here in case there is a connection.

one year later

Let my photos speak for themselves

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can see my before, during, and after pics to decide based upon FACT, whether my results look good to you. I am thrilled with my result. I have olive skin and am prone to pigmenting but have ZERO scar and ZERO pigmenting. Dr Haworth gave me 3-4 free post op appts at his suggestion, to check on me and did lasering 3x on the incision site which comes as part of the post op care for this procedure without extra cost.
I have read the baloney suggesting that because my review is positive, I must have been paid or received compensation which is a lie. I posted my experience and satisfaction for a job well done. Period.

And I have been stalked, by user TMI because I asked why a poster on another site did not have a clear straight on face shot showing his face prior to surgery within a reasonable timeframe (pics were 10-20 years before surgery). I did not say anyone posted fake pics as TMI stated. I was then told my rests were mediocre, compared to an ugly painting, and more, by TMI for which the site removed his diatribe. At that time, he came over here to post on this thread, calling me names and Realsf intervened and removed them.
Like I said, my pics show a great result. I am sorry Dr H has to deal with this garbage.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

He is very nice, professional, kind and really takes time to answer all questions and concerns. There are doctors who have artistic ability, rather than merely a scientific skillset and I sensed in my consultation that Dr. Haworth is the former. I really liked consulting with him, and he was the second doctor I consulted with on this procedure (the first was Dr. Jason Diamond, in Beverly Hills who told me he was trained in lip lift procedures by Dr. Haworth so I decided to go straight to the source instead.). He spent atleast an hour with me in my consult, plus another 30 mins or so in my pre op discussing what we would be doing, and another 30 mins or so right before surgery, marking me and measuring. He called me the night of my surgery to check on me as well, and had me email pics to show how I was healing since I was not able to go into his office the morning after surgery which he preferred, so he could see my other procedure's healing (I also had a lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer as I am 46 years old). He emailed me back immediately and let me know I was healing fine. I am scheduled to have my stitches removed on Monday. My surgery was on the 9th, stitches which were not the dissolvable kind, are being removed 6 days after surgery. As you can see from my photos, he really did a miraculous job. No visible scar at all in just 10 days post op.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I had a few procedures with Dr Haworth and I am very happy with the results and the treatment with this doctor. I am still in the recovery stage. I have shown some my pictures privately and before I had almost no top lip and they were turned downward. Now the distance is shortened between my upper lip and nose and I have lips now. I have seen other patients while waiting in his waiting room and they also had good results. Skingirls lips look great.
Look at my picture before you refer him to anyone. I will try to post a better picture so you can see better.
My surgery with Haworth had a terrible result. Please judge for yourself. Put in Dr Haworth and Rhinoplasty and my picture will come up. I have a little ball on the tip. I rarely here of anyone being happy with his results but he is a good talker.
I am sorry you were not happy with your result. I think it is disingenuous to state you rarely hear of anyone happy with his results. If you place his name on this site you can see ALL of his reviews. Most of his reviews are positive. I did as you suggested and it showed your picture, but it is from a distance. I can barely see your nose due to that picture is from a distance and I am not able to enlarge it. I am sorry you did not have a good experience, and have empathy for you, but please know other patients have had a good experience with this doctor.
That is interesting. You can barely see her nose. WOW, it is very obvious that she has a ball on her tip. This banter sounds like a broken record already, someone who has a bad result with this doctor, someone who is actually brave enough to post their pictures; within minutes the validity of their pictures are questioned. What is so fascinating is that this poor girls results are being questioned by someone who just had surgery with this man. Just like you are sharing your pictures privately with people, there have been MANY people who did not have good results with this man who have shared their pictures privately too. I hope that all of you remember the policy of realself taken off of another thread that had to do with this doctor. "Your comments were removed because they violated our Community Guidelines. All experiences and opinions are welcome on RealSelf. We don't allow community members to question the validity of another person's story, whether it's positive or negative. If you have concerns about specific reviews or comments, please email us and we will look into it. Thank you, --Sharon "
