Never should have done lipo as I just had loose skin. - Tummy Tuck - Beverly Hills, CA

Saw 5 PS's who all said I needed a tummy tuck with...

Saw 5 PS's who all said I needed a tummy tuck with vertical incision due to a VERY bad Smart Lipo done by Dr Todd Malan Scottsdale AZ. Never should have done lipo as I just had loose skin. Should have referred me to a PS. He is doing this procedure as an OB/GYN but was a real smooth talker. Never fit me for my CG, so the overly tight thing permanently creased me because there was no fat, just floppy loose skin. Forward to 6 years later, I just let myself gain weight and hated my disfigured gut. Skinny or fat, it was horrible. Finally decided the scar would be better than my before pics. Can't believe I waited so long, the incision doesn't bother me at all!!! Glad the Jaba the Hutt belly is gone. Surgery went great, my doc was super happy and spent a long time perfecting this mess. Hard to believe, but I never had any pain or discomfort. I would say new sensations but none of with was pain. Love the location and beautiful incision line from my doc. Drains came out on day 7 PO and dr took off tape due to adhesive allergy. The red marks you see are from tape. Super super excellent recovery so far, thanks to my doctor! Sitting around and hunching to walk are inconvenient, but part of the process. My body reacting to adhesive on the tape is the worst thing that's happened. Beside that, no complaints! On the after picture, you will see my vertical line. I knew I would need it. I had consulted with a total of 5 PS's who told me the same thing, that I would need the vertical due to the location of my BB. But it does not bother me. I will post more pics as I am less swollen. Nothing on my incisions yet but silver sulfa cream from the tape blisters. Traveled to Beverly Hills to see this doc. TT 8000.00, travel expenses 2000.00 the way I feel seeing my disfigurement gone, priceless!


Oh we are so in the same boat . . . please read my Smart Lipo Disaster and my TT reviews.  I am having post-tt return of the irregularities caused by Smart Lipo and am a lil depressed. I think you look great.  
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We sure are in the same boat. I've been thinking about you after I read your last post. I think you look amazing btw!!! But, we have the same problem and expectations and FEAR that our "smart" lipo tummies will come back to haunt us! On week 1, I started phasing out any kind of binder or CG. I think it helped. The compression was just making me lumpy again and I told my doctor no way! When I swell I'm seeing my crease in a lower position and it freaks me out!!! So I hear what you're saying. Was your tummy really tough from scar tissue? Well, I'm hoping what all these doctors and people are saying is that the swelling is masking the end product?? I am just hoping they are right, and I'm sure they are. I keep saying I won't make any judgements for 6 months but its hard. I'm with you Three and sending happy healing thoughts your way and thank you:)
My dr said I had really really thick scar tissue from the SL and it made it hard for her to pull it down. I was wondering if your doctor had found the same thing? She said it had almost no elasticity They should outlaw smart lipo:(

POD 15 - 24

Here some pics starting with day 15 and ending with day 24. Scabs are falling off and I'm now using Biocornium. I just read Angelina Jolie used that for her recent surgeries. Takes forever to dry. As my swelling changes, the tummy changes. This morning I was a little less puffy in the bb - incision region. I'm still a little concerned I may have a seroma. Making plans to get it checked out with my doctor. The swelling gets very hard, but after laying down for hours, it softens and gets better. I am hoping that's normal:). The vertical is not healing as nice as I would like, but I'm only a little over 3 weeks. Still no pain thank God!


Wow!!! I think you look amazing! You are healing very well. Do you like biocorneium?? I'm so excited to see the rest of your recovery!!! It's party time! Hugs!!!!!
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POD 25

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This is the only thing I'm worries about. This was day 24. This morning after being on my back all night, was better. It went down I would say an inch. So much lower i would say my front vertical incision was puckered. But from working all day today, it's hard an puffy again. Hope this is normal.


Below my bb is also swollen . . . poofs out like yours. I would not worry - with that said, I immediately came home, put on my compression garment, and got back in my recliner. Every lump feaks me out.
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I know you are. These damn lumps are bs!!! I want them gone, don't care if I'm puffy the rest of my life. We just want to be lump free! Is the garment helping? My dr is thinking about putting me in one. I keep hoping the laying flat like an invalid will help, it seems to. Ok that good we're normal on the poof then:). My dr mentioned the old scar tissue being down there and I was thinking oh hell no lol !
I'm pretty sure that when they stretch the skin, the lumps are moved lower down but now that the skin is tight, actually makes them MORE visible.  I am wearing the Marena body suit without legs and it has a cover for the crotch - also side zip - yes, I like it.  Easy to get into and not uncomfy.  Plus, completely smooth over the abdomen.  No, I'm still depressed. 


