Tummy Tuck Revision Success - PO 7 weeks w/pics

I am a 35 year old mother of four. I had my first...

I am a 35 year old mother of four. I had my first child when I was a young teenager; my first pregnancy was the start of many years of low self body image. That first pregnancy did the most damage to my body. I gained a lot of weight (around 30 pounds) and inherited several stretch marks, sagging skin and a pooch from the C-section. Much to my dismay, I was pregnant again a little over a year later…. more stretch marks and weight gain.

Soon after the birth of my second child, I joined the military. The military put me into the best shape of my life!!! I was able to see curves that I hadn’t seen in forever. Everyone remarked about how great I looked. I admit I did look great in my clothes and I was a smaller size then before I had even gotten pregnant. However, little did everyone know there was a war ragging underneath my clothes? It was me versus my stomach. I hated being naked and having to look at my stomach; I longed to wear a bikini. Wearing a bikini was something I had never done before.

The years went by and I had another child, then another. While pregnant with my last child, I met a military spouse who introduced me to the idea of a tummy tuck. She was a beautiful tall dark skinned woman with a flat abdomen. I was so envious because I knew she had two sons. She told me her secret…she had a tummy tuck. She showed me her flat abs, but I was mortified at the terrible scar the surgeon left. The doctor did a horrible job on her incision. It was long and crooked. It looked like a butchered job. I was afraid….very afraid. I didn’t entertain the thought of actually getting it done myself for several years.

I did research for awhile, but I was unsure of what PS to go with. It wasn’t until years later when I went back to college and one of my peers said she was getting a tummy tuck during school break that I became interested in the thought again. She and I talked extensively about her procedure and I watched her go through the process and heal a little bit before I decided to go on a consultation with her PS. I was very pleased with the PS bedside manner and confidence in my surgery results. I decided to go ahead with surgery. Hubby was a skeptic, he didn’t think the surgery was necessary but he agreed to it reluctantly because he knew how important it was to me. I had my first TT in 2008.

Surgery went well, it was really painful but I was willing to fight through it, my self esteem was at stake. After surgery, I was disappointed to see that I still had stretch marks on the lower half of my stomach. I tried Dermablend and other products to conceal the marks so I could wear bikinis…it didn’t work. To make matters worse, I developed a dog ear. Also, one side of my incision was way higher then the other side. The PS said it was straight after surgery, it moved up due to the tension. Over time the scar healed, it was relatively long and dark. I was so unhappy with how high the one side was that I became very depressed because of it.

I went back to the PS a few times and he told me to wait at least 3-6 months post op to give my body a chance to heal and the swelling to subside. The scar bothered me so much that on one of my visits, I actually broke down crying in the PS office. After much debate the PS reluctantly agreed to attempt to fix the problem. I just had the pay the office fee and the supply fee for the supplies. He said he would do a procedure in his office that would require him to make a small incision and remove the excess skin pulling the incision down lower. The PS used a local anesthetic and a few snips later I was on my way home. It looked better, but it wasn’t great.

Looking back on the procedure I realized that I should have gotten the lipo option. The lipo option would have given me a more sculpted look. Don’t get me wrong, the results are good, but I want great!!! When I questioned the PS about the stretch marks he said that he was unable to get them all the first time and that I would have to return later for a revision.

Four years later I have decided to get a TT revision. I did have an overall good experience with my PS, however, this time I am going to a PS that specializes in the High Tension Abdominalplasty Revision. This procedure will be a combination of liposuction, a tummy tuck revision and thigh lift. This PS is all the way in Beverly Hills California. I have never been to Cali so I am so excited! My mom is going with me so she can help take care of me.

As a prior plastic surgery patient I will be more prepared this time with my questions and expectations. The family and I are going on a vacation before my surgery (I am so glad we planned it that way). When we come back, I am home for a day. The following day we fly out to Cali for surgery. My family takes a lot of trips, I am ready to wear my bikinis and flaunt around like everyone else. Is that too much to ask?? I will post pictures and check in from time to time to let everyone know how I am doing until surgery. Surgery is scheduled for 12/14/12.

