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My story

I'm 35 and have twin almost 3yo girls. I'm 5'3" 117lbs and despite 5 day a week workouts my body never quite "bounced back" we are :)
My biggest concern is the girls will react to my not being able to play with them for a few weeks and pick them up for longer.
Thanks for all of our support!

Better pics of tummy pre-op

Here are two more pics that i think show the skin a little better. It's hard to take the picture by myself :)

3 days away...I'm numb about?

My surgery is in three days and I can't really acknowledge it. Though I know deep down I'm freaked because during my cardio class I just started crying. Didn't stop moving, just kept crying.
I should add my mom in starting chemo this morning for stage 4 bile duct cancer that has matastisised. This all happen so fast...she is not showing any symptoms of being sick, they found out through a non related nose bleed. Strange and unsettling right?
I think I may be nuts for going through with the surgery still with this going on but, I couldn't bring myself to cancel. In a way I feel like the consuming nature of my surgery will be jut what I need to help me help my mom. I can get very intense about things and I usually do better with big things if I have too much going on.
Example: while I was planning my destination wedding I was production managing a film in LA and dealing with two young horses of mine that needed extensive medical treatment. It was a lot at once but, having to focus on all 3 kept me really calm.
Give me strength xo

Weight gain??

So apparently I'm not in the category of those lucky ones that lose weight under stress. I'm now 120lbs, which is the highest I've been in a long time.

Is there any weight loss after the surgery?

I can't breath, I'm so worried

I thought I would be excited but I can't stop crying. I'm so afraid but of what I'm not sure.
I had my hair done today. Simple cut and color to cover the gray. My hair dresser said that she doesn't know very many clients as young as me with so much gray and that I must "worry a lot ". She wasn't wrong.
Has anyone panicked the night before?

Hello ladies!

Forgot photo

Why isn't photo loading

8 hours in :)

I'm so excited! The pain has been manageable with Vicodin (1/2 pill every 2-3 hours and a pain pump over the muscle)

My breasts feel like an elephant is sitting on them!!

I see a little blood coming through the garmet way above the incision line???

I can't wait to see my ps tomorrow and sneak a peek.

Thanks everyone!

Day 2 feels like a week :)

I'm in day two of my post op recovery from a BA and full tt w/mr.
I was able to get a quick look and am thrilled!! The scar is really low and not to far on the hips and he ended up choosing the 260cc high profile implants, which seem perfect.
I haven't had a bowel movement yet and I am starting to feel really bloated and uncomfortable. I'm waiting for my mother in law to bring senokot and prune juice. Also, this binder is really itchy! I'm also really hunched over but I know that's normal.
Still I'm so so happy so far. I'm going back home to my hubby and girls tomorrow. I wanted to wait until the pain pump was out before I went home because it quite cumbersome to move around with.
Until then, just resting and healing :)
My ps said no shower until next Thursday!!
How ladies, do you recommend I wash my hair when I can barely straighten out?

Photos from day 2

Good Morning!

Feeling great this morning! Still no BM but my mom helped me wash my hair and I "frenched bathed" so I feel like a new person :)
I had to take my pain pump out at 2;30am because it was leaking from the tube and as a result was empty much sooner than expected (awesome, right!). I slept more than the last 2 nights and overall and moving better so I'm happy and ready to head home.
I'll miss being with my mom's been really nice doing the mother daughter thing and I know she's sad I'll be gone today. She's doing really well do far next round of chemo is tomorrow and this whole last week she has been okay. Tired but not sick so we are grateful for that!!
I'm going to keep taking my supplements, drink tons of water, eat super low sodium/high protein foods and heal! Thanks for all the support! I can't imagine doing this without all of the rs women out there.

Damage after bowel movement?

This may be tmi but, here it goes: I finally had a BM and it was hmmm....big and hurt like SOB! During said BM there was a terrible burning sensation in my muscles and the The last 3 hours following it, my stomach really hurts! It feels like muscle soreness and gas. Is there a chance I hurt the stiches in the muscle?

All good :)

After some serious rest after girls went to bed and a few more easy BMs. It seems everything is fine. All the pain must have been from the initial BM stress and gas (gross, gotta love this site). I'm so relieved.
One note: my drain is suddenly having very little output so I will call my doctor tomorrow about that.