I am so sorry for your pain. Please know that there are many people who support you and pray for you. It is very obvious from your pictures what happened to you.
" All experiences and opinions are welcome on RealSelf. We don't allow community members to question the validity of another person's story, whether it's positive or negative." I am quoting the above. You should not question the validity of my experience with this doctor, as it was a positive one. I stated I could not see a clear view of that persons nose in the picture she provided. When I click her picture, it does not enlarge. It is not a close up and clear with a before picture like skingirls. That is not questioning the validity of her story. I cannot see her nose clearly. I will refer others to him due to the experience I have had. He did an excellent job with my procedures and continue to provide post op care.
I get an e-mail sent to my phone whenever there is a response to this string. This happens to anyone who writes on a string on this site. In response to your comment about "posting within minutes" .
To those of you considering surgery. Know that false online reviews are everywhere. See a recent New York Times article, "In a Race to Out-Rave, 5-Star Web Reviews Go for $5" {Third party website removed by RealSelf. Please see community guidelines for posting here.}  As businesses rely more and more on attracting customers through their online reviews, some businesses pay others to write them, some have their staff or friends do it, and some make deals with their customers in exchange for their promotional efforts. To say that this is what is happening here would violate the guidelines . Be wary, do your research and let your own judgement be the guide. This is a very important thing to be aware of when researching any business, but even more so when it comes to something so life altering as a selecting a surgeon. Know the warning signs. Look to see if the business has lots of false positive reviews pulled from review sites that screen for this. Look at the tone of the reviews and the reviewers, do they read like promotional material or an honest account of an individuals experience? Do these reviewers act in a way that is unlike a normal customer-sending links to the businesses website or engaging in above and beyond activity relating to promotion of the business? Do they comment elsewhere or only on threads related to the business in question? Also, look to see how the business deals with negative reviews as this is an important indication of how you, as a customer will be treated if things don't go well for you. Be careful and good luck! There are a lot of unscrupulous doctors out there that could care less about your results as long as they get your money. There are also some very talented and ethical doctors out there that take excellent care of their patients. The difficult part is distinguishing one from the other, but fortunately, it is getting easier and easier to tell the difference!
Thanks for posting your tips on finding real reviews. We are constantly trying to hone our tools to filter out reviews that are not real. We verify reviews using both automated and human screening. I personally am on a mission to catch fake reviews and I know that everyone else here on the team feels the same way. I hope this gives you more info into our philosophy and how we operate.
I love it
Do you still feel it's a little asymmetrical, like you mentioned in the beginning (lips slanted away from nostrils)? Or, are you prone to making certain expressions? I am nervous about this and think I can detect a little of this unevenness in your final pic, but I don't know if it's the camera angle or not. If there is still, were your lips this way prior to your procedure or is it a result of the procedure? Hope I'm making sense. And, I still think your results are beautiful, but I am just very curious:)
Beautiful results skingirl, I too have been the unfortunate victim of the crazy Dr H haters. I agree that it takes at least a year, my nostrils still seem a bit swollen and my nose tip is still thinning and I'm 9 mos out now.
Any pics? Would love to see!
Don't listen to them. You both look great.
Too funny Lovenlife. I had very bad results with Dr. Haworth and posted my pictures here on realself. You came to both of my reviews to defend the doctor and discount the severity of my results though they're plain to see. I am not a "crazy Dr. H hater", I am a patient that paid a large sum of money to look disfigured. Your behavior is what is crazy, a so called "happy patient" that patrols the internet looking for unhappy patients in order to provide damage control for the doctor. I have never gone on another "happy patient's" reviews to say negative things about this doctor even though my experience was terrible. I am posting here now because 1) The facts are being twisted and misconstrued, and 2) Neither you nor Skingirl have shown the same courtesy towards those of us who've had a different experience so at this point I feel like I should speak up in the interest of truth.