Talk to you all soon. I am wishing that everyone’s plastic surgery dreams come true.

Anyone have a High Tension Abdominalplasty with Dr...

Anyone have a High Tension Abdominalplasty with Dr. Younai? I have seen several mixed reviews for this Dr. I have seen more good than negative. I dont think there are any "Perfect" suregons out there.... Just wanted to get some "real patient "reviews.

I went to the Doctor yesterday and did my preop...

I went to the Doctor yesterday and did my preop physical, did my labs and got my clearance!! My PS has signed off on my labs and I am all set for surgery....yaaaay!! I cant tell everyone how excited I am. I am really looking forward to my change. Next week we go on vacation yipeee! The entire family is ready for some much needed R&R. Well, I guess I will go for now. Check back with everyone later. TTYL Everyone and happy Holidays!!

Hi everyone!!!! Happy Holidays!! Just got back...

Hi everyone!!!! Happy Holidays!! Just got back from vacation with my family, it was soooo relaxing and fun. Tomorrow I fly out to Cali for my pre-op. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Since it is a revision I kinda know what to expect, but not really... I know that probably didnt make sense, lol. What I mean is, I am fimilar with the whole process...its just that, I dont know what to expect as far as pain is concerned. Well anyway, I gained some weight on vacation...not an all bad thing. I can feel the extra tummy fat. So this means the doctor has more to pull down :-) Not looking forward to the long flight to california...6 hours :-( Thats like almost a whole shift!! My family is not really happy about me leaving for 9 days, and the fact its right before Christmas. You should see my luggage, the inside looks like a small medical supply company, lol. Still trying to figure out how to bring my walker on the plane. Maybe I will check it as a carry on or something, not sure. Never been to Cali, I am so excited for the sun and atmosphere....My mom is coming to take care of me. This should be intersting, she hasnt had to take care of me in a very long time. This is going to be great though, she still thinks of me as her little princess....I am going to milk it for all its worth, can you blame me :-) ??? I am always taking care of others, it will be nice to be taken care of for a change. Well anyway, I have my tablet and cellphone, I will be journaling and taking plenty of pictures to share....See you on the strechmark free side everyone!! (well as close as I can get at least, lol) By the way.. ZIZI you look AMMMAAAAAZZING!!!!!! Give me those curves and that tiny waist lady!!!! Smooches!!!

Hi everyone, made it to California for my surgery....

Hi everyone, made it to California for my surgery. What trip it was let me tell you....that's another conversation, lol. My consult went really well, my questions were answered and I feel comfortable about my procedure tomorrow. I am nervous.... was told to drink a lot of fluids tonight....trying my best to get this powerade down...ugh! I have to get up early, not looking forward to that. Hope I can get some sleep tonight, feel a little jet lagged. Well, that's all for now. May everyone's ps dreams come true, ttyl8r!

Today is my surgery day...really nervous right now...

Today is my surgery day...really nervous right now. Time for me to get and get ready so I can head over to the surgery center. Be back soon...

I am back everyone....surgery went well. Haven't...

I am back everyone....surgery went well. Haven't seen my results yet, I am a bit nervous. I believe everything went well ( fingers crossed) . Before surgery Dr. Younai did some pretty good markings. Even though I can't see my results, I feel extra tight!. I am REALLY hunched over like a granny. My mom was teasing me and taking pictures, lol. My mom has been really great. She is doing everything including empting my drains. She is doing such a good job that I feel guilty so sometimes I won't wake her when have to move around. However she will wakeup out her sleep and fuss at me.
Okay, so this time I got liposuctionof my belly and flanks....ouch!! I'm more sore from that then the revision it self . Who would have thunk it?? Oh yeah...I want to mention the drains . The drains are NOT in the pubic area, THANK GOD!! They are on the sides. If anyone has had them coming out the VJJ like I did the first....oh baby talking about painfull and irritating. What a relief to not have to go throuh that again....whew!!
Doc said could take shower today, I can't wait I feel stinky...plus I am ready to see my results . I have more to tell you ladies, but I will save some for later. I will take pictures later and post them.
Ttyl8r everyone :-)

Post Op day 4 w/pics Ok, so yesterday went...