Mommy Makeovers with toddlers

Since this was such a major concern for me going into this I just wanted to make a quick note. Kids are amazing! I think I easily underestimate their ability to adapt to there situations with ease and comfort. My girls are my loves and can also be a bit 'clingy' so I had some concerns. But, My husband and I started telling them the day before about mommy getting body fixed up and that I would have boo boos for a while. And that this meant that I would not be able to pick them up and could only give gentle hugs and Mostly that other people would be around to help. They have been so cute! They are so gentle and want to help. One daughter keeps giving me instructions when I'm walking to move slow and keep my head down! (She heard my hubby say it :).
I'm so grateful for them and my incredibly sweet and supportive husband. I can't imagine doing such a big wonderful life changing thing without the love and support of my family and the real self community.

No more drain!!

Hi All, today I got my drain out and it was so pain, no burn, no problem.
I got a good look at everything and am thrilled. I think I got too confident after my appointment and did too much walking around the house picking up toys, preparing dinner because now I feel so swollen and exhausted. Looking forward to a long rest tonight :)
I know it's only a week so I don't expect to be doing running already, but I am looking forward to doing more daily routines without being hunched over and worried about swelling up :) last whine- my breasts!! Oh my...having that feeling of being engorged when I was breast feeding is awesome- NOT.
Still - so so so happy I did this, I would dance if I could!

My first shower

I had my first shower this morning and got to see my body in full view. Wow! I love it now and more importantly realize that I should have always loved it. It's beautiful, strong and healthy and I'm grateful for it. shower was awesome!! My friend told me today after I showered that yesterday she had to keep a few steps away from me lol!


I'm a little bored, which is very unusual. After my overdoing it the other day I've been basically in bed resting for 1 hour up for 45mins, bed 1-2 hrs up for an 1hr. Is this about normal for this point?
My boobs ache while I'm moving around and my stomach doesn't hurt it just feels swollen and big. I'd love to hear what everyone else was up to at this stage.

Heal baby heal!!

I went to my two week po visit today and am feeling good about how it's all going! The tape was removed and the scar looks good. Dr. Stevens gave me biocornium gel to put on the insicion and said I can start to move around more and work on standing straight. Two more weeks before I can resume regular activities like running, walking with dogs etc... Still have to be careful not to engage the Ab muscles, which is not easy at this stage.
My breast look great! Really like them:)
Please say a little prayer for my girls. They are both fighting fevers that keep jumping to 104. We are all pretty tired and bummed we are missing Thanksgiving with the rest of the family.
Though I can't help feeling how much we have to say thank you for this year.
My mom is undergoing chemo for bile duct cancer, and I'm thankful that she is handling the treatment well and has even been able to work a little, which she loves. My father in law just got diagnosed lung cancer, but I'm thankful that it can be removed in one surgery.
I'm thankful that I have a husband who has not left my side since my surgery and even more so since the the girls got sick two days ago, even though he really has so much work to do. I'm thankful for my closest friends that check on me everyday, literally. Lastly, I'm Thankful that my surgery went smoothly, my recovery is better than expected and I have this forum of amazing women from all walks of life to share this life changing experience with.
I hope everyone has a happy and low sodium thanksgiving!

Photos :)

Grrr...where are the photos

A few more from today

Boobie pics

I'm a little shy about posting these and definitely don't have any old photos :) but thought it was only fair that I post some pics.

No more garmet?

So my PS said at my two week visit that I didn't need to wear my binder anymore or any other garmet. He said of course there will swelling but that will be there on and off no matter what. Anyone else's doc say this? I bought some garmets because I feel like they'll be a reminder to not over do it.

Incision opening?

Can you ladies help me. I'm freaking out right now. There is a tiny spot in the center of the incision that is seeping some yellowish stuff! Can it be opening? I don't feel like I've put any strain on it, I'm not even walking straight yet.

Another thing: when I'm sitting I still see some wrinkling above my belly button as if the skin was just so stretched that is has not elasticity. Does anyone see that on themselves ?

Thank you.

Love my PS Dr. Stevens!

I emailed him about my incision and he emailed me right back! He said it should be fine and not to cover it with a band aid. If anything use gauze. He also said I could come in Saturday and he would look at it.
What a relief!!

Movin and groovin!

