7 Months Post-Op!!!

I have been dreaming of having a TT for over 12...

I have been dreaming of having a TT for over 12 years but it has always seemed so out of my reach. After having twin girls (weighing over 9 pounds combined) and a 9 pound son, my belly is a mess; I cannot imagine how stretched out my stomach muscles are. While my butt and legs are nice and toned, my belly looks 4 months pregnant in the mornings and 8 months pregnant by evening. I don't know what the trigger was, but a month ago I decided to just do it!

After my decision to move forward I started watching peoples TT Journeys on Youtube where some of the women mentioned the awesome support and information they received from this website. The more stories I read here the more comfortable and excited I get about having the procedure! This site is a God-send. I paid my deposit today and solidified my date…OMG! It’s actually going to happen for me! I am soooo excited! I have not had a flat stomach since my 12th grade year when I was a cheerleader (that was over 20 years ago). I try to imagine myself with a flat stomach and waistline but I just can’t get a visual in my head! I cannot wait to post before and after pics of myself.

I am 39, 5’6; 195 pounds (I swear most of this excess weight is in my midriff). I hide my belly well and people don’t believe I weigh as much as I do. I will have a TT, MR and Lipo to my waist. My surgeon uses only one drain and a pain-pump. I will also have 24/7 access to my surgeon after the procedure.

I read that many TTers rented a bed or recliner for recovery…where do I “rent” a recliner? I think a hospital bed will be too much. I will be grateful for any suggestions, ideas and tips that will make this process smoother and reduce my anxiety level. Happy healing to all and I pray for swift recoveries for everyone!

My surgery is scheduled for August 17th...just...

My surgery is scheduled for August 17th...just seven weeks away. I can't wait!

Surgery is 6 weeks away and I am getting anxious. ...

Surgery is 6 weeks away and I am getting anxious. The more stories I read on here, and the more before and after pictures I see...the more I wish Aug. 17th would hurry and come around. I've ordered and received a few of the supplies I'll need after the surgery (i.e. raised toilet seat, spirometer, thermometer, and alcohol wipes). Can't wait for the procedure to be done and to begin the healing process so I can go shopping! :D Good luck and happy healing to all who have crossed over to the flat side this week!

Surgery is 4 weeks away and I am getting so...

Surgery is 4 weeks away and I am getting so anxious! It's all I can think of; it's all I want to talk about. I am addicted to this site and am constantly looking for more information to prepare for my upcoming procedures. I started taking iron, vitamin C, B12, and multivitamins.

Happy healing to all who recently crossed over to the flatside! Can't wait to join you. :)

Three weeks until my procedure. I decided to lose...

Three weeks until my procedure. I decided to lose some weight before my TT to ensure better results; so far I've lost 8 pounds. My pre-op appointment is this coming Friday, 08/03/12 and I can't wait. I have so many questions for Dr. Li. I also purchased more products for my recovery: XL granny panties, men's tank tops (wife beaters), neosporin and hydrogen peroxide.

Interestingly enough, I am not nervous. I want the day to hurry and come so I can get rid of this flabby belly and have a cute flat tummy. I'm praying my results are as wonderful as the other ladies here.

I am so excited about my pre-op appointment today....

I am so excited about my pre-op appointment today. My procedure is only 2 weeks away. Time can't go fast enough. I am so anxious. I just pray that my results turn out how I expect them. I am believe I have realistic expectations. I also feel like there are things that I should be doing to prepare...I just don't know what they are. Oh well, maybe I will get information on how to prepare at my appointment.

Too all of you who have gone before me...Happy healing!

Pre-Op appointment went great! Got all of my...

Pre-Op appointment went great! Got all of my questions answered, went over where my incision will be (very low), went over the areas where I will have liposuction, met my nurse and...now I've added lipo to my axilla. Tank tops here I come!!! I can't wait. Got all my meds (arnica, percocet, antibiotics, and colace) and was instructed on how to empty and care for my drain (only 1) and pain pump. These next two weeks cannot go by fast enough! I am ready to take on the pain in order to have this belly and fat gone. Beauty is painful; but worth it.

Only 7 days to go!!! The real count down begins.....

Only 7 days to go!!! The real count down begins...I am so ready. We've been having these little earthquakes lately so I am praying there is no big earthquake during or after my procedure. I know I shouldn't think that way but it's a possibility here in Southern Cali.

Count down...7

I can't believe the big day is almost here. I am...

I can't believe the big day is almost here. I am getting anxious anticipating the pain. I've ready many posts saying there was no real pain; just discomfort like they did 1000 crunches. I pray I have this experience. Everything is in order on the home front. Just waiting for the day to come.

Count down...6

I'm not nervous yet. It feels surreal. Trying to...

I'm not nervous yet. It feels surreal. Trying to anticipate how bad the pain and discomfort will be. I am hoping to be like our TT sisters who are pain free and feel like they've done a million sit-ups. We'll see soon. OH!!! I ordered a bikini from Victoria's Secret online. I hope it comes before Friday so I can take a pre-op & post-op picture in my bikini. We will see. Happy healing to all the ladies who have gone before me...and I will send up a prayer for all our TT sisters who are going in tomorrow morning.

Count down...4

I started taking Arnica today (2 days before...

I started taking Arnica today (2 days before procedure) and it's starting to real...I'm really doing this! Still not nervous. I am just looking forward to the after results. Good luck to all the ladies going in today. Happy healing. :D

Count down...2

The day has finally arrived!!! I could not sleep...

The day has finally arrived!!! I could not sleep last night. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve or a kid going to Disneyland the next day; so excited and anxious that my mind could not relax. I am up early and can't go back to sleep. It's okay. I'll stay up because I have to be at the surgery center @ 6:30AM and I will be able to sleep during the procedure and afterward when I get home. Please send up a prayer for me that there are no complications and that I "wake up." I will be sure to post an update once it's over and I'm back home (granted that I am coherent enough to type) LOL!

Well...it's my turn now! Wish me luck! To all of my TT sisters going in today with me...here's a prayer for all of us.

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing us to have this opportunity. I pray that You guide the surgeon's hands and protect us during our procedures. I ask that the recovery pain is minimal and the results are great. Keep your loving arms around us and keep us safe. In Jesus' name, amen."

Hey ladies!!! I made it to the flat side! Woot...

Hey ladies!!! I made it to the flat side! Woot woot! My initial excitement was that I "woke up." LOL. I am home resting and my mom is taking excellent care of me. I love her so much!!!

Surgery went well. I don't remember anything from the ride home except all the stopping and going because of traffic. It was horrible because I needed my stomach muscles to keep from falling forward. Once I got home it was painful trying to get settled into a comfortable position to lay down; but percocet is a WONDERFUL THING!!! My new best friend for the next few days. I ate a few graham crackers to take my meds and after it kicked in I didn't feel a thing. I walked around (with my mom's help) as soon as I got home. Went to the restroom without any problem. The raised toilet seat is a must have. I also emptied my own drain. It was at 100cc. I walked around again and fell asleep. Right now I am in no pain, I just feel lots of pressure and tightness. I'm starting to feel sleepy now. I'll post pics soon. Happy healing to all my TT sisters out there!!

2 DPO - I'm feeling good. Graduated from Percocet...

2 DPO - I'm feeling good. Graduated from Percocet and started with Extra Strength Tylenol today. I was also able to wash up today and it feels good. I will wait a few days before taking a full on shower. I can probably do it but I am nervous. I can't really eat too much before my stomach starts feeling tight and uncomfortable. I've been eating 1/2 - 1 ounce of salmon and/or a cereal bar with 8 oz of water to take my pain medication. Thank God I am not having any problems with the meds. The only pain I have now is when I laugh. I am able to move around and lift myself up and down (slowly) now. My compression garment is off for the moment getting washed so my belly is free to breathe. I'll put it back on once it's dry. My drain started leaking at the entry site so I called my PS. She said this happens when the drain gets clogged or backed up and the fluid finds a way to get out. She told me to "milk" the drain to clear any pieces of tissue or clots. I saw the problem right away and it went back to draining normally. My lower back hurts when I walk around and that's annoying, but I am standing straighter and longer. It is so true when everyone says it gets easier/better as each day goes by. Although my drain and pain pump are not giving me any real troubles, I can't wait until they are out. They are just in the way. I can remove the pain pump myself after day 3. My post-op appointment is Friday and hopefully I will get the drain out. I will post pics later. Take care and happy healing!

3 DPO - I want to take (and post) a 3 DPO pic but...

3 DPO - I want to take (and post) a 3 DPO pic but I get nervous when I take my compression garment off. I have a fanny pack to hold my drain and pain pump and worry it will hurt if they dangle from my body to take the picture. My belly does not look flat right now. I have lots of swelling above my incision and belly button. My PS said she made me SUPER TIGHT. She tightened my muscles together like a tight corset and pulled my belly skin super tight. She joked that I will hate her for a week but love her after my final results. I cant wait to see a difference. :D

5 DPO - Each day gets better. I had an...

5 DPO - Each day gets better. I had an appointment with HRD today. I was able to walk and handle my business, but after so long my belly started tingling and feeling weird and I was unable to stand as straight as I wanted to. I finished my business and got out of there as soon as I could. It felt so good to get back into the car and get home. It felt great being out in the fresh air after being stuck in the house, but I was happy to get back home. Had my first shower last night and it felt GREAT!!! I removed my pain pump and now I am down to just the one drain. My post-op appointment is Friday and I hope to have my drain removed. Still very swollen and can't see what the ending result will be but I am patient. My incision site has been burning a little off and on; nothing unbearable. I just take a tylenol and ice the area for 20 minutes. The pain goes away quickly. I'll continue to post pics as I see changes. Take care and happy healing!

1 Week PO - Went to my first post-op appointment...

1 Week PO - Went to my first post-op appointment today. Everything is healing well and I am looking and getting around great. My PS left the drain in because I am still draining about 100 - 125 cc per day. She wants it to get down to about 40-50 cc/day. Surgical tape was removed from my incision and belly button today. My incision is itching like crazy!!! I am trying to rub it instead of scratch because I do not want to create stretch marks. My next appointment is Wednesday. Hopefully the drain is removed then. I pray it is because I return to work the following week (after Labor Day) : /

I am getting so bored laying/sitting around the house all day. I have one more week of it...I'll make the best of it. I took another shower last night and it gets easier each time. I took pictures of my belly before getting into the shower so I posted one. I am extremely swollen but it still looks better than it did before. Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday. Happy healing!

1 Week & 1 DPO - I got out of the house today. ...

1 Week & 1 DPO - I got out of the house today. Went to Target for neosporin and gauze; then to the nail salon for a much needed mani/pedi. I am now back in the house to sit. Kids went shopping with my sister. I am getting around even better and there is no soreness. I am standing much straighter except after sitting in one place for a while; my muscles settle in and take a moment to loosen up after standing. I am now emptying my drain 2x per day (8am & 8pm). This will make it much easier to tell how much I am draining in a 24 hour period. From 8pm last night to 8am this morning I was at 45cc. I am already over the daily amount to get my drain out. It will hopefully be down by next Wednesday. But hey, better safe than "seroma." Well, here's to all my tummy tuck sisters out there! Have a spectacular Saturday and happy healing!

13 DPO - Went to see my PS today and my DRAINS...

13 DPO - Went to see my PS today and my DRAINS WERE REMOVED!!! Yayyyyy!!! I am so happy. I feel so much better and look much better. I received a new (smaller) compression garment also. The swelling was down today and I look smaller. I'm a happy camper. My PS told me to take it easy for the next week and I plan to do just that. I am scheduled to return to work on Tuesday, after Labor Day, and I need to be in the best shape possible. I cannot wait until I can hit the gym and start working out again. I need to solidify my investment. Well, I hope all is well with my TT sisters out there. Happy Healing to all and to all a good nite. :D

17 DPO - Today is my last day to relax. I go back...

17 DPO - Today is my last day to relax. I go back to work tomorrow. I feel that I am ready to return. I will just take it easy and see how my body feels. The swelling is getting better and I am liking my results more every day. I am not 100% content with my side view as of now, but it's getting better. It seems as if my back muscles grew larger (maybe to support me being hunched over) and the curve in my back is gone. Has I look like a rectangle from the side. Not liking it...Has this happened to anyone else? Well, I've posted more after pics. Have a happy Labor Day and happy healing ladies!

18 DPO - Went back to work today and it went well....

18 DPO - Went back to work today and it went well. Just as everyone warned, the swelling hit (around 2:00 pm) and was very annoying. In addition to the swelling, my stomach muscles tightened up after sitting for a period of time and it was uncomfortable when I had to get up and walk around. I could not wait to get home and strip down to nothing but my CG. I probably should have worn a dress and not a pant suit so nothing would press against my belly (although my pants were too large). I'll try a dress tomorrow and see if that helps. I pray all of you are doing well and healing wonderfully! Take care and happy healing!

3 Weeks PO - I'm feeling great and my results are...

3 Weeks PO - I'm feeling great and my results are getting better and better! I am starting to like my side view better also. I posted an updated picture. I am still losing weight and it's making my results look even better. I lost 10 pounds before surgery, 5.7 pounds because of the surgery, and 5 more pounds after surgery. I am on a mission!! Well, I pray all is well with everyone. Take care and happy healing!

4 Weeks PO - Hey ladies! Friday I made it to four...

4 Weeks PO - Hey ladies! Friday I made it to four weeks post op. Went to a follow-up appointment with my PS and everything is going great with my recovery. She said that I am looking fabulous. I still have some swelling but overall my results are wonderful. The best news of all was that I received the green light to start back working out! Woo Hoo!!! She told me to start off slow by walking and if I go to the gym to listen to my body and don't over do it. She also warned me that once I begin working out to expect lots of swelling. I can work out with my compression garment if I choose to. Also, she said I no longer "have to" wear my compression garment every day; but I can if I choose to. I feel more comfortable with it because my stomach feels tight and swollen when I walk for a period of time w/out it. I will gradually ween myself off from it. LOL. Well, that's it for my 4 week update! HAPPY HEALING TO ALL; AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! :D

7 Weeks PO - Hello my fellow tummy tuck sistahs! ...

7 Weeks PO - Hello my fellow tummy tuck sistahs! I am 7 weeks post op now and still happy with my results. I am still swelling pretty bad after work and after working out (even walking). I know this is normal so I just go with the flow. I started packing my belly button with gauze because it seemed to shrink when I didn't. Has anyone else had this happen? I need to keep my belly button open because I plan to get it pierced when I hit the 4 month mark. My PS will pierce it for me :D. One thing I am disappointed about is that I have not found a bikini that I like and that fits my new shape :/ Yes, I have ordered from Victoria's Secret but I have not found anything yet. Trying on bikinis have made me want a breast augmentation now. Maybe in 2013.

I still wear my compression garment when I am home; it helps with the swell hell. I stopped wearing my CG to work because it flattens my butt and that's not a good look. LOL! Well that's all for my 7 week update. Prayers going out to all those going in tomorrow and happy healing to those who are already on the flat side! Take care :D

They say once you start it's easier to do. Well.....

They say once you start it's easier to do. Well...I am now ready for a BBL. I have been doing my research and want Dr. Moises Salama to do perform my BBL; however he is on the other side of the country. You cannot sit on your butt for 8 weeks,..so how will I fly back home on the plane. I cannot stay in FL that long. I left a voicemail message for him asking if he would consider setting aside a few days to come to the west coast to perform procedures. I pray that he considers it. We will see! I will book an appointment for the first day he is here!!!
Dr. Linda Li

I saw Dr. Linda Li on the television show "Dr. 90210." I met with other Plastic Surgeons for consultations but felt most comfortable with Dr. Li. She's wonderful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for sharing you story you are truly inspirational!!!
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curious, did you get liposuction on your back? i am getting a TT in july and i am around the same size as your pre-op
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you look great! I am around 200lbs and nervous my results wont be that good, but your pics give me hope for my surgery in 3 weeks! congrats! :-)
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A lot of people go to dr. Salama from all over the world to get bbl, so im sure they have a plan in place for sitting for short periods of time. Most people have a boopie pillow. I can tell you that his waiting list is long and coming to you is not an option, but if by some miracle he agrees.. let us know..goodluck
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You look great! That's sucks that your swelling! Healing sucks! It would nice if we could just skip that part and look hot again:-)
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LOL! I agree!
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I'm a twin mom too. Love those babies but they can wreak havoc on the belly! You look amazing!!!
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Yes indeed! and thank you. :D
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You are looking great!
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Thank you =D
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u are look nice were u get the gel at in the pic
  • Reply
Thanks! I got the scar gel from my doctor.
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Your change is so incredible!!! I CANNOT believe that the tiny little teenage girl in those post-op pictures is the same mommy in the other pictures! I just can't believe it!!!! Incredible. Your pictures would convince ANYONE to get a Tummy Tuck!
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LOL!!! Thank you RockinMom!!!
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@mizcola...u look great and happy 1month tt birthday my tttwin
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Thanks Super2012!!! Your results look great as well!!! Happy 1month tt birthday to you, too, tttwin. :))
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You look so amazing! I'm loving your results! What are u doing for scar therapy?
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Thanks Beautychick! :) For scar therapy my PS gave me "NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars." I'll post a picture of the tube. It works wonders!
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Good morning, miz. Cola. Your photos look AMAZING! Thank you so much for posting all of the different views and showing before/after of you wearing the same clothes. That definitely helps give more perspective. My surgery is two weeks from today and I am a nervous wreck!!!
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Thanks LynnGH! Our tummy-tuck sisters who have gone before us did the same (b4 and after pics in same clothes) and I found it helpful, too. These 2 weeks will fly by so get ready! Good luck. I can't wait to follow your process and recovery. :D
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You look amazing! I'm 3 weeks po tommorow and I'm not flat yet :( Good for you, side view is great!
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Thanks Supermomee! I'll take a visit to your page to check out you progress. :D
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I have watched several tummy tuck surgeries in YouTube, it is very interesting to me too and does not gross me out. Yes, it was a crescent moon shape. It looks like a bikini top in your picture because the doctor cut up the center of that flap md spread it out. Imagine bringing to ends up together like to create a football shape. That it your lower belly flap. You do look super fabulous!!
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Thanks SkinnywaistPls for explaining that. I had no idea! LOL!
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Hi Miz Cola -- I have a question about your "what was removed " picture (doesn't gross me out -- I thought it was interesting! I haven't seen that posted before!)
What the heck is it? :) What I mean is, why does it look like a bikini? I picture them removing a big crescent moon of tummy fat -- why is yours coming together in the middle?? BTW you look SO FABULOUS already. I love the two sitting down pictures... incredible change
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