Post Op day 4 w/pics

Ok, so yesterday went for my first P.O. appt. My ps went over the procedure he performed on me. I was really pleased that he targeted the areas that really bothered me and was really all about giving me the look that I desired. We discussed the work of my last PS....he wasn't to impressed with his work either. He even showed me the skin he removed and the fat he sucked out. He seemed really confident and pleased with what he had done. He was really thorough with answering me and my mom questions. The staff were really nice and helpful, so far everything is going really well. It's just me and my emotions that are going crazy. What I am feeling is natural I am sure, I remeber feeling this way last time. I am VERY sore and trying to get around a bit with difficulty. Of course I can't get comfortable and having a hard time getting rest. PS wrote me a script for valium but I didn't take it because I was worried about mixing it with the narcotic. So my feelings at the moment are "what have I purposely put my body through"
Again?? Feeling really weepy like I could cry at the drop of a hat. Sent pictures to hubby and was like "damn" so I take it he likes what he see. Well anyway, the pain med they gave me seems to be working pretty good. I only take it when I really need itt now. You guys should see me with my little walker, it's a funny sight I am told from my mom, lol. Appetite has returned, I try not to eat to much. If I eat too much I feel really uncomfortable. That's all for now I guess, hopefully I feel better emotionally and physically real soon. Ttyl8r everyone.

PO day -5 w/pics Ok, so I am on day 5....feeling...

PO day -5 w/pics
Ok, so I am on day 5....feeling better mentally and physically. Still can't stand up straight but feel more comfortable overall. Still very sore and achy from lipo. Still only have a few positions I can sleep in. I know this will get better and I will love my final results. Not using walker as much trying to get strong without relying on the walker so much. Have been using Arnica faithfully and I have very minimal bruising. Drain out put has slowed down significanty. Miss my family...waaahhh!! Anyway, I posted the most recent pics.

PO day 6 Ok, so today was my final appt with Dr...

PO day 6

Ok, so today was my final appt with Dr Younai and my answer is "yes" it was totally worth it. Dr. Younai was great!!!! I found him to be very personable and friendly. He listened when I told him my desires and he told me what he could realisticly do. He seemed to take pride in his work and trys to give his patients the best "realistic" results possible. I must admit I can be a bit critical and hard, kinda like a perfectionist. I think i am the hardest on my self. I always want and expect the best. So this review is "my" reality. If I didn't think he did a great job, I would have definitely shared that. That's what this site is for. It's for us patients to be able to be candid and share, to look out for each other :-). My heart goes out to those who didnt have as great an experience., we are all different and we have our own unique experiences. I chose the right PS this time. So glad I found him and his "high tension revision" technique. It was just what I needed, I can already see my smaller waist line. Can't wait until the swelling goes down so I can really see my results. My mom said she loves the work and thinks he worked a miracle. I didn't think i was THAT bad before, geez mom, lol. I
would definitely recommend Dr. Younai to others. The overall experience has been great. (Except my hotel stay, that's a whole other story. I will share that with everyone later...ugh!! Dr. Younai's staff were all very sweet. I dealt a lot with Harpreet and Linda. It was good to finally put faces to voices. So far I appear to be "stretch mark" free.....wohoooo!! That was my biggest pet peeve about my initial TT. Wish I could have had my drains removed today...no such luck! Dang it! That's all for now. Will continue to post about my progress, ttyl8r. May everyone's plastic surgery dreams come true!!

PO DAY 9 Ok, so I am 9 days out from surgery and...