Hi Everyone,
It's been a long week...both my girls were knocked down hard with 104 fevers for 4 days and coughs. Everyone is better now but my poor sweet husband looks like a zombie.
I hope he takes a few days to himself to relax a bit. He's been working so hard taking care of me, the kids, the dogs and the house.
I'm now back full time with kiddos, whew! I'm tired. I've been squatting, bending and sitting at their little table and I'm ready to pass out. I've also started wearing this garmet made by Victoria's Secret called the embracer. Love it!! I think I've had way less swelling since wearing it. I still sleep with my binder and I go without anything for a few hours a day also.
Oh yes, the oozing has stopped but now I think there may be a stitch poking out the the old belly button scar, though I'm not bothered by it.
I'd love to hear if anyone else is moving around this much and how it's feeing.
Oh yeah I forgot!! I had my usual glass(es) of wine last night :) so nice. Now if I can just get running again thing will feel normal :)
I will post pics later.

Thanks everyone!

4 week ps visit

Hi everyone,
I've been in such a funk so I haven't written. I was really down about all the swelling and the little wrinkle still above my bb when I bend over. I saw my ps today and he tried to be sensitive but in a few words said give the swelling time (which I know) and that my skin lost so much elasticity with age and the pregnancy that the wrinkle couldnt be helped. Wtf!! Am I being unreasonable? I saw the laser rep after to discuss treatment of the area and she said I have to wait another 2 months before making any decisions.

On the good note- I'm cleared for excersize and riding my horses again!!! He said I may be too uncomfortable but that I won't hurt the incision or MR. "Listen to my body" :) and no heavy lifting. I'm mostly a runner/cardio junkie/ equestrian, so I'm good to go. Thank goodness! Because anymore of this woes me shit eating/no excersize crap and I'd need a whole other surgery!
Thank you for being supportive over this last month. If anyone has had any issue with the wrinkly skin please reach out.

Happy healing ladies!!

Yay excersize!

So it's official: I'm back to working out and wow what a difference it makes in my mood :)
I've two days now of an easy 5mph jog. Yesterday I went 2 miles with the dogs then this morning was able to go 3 miles but had to walk when I hit small inclines. My swelling has gone down since yesterday which I'm attributing to the excersize. It really strange to be so weak but I know it will come back fast.
I'm not using the binder or spanx at all now.
The swelling from a few days ago was because of all the salty food. I wonder if I will always swell in my stomach now after sushi or chips and guacamole??

Back to life :)

It's been 5 weeks since the surgery and it really has flown by. I'm back to a regular running routine of 6 days a week and there is some slight swelling still but not so bad. I will definitely need thermage in a couple of months but am still really happy that I did this.
I know this would not have been doable without the amazing support of the real self community, thank you!!


Lots of swelling now

Last month I was thrilled but now not so much. There is a lot of swelling above and below the bb and a lot of gross wrinkling when I bend over. Also, my doctor said there is failed muscle repair right at the very top which just pisses me off!!
The swelling is something I'll have to be patient with and the failed muscle repair I will have to get over but the wrinkling is really not something I'm okay with. Doc said that there was so much collagen and skin elasticity loss during the pregnancy that it's not something he could fix with the tummy tuck (would have been nice to know that beforehand ). He said that I can try thermage laser $2500!
I'm trying to channel "fitandflat's" positive take on this surgery and that we didn't do this to be supermodels and we are perfect in our imperfect bodies.
Just wish I wasn't as uncomfortable with my stomach now as I was pre-surgery.

Pics of MR failure and wrinkles

Here are some pics of the swelling and other fun bits :)

Some pics left off

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is wonderful! I've been so impressed with him so far. Every call or email I've made he has gotten right back to. Dr. Stevens made sure that I knew exactly what to expect with the outcome of my procedure and he's was patient with me while I vacillated between implant sizes and whether or not I wanted to do the TT, with absolutely no pressure at all. In the end, I asked him to choose the size of the implants and I couldn't be happier. The TT scar placement and my new belly button are perfection as far as I'm concerned. On thanksgiving day I emailed him with a concern and he responded within 5 minutes! Lastly, his staff are friendly and professional and his practice is easily accessible and private (which is really nice when going in for those first couple follow-up visits). I feel lucky to have found him among the hundreds of choices to filter through.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Sorry to hear about the wrinkles an mr failure. But you are right, "perfect in an imperfect body". I am happy to be rid of the twin roll! How do you know you have mr failure? ( mines not flat like yours, but i dont think the mr failed) Your belly is still nice and flat, im jealous ;). And you have a nice waist!
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That's nice of you to say, thank you! The doc checked by having me lay down and then do a mini sit up. There is a gap/indentation in the upper