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Surgery Scheduled for 9/13 Full TT, BBL, Lipo of 4 Areas - Beverly Hills, CA

I am 27, mother of 2 beautiful babies (4yrs old...

I am 27, mother of 2 beautiful babies (4yrs old and 15months old), after 2 pregnancies where I gained 80lbs in each and had 2 C-sections, there was no hope in getting my body back to prebaby shape without some Dr. assistance. I live in Las Vegas, NV and have been researching local doctors since literally right after I had my last baby. Ultimately I was un happy with what I had to choose from in Las Vegas so I started to look in California. I came across Dr. William Bruno and went back and forth on if I should make the huge step and fly out there to meet with him for a consult. Well, last Friday I called and booked a 9am consult for the following Tuesday, then booked a flight. It was the best decision I have made. He was so wonderful, his staff is so unbelievably sweet and helpful, I was immediately comfortable and knew he was the Dr. for me. I flew back home, talked it over with the hubby and booked my surgery the next morning! I can't express how much I am looking forward to the surgery. I know that the recovery will likely be rough, and I'm hoping that some of the women who have already had these surgeries can give me some suggestions on how to make it suck slightly less.

I plan on driving out to LA the night before surgery, having surgery Friday and staying at the hotel until Sunday, coming home for the week, and flying out to LA for my follow up on the following Friday. Any thoughts? Do you think this will be too much for me? I'm getting lipo of the stomach, back, thighs, hips, BBL, and full TT. I just don't want to be gone from home for an entire week.

Anyway, I will post before pix this evening and keep everyone updated as I get closer to Go Time!
I am so happy for you! I am 30 years old and 2 days pre-op. I have stayed 100% on top of my meds and things have not been that bad. I live in San-Diego and drive out to Vegas frequently. I think it sounds like a lot however if your not driving you will sleep due to the meds. You will have plently of chances to stretch your legs because it seems like you always have to go to the bathroom. I think that because I am so excited on how everything is going it helps me to see everything so positively. I haven't had any depression yet. My daughter is 10 and she has been down a little from seeing me in pain. I can't pick up my cats and they can't lay on my lap so that feels bad too. Other that that I feel like a rockstar. I did tons of research and had a huge list of things to but pre-op. If you have any questions please msg me and Good Luck.
Thank you all so much! After reading your comments, I'm going to take a nice little vacation and enjoy a week of Me time while I recover and enjoy some peace and quiet. Plus, there are way worse places to be for a week than Beverly Hills :) I'm so excited!
You're going to be so happy with your results, the TT is a game changer!! As for your travel plans.... The car ride will be uncomfortable & you will have to stop a few times to walk around (blood clots are a major concern). Make sure you have help for the kids that week because you won't be able to do much of anything. Your flight back at 1week post you might need someone to go with you, I couldn't stand straight till day 9. BUT everyone is different :) hope this helps!


I'm so excited I can't handle it. I starting packing my bag, other than super loose clothes and PJs any suggestions on things to bring? Also, I'm going to stay in Beverly Hills for 4 days, then fly back to vegas so I can recover in my own bed. Has anyone had experience flying after surgery? How hard was it to get through the airport and security with drains and feeling like you are going to die? :) Thanks so much for your help!
good luck tomorrow sweetheart hope you get the results you are hoping for i wont be to far behind mines the 14th xx

Day #3

So surgery went great. I was under for just shy of 6 hours. I woke up feeling fine, went to my hotel and slept most of the day. The next morning I went to see the Dr and my new belly! It looked awesome! Only complaint I have is my pain meds aren't strong enough and I cant sleepnfor more than an hour at a time without waking up in pain. And I'm only in pain when I lay down. Mind you my stomach doesn't hurt at all. All the pain is in my legs and butt.

I flew back to vegas today as well. Airport wasnt as bad as I thought it'd be. I didnt use a wheel chair at all just moved super slowly. All in all it's been pretty great so far, except for lack of sleep. I can't wait to see my body once the swelling is gone!
Do u have a new picture ? Thanks
Just posted some for you :-)
Looking good! Happy healing!!!

6 weeks

Here are some pics from day before surgery and 6 weeks post :-) I couldn't be happier!!!
You look amazing I just had my tummy tuck with Dr. B and I love my results too
Thank you! Dr. B is the best! Im flying out to LA this weekend for a quick follow up :-) how is your recovery going?
Wow I wish he did that to me, you look amazing!

updated pix

Here are some updated pix
You look fantastic! Can't wait to be further along in my recovery so I can see my ultimate results!!
I have those same bikini bottoms in black though! Gives me hope I can wear them and they cover the scar lol you look amazing!
Awwww thanks! I absolutely love Dr. Bruno for giving me my confidence back. I know it may not seem like much, but I wore a bikini for the first time in public in 5 years last weekend and it was truly the most exciting thing for me, I was like a little kid with a big grin on my face the whole time :)

6 month update

So, I'm happy as could be with my results. Sometimes I look at myself and can't believe it's me. Here is a before pic and a 6 Month update. I'm flying out to see Dr Bruno for a consult to get a breast lift and implant next weekend. I love Dr Bruno!!!

Breast Lift and Augmentation on 4/9

OMG, so I went to see Dr. Bruno to ask him about getting my boobs done, as they are the last things I want done to put my body back to as close to Pre kiddos as possible and he scheduled me for 4/9. Yes, a week from now. Kind of freaking out because um a week isn't much time to prep, but I'm super excited! I'm a natural 36DD, and hoping to stay about the same size but with more of the fake look (I prefer it over the natural look, not sure why just always have). Anyone had Dr. B do a lift and implants? Id love to see some pix, not that I'm worried at all about how they will turn out, just want other opinions. Thanks!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bruno was excellent and did Amazing work! I truly couldn't have asked for anything else

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