Ok, so I am 9 days out from surgery and my body feels better. My Lipo sites feel less numb and sore today after following my PS advice of massaging my treated areas. Once a day I have a family member give me a gentle but firm massage of my flanks and lower back with warmed lotion. Initially it felt uncomfortable and weird. Now the feeling in those areas are slowly returning and i feel less achy...thank the heavens. My PS put my puncture wounds for the Lipo under my breast. This too was very uncomfortable initially, it kept rubbing up against the wire in my bra. I have now switched to sports bras....poof all better!!
My drains are still draining about 50cc per day each side...ugh!! Looks like we will be together for awhile, those drains and I. PS said I should keep them as long as possible to keep from forming a seroma under my skin. I had that with first TT, no fun when you have to be drained with a needle...yucky. I guess my body makes a lot of fluid, what can I say. So since I have drains you know I am still taking antibiotics. As you may have guessed the abx has begun to kill all the good germs in my va jay jay and I am now using Miconazole prophylacticly to keep the yeast away, nice right, hey what are you gonna do?
I have taken my steri strips off and everything looks good. I am now using the Manuka Honey on my wound. My ps staff told me about it. Other ps patients have sworn by it. I actually got the Medi Honey which is the same thing but it is specifically made for wounds. The other type is more in the raw form. I will keep everyone posted on how it works out for me. Using Neosporin under a dressing for my drain sites.
Haven't used my pain medication until today, needed some rest. I think the last time I used it was P.O. day 6.
Waist line is slowly taking shape. Still really swollen, but can still see a little change. BB looks like it is trying to take shape. I need to clean that thing out, it's pretty crusty, it's just so sore. Will tackle that tomorrow.
I take liquid Geritol with iron every day to help my body replenish itself of all the lost vitamins and minerals following such a major surgery with the blood loss. It's a liquid multi vitamin. The liquid form is more easily absorbed and it replenishes the iron faster than the pill form. I also take two scoops of smooth fiber. It dissolves completley in any liquid. I use the non-thickening type. I also take two gas pill to combat bloating.
What can I say, you definitely learn a thing or two the second time around, lmbo. Well happy holidays everyone. I will post new pics next week when the drains come out.

Hello All, here we are again. Hope eveyone is...

Hello All, here we are again. Hope eveyone is enjoying thier holiday!

PO Day 15 - I am healing fairly well. I still have in my pesky left drain...argh!! However it looks like it will be coming out tomorrow (smile). I am really glad about that too... Today I was doing my hair when I bent over for something on the floor and noticed this wet substance on my leg. I initially thought it was gel for whatever reason. So I went to sit back down and clean myself off and thats when my shirt started to fill with a liquid substance and drip onto my pants. If you havent guessed by now it was my drain, it had come open. Thankfully it wasnt that much,but still...eeewww!!!! As you can see in my pictures..or maybe you cant see because they are covered up for the most part. My scars are healing beautifully. I have sensitive skin that is prone to keloid (hypertrophic scaring) so I decided to jump on it early. I found a product that has a silicone base which I really needed. It was fairly pricey, not to bad. (Have spent much more in the past) However, it works AMAZING on my skin!!!! I put it on the first day and no lie, the next day I could see an improvement :-}. I am about 95% straight, except when I first wake up or am in a sitting position for too long I am a little stiff, which is to be expected. I get a little burning twing on my right side where my incision is from time to time right by my groing fold. I dont know if its the incision trying to stretch or the inside stiching. It can be a bit annoying. Had a phone conference with PS after I sent my weekly update. He thinks I am healing really nicey and he answered any questions that I had. I still feel a bit weird in the lipo'd areas. Not as sore and numb though. I can get a bit winded at times, so I try to watch my activity level. The stiches came out of my lipo wound on the right side, not the left yet so still kinda achy. I still wear my binder all the time. I just wear it a bit loose at night, PS said it was ok. Have been looking at bikinis online, I have my eye on a couple at VS (oooh yeah!!!) Overall, I am doing good and I looooove my new shape :-) Happy healing and new beginnings everyone!! May everyone's PS dreams come true :-)
PS...I am soooo addicted to this site ( wink and smile)

PO Day 20 - I wrote a review to give everyone an...