Skingirl did the same thing by the way. She showed up on a review of an unhappy patient out of the blue in order to defend the doctor and trash everyone on the thread. Who does that? Seriously! Apparently both of you. So to say that she is "being stalked" by "crazy Haworth haters" is inaccurate at best, and probably closer to a flat out lie. I'm not interested in fighting with either of you and won't continue to post on your thread. Glad you're happy, perhaps you might want to show an inkling of sympathy for those of us who aren't, beauty, after all is more than skin deep.
Seattle, I did not trash everyone on a thread showing a man who posted one before pic of his chest when his face was operated on. I inquired as to why he did not have a clear before face shot to compare to a clear after surgery shot. And I was met by a coven of haters who were there solely to post negative reviews, and as I had a positive outcome I was immediately told my results were mediocre judging by my Realself pics and that I am in denial and need to take meds. I was also laughed at by all of you haters. Get your facts straight.
Seattle2584 I don't believe anyone who can read English would disagree with the fact that you are very unhappy with your results. That is unanimously and alarmingly clear to us all. And I am guessing anyone who has work done by Dr Haworth will also become aware of you and the other 4-5 unhappy patients of Dr H. But believe me when I say that I originally posted innocently on your thread to make you feel better and offer you hope out of kindness toward you. It was than that I discovered that no attempt to help you would be taken as anything but defending the Doctor that you clearly detest. I hope someday you will let go of that because it will just hold you back from happiness in this life.
can i say something u really look sexy woooooooow ..happy 4 you :)
You two are rabidly and disturbingly devoted, I'll give you that much, but these conversations are a matter of public record so your disputing the facts is really quite sad. Skingirl- your first sentence on George's thread was antagonistic and accusing in it's tone: "I don't believe the negativity about Dr. Haworth that I am reading, from people claiming to be former patients but who provide no proof". You were left in peace posting your glorious praise for Mr. Haworth on your review, yet you took it upon yourself to seek out patients who were unhappy with their results in order to challenge them and defend the doctor. Who's the stalker here? Lovenlife- Are you seriously claiming that you, who also took it upon yourself to seek out unhappy patients (Haworth has quite the army of stalkers doesn't he) were "trying to help" when you posted on both of my reviews? My results are clearly terrible, yet your first post rambles on giving excuses for these bad results and attempting to deflect blame from the doctor onto the patient. Just pathetic and offensive in every way. As far as your snarky little attempt at armchair psychology, don't quit your day job love. Having your looks destroyed by terrible surgery that cannot be fixed has a deep and traumatic effect on a person's confidence and happiness. It isn't some minor thing that you just brush off and forget about. If you followed this way of thinking, nobody has a right to be upset about anything. This is a horrible thing to have happen. I have to look at what he did to me EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I have come to terms with that, but that doesn't mean that I want others to walk blindly into the same bad situation that I did. As far as your assertion that unhappy patients are "haters", that just hate for no clear reason, I can only say that my motivation in sharing my photos and my experience with this doctor is not hatred, it is the hope that others might be spared from having to go through what I have. Something that was supposed to enhance my looks and my life has almost destroyed them. There is A LOT of BS online. I'll let people decide for themselves who is crazy or who is stalking whom. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."
Lovinlife and skingirl your pictures and experience had helped me pick Dr Haworth. I had similar healing as skingirl in her first few months photos. I am still in the recovery process but I am very happy. Dr Haworth and his staff have been very sweet. I live in California, so I am able to come in for additional things to help healing free of charge that he provides as part of the original cost. Dr Haworth has been helpful with answering my questions and continues to have me come in so he can see how I am doing. Your pictures and journey has helped me not to freak out so much about the swelling etc. that occurs in the beginning. Thank you again for sharing.
anon101010 hi dear :) could u share wirh us ur story and show us your photos how long ur upper lip before lip lift ?? and how long now ?? thanks :)
I sent you a private message Lulu.