Ok here's my before and after day 25. This is the dressing room pic that made up my mind to finally go through with the TT!!! After seeing this pic, I paid my surgery fees and never looked back!


I still swell, 11 weeks later, it is crazy girl!! You look awesome, what a difference. I need to check out that Biocornium, where did you buy it at? Online?
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Wow thank you!!! I was beginning to thing I was the only one out there. Talking to all my TT buds makes me feel normal lol! I got it at my dr's, but if you go on their site and put in your zip code, they'll give you some places that carry it:). I saw a difference pretty fast:). Let me know if you do it:)
Wow! Your incision is healing great!! It's really fading fast! Lucky you :). You look fabulous, PinkCathy! ((((((Hugs))))) my sweet friend!
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Let me try this side by side picture again


I will see him but I think I'll wait til 6 weeks (a week from this Thursday) lest he think I'm a psycho.  I am distraught.

More before afters


You stomach looks awesome! And the scar line is so thin and low....I am sure in the next few weeks, you will be so happy with your results!! :)
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You are so sweet, thank you Salliee!!! I hope so, I'm trying to be patient, we'll see:). I may have to update some of my review if not:/.
Try vitamin K creme to help your scar heal - I found some on  It's amazing and I'm using on my chest to cure some of the crepe old age looking skin.  I find it refreshing.
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Vertical Incisions Healing

Here's some pictures of my vertical incisions now that the purple scabs have come off. Looking better. I think the Biocornium is doing a good job.


You look great! I had my pre-op today and was told I will have a vertical scar all the way from my BB to my TT incision so I have been on here trying to look for reviews with tummy's that will be similar to mine. You have ended up with a great result :) Hopefully mine will be just as good.
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Thank you so much K25 and welcome!!! I wish I didn't have to get the vertical, but I think it will fade away. It is so worth it though so don't give it a second thought:). And your young with beautiful skin, it will heal so well and will fade to nothing. All my Drs. said I had to have it so I was expecting it. Didn't think it would go quite so far up, but I can get it revised later I bet:). There's a couple of us on here, I just can't remember who. Me and my bad memory! I did the same thing before mine bc I couldn't figure out what it would look like. So exciting, you're going to love it! Ask Me anything, I love to help:). Good luck and can't wait to see your updates ;)

WEEK 5.5

Not much new. Swelling I better some days than others. The Biocornium seems to be working well. The vertical incision is healing slower, so maybe a revision? When the swelling goes down my vertical incision gets nice and flat and even. I just swell, as long as its temporary, I'm ok with it! Now if the swelling is permanent, then we're going to have a problem!!!


Hey girl, has been forever! How are you?
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Oh my gosh, how the heck are you? I hardly come on here at all any more, only when I see someone really struggling! I'm pretty much back to normal. I don't do any core excercises, I just do a lot of walking and hiking. I never stopped swelling, no one day has gone by where I don't swell, but it's just around the incision and under the bb so its normal and I'll probably be one if those 5 month people. So it's really hard to tell how good it's going to look. But it's already a huge improvement so it can only get better? The incision isn't fading out as fast as others but it will fade out. I'm just a slower healer. That's about it! I love that I don't have to work the crappy job anymore, I'm doing my resale real estate and I've been busy! So no cupcake business yet lol! So how is your new job been going? You healed up so fast, I can only imagine how great your doing now!!! I bet you're loving your results and how you feel, especially with your fantastic attitude and awesome doctor;) can't wait to her what you've been up to!!!
I still swell daily too. But is worth the trade off of a flat tummy :) your fair skin so the incision will be pink longer then it'll be nice and light. :( about the cupcakes but maybe one day soon! I'm doing good. really glad i did this for me :) ((((hugs)))))
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Super impressed thus far:) Phenomenal medical doctor. If you want a doctor who is a perfectionist and an artist, this is your gal. Did exactly what I wanted and far surpassed both our expectations. A genuinely humble and lovely lady.

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