PO Day 20 - I wrote a review to give everyone an update on my progress to go with the pics and for whatever reason it didn't take, so I was faced with the task of writting the whole review all over again and repost the pics....... hummmm.....no! I am so over it now, lol. I will just say am healing well. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me.
Happy New Year to everyone. May everyones plastic surgery dreams comes true ;-)

PO Day - 29 Everything looks great so far,...

PO Day - 29
Everything looks great so far, excited about results. Still have a long way to go before I am completely healed. Incisions are all looking good. Flanks are less sore form the lipo. I am still a bit numb around the lower back area though. I have noticed my butt has started to pop out a bit....liking what I see so far :-) I am looking pretty curvy, ooh la la. I can tell that the swelling in my belly is finally going down and flattening out. You can really tell in the pictures right after surgery until now. Still cant sleep on belly, so I toss an turn all night from side to side. I am actually a side sleeper so its not too bad. I just like the option of being able to sleep on my stomach. The swelling that I had in my thighs and hips has finally went down. I was geting so frustrated that I couldnt slide into my cute jeans. I can slide in them now, but I have a bit of slack around the waist so I have to always wear a belt. I get compliments on my waistline which makes me smile. I still wear my binder a lot, I like the support it gives me and it is def helping my tummy with the contouring and swelling. I stand about 98% straight now. So as you can see, all is well with me.I hope everyone is healing well. Take care everyone!
May everyones plastic surgery dreams come true!!

Po 7 weeks - I am healing fantastically. My...

Po 7 weeks - I am healing fantastically. My incision is nice and flat thanks to my scar treatment :-). The only setback I have had in my healing is the two small scars on my incision line in the front. I had two ingrown hairs that caused small wounds that opened up. I had to remove the hairs by tweezer. Then the wounds were cleaned and I applied Manuka honey and Neosporin and a dressing. I changed and dressed the wounds for about two weeks until they finally closed up and scabbed over. My lipo areas have 90% feeling back except for my lower back flanks, still a little numb.Overall, I guess the massages helped a whole lot because the bumps and lumps that were in my sides have gone down aswell. As you can see my skin is no longer pulling at the incision line. I have managed to loose 8 pounds since surgery and I have begun low impact workouts minus anything that puts stress on the abdomen. All is well on the home front, I hope all is well with everyone else!!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I found this surgeon online. I saw his work and I was really impressed. He specializes in the High Tension Abdominal Plasty Revision. He has an amazing staff and he gave me EXCELLENT results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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looks good
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Even though it has been a year since you posted I found your story to be very inspiring. I have a consultation with Dr. Y next week for a tummy tuck. I love the pictures you shared. He did an excellent job on you! I am so excited for my possibilities - I hope they look as good as yours. How are you doing now that it has been over a year?
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Dr. Younai, is one of the surgeon on my research list. How was your consultation and did you schedule a procedure?
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Hi Lita, I'm sorry I need to go back to my blog and update it. Yes, I met with him. I liked everything that he said he could do for me but I did not schedule my procedure just yet. I want to see how much I can lose on my own then have him nip and tuck the rest. I'll give further details on my own blog. I don't want to bog down someone else's blog with my story.
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Oops typo... Looking good...
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Looking giid
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You look great! Hope mines comes out that flat!
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Looking great girl! You mentioned scar therapy.. what are you putting on your scar?
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Thanks! Scarquard MD.
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Wow...you look great!! Nice and slim and your skin looks so smooth!!
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Jazzsexylyn you look hot , girlfriend. I know how excited you are undressing and revealing that curvilicious body :-].Hun this is the best gift you could give to yourself. The incision is beautiful. Before I forget.... I'm so in love with your polka-dots pink . Where you'll put them? If they'll disappeared you'll know now:-]. I need them. I am really happy that you got this amazing fantastic sexy body. Keep being sexy.
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So you paid $10,000 for the revision alone?
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I had the whole TT process redone, including liposuction. My scar was lowered and my BB was redone. My results were worth every penny :-)
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How long did you stay in LA? And do you have a local doctor that you go to for followup visits/care? All the issues you had with your first TT I have with mine - which was done less than 6 months ago. When you went to Dr. Y did he say that you had a bad result, or did he say something else about the outcome of your first TT?
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HI island girl, yes I do have a local MD that I can go to if I have any issues. I stayed in California almost 10 days. It was so close to Christmas I couldn't afford to stay long because I have children. When I went to Dr. Younai he didn't say anything about the other surgeons work, what he addressed were just all of my concerns about how poorly my results turned out and all that I wanted fixed. He seem to know what I wanted before I could really even tell him. I guess he saw the work from the other surgeon and what he didn't do. He assured me that I would have a much better outcome this time around. I guess he could see from the results what he was capable of doing from what he had left to work with. Since he specialized in revisions, I guess he was really confident going in that I would have a much better out come then the first TT. It was kinda like he did everything that should have been done the first time around.
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So I keep thinking, maybe my result will improve - don't rush into getting a revision. But I'm 5 months post op and still dont have near the result I expected. At what point post op did you say to yourself -100% - you were definitely going to get a revision? was it easier, harder, or the same in terms of recovery the second time around?
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no doubt that your incision will improve. With time things will definitely settle in and your true shape will come out. It takes at least a good year to see the final result. I can't really say at what point did I know I wanted a revision. I don't think I knew it was possible until at least a couple years afterward. I think initially I just dealt with my results because I was happy that I didn't look the same, I had a flatter stomach and a smaller waistline. I was disappointed that I still had stretch marks after surgery. I just tried to work with it. But it wasn't until everything healed that I was able to see my true result which was a year later. I didn't like how my scar healed. I didn't like the dog ears, I didn't like my belly button and I didn't like how my skin pulled up higher on 1 side. I dealt with it all for 3 years trying to convince myself that i did look better overall. However after I reached the 4th Year I couldn't take it any longer and I decided something had to be done. I was going to find a surgeon that could give me what I really wanted in the first place. Once I found a surgeon that was experienced in revisions i did a lot of research on him. The second time around wasn't as bad because I didn't have extensive MR which makes a huge difference and I knew what to expect. The second time around I was prepared for everything which helped make the experience better. One thing I really appreciated this time was that many PS did not put my drains in my Mons Pubis area. He put them on my hips! HuGE difference, lol. After about a year, you will definitely know if you want a revision! Maybe sooner, but you will need to give your body time to heal from the first surgery.
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Hey islandgrrl. I can feel your pain and frustration. I had the same problem you are having. I kind of knew early on when I saw my incision that there was a problem. But I would say at about 4 months I realized that something was really wrong. I kept thinking I'm swelling and I was on a mad hunt too to figure out how long that was supposed to last but it never really left so I was left with quite a bit of tummy fat afterwards. The only thing that is different for me and you is I didn't do the lipo the first time so I am not sure how long the swelling lasts from that. Are you swollen looking all day or does it ever improve? What does your PS think of your result? Do they try and say it looks good or have you all discussed possible revisions at all? I would definitely start the conversation if you haven't already to see where your PS is with that because if where you are now is your final result, he needs to do more in my opinion. I am alittle over 2 weeks PO revision right now. I am starting to see my results looking alot better than before but I am still not 100% satisfied. I think that the amount of stretch marks is one of my issues because it doesn't allow my skin to be pulled as tight because it seems to loosen but I think there are some doctors that could probably pull me tighter. I think my PS is not aggressive in pulling tight. Well, I wish you the best in your journey to be beautiful. I'm here if there are any questions that I may be able to help you with. Take care!
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Yelp! You're still looking awesome. Love it! :)
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Love love love the thin waist line u look great..i am going to have lipo again this time with a breast lift you look great
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Thank you much....it was such a journey getting here! It was all worth it!
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I feel u on tht but u look amaze n
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You look great!
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Thank you!
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Om! Wow. Great job Hun. You look great. I'm searching tt Results bc I'm planing on 1. I had a bbl 3 months ago with a bad results so I'm thinking to do a second bbl but I don't know what's better to do it first. A bbl or a full tt?! Hm. Anyways. Happy healing. God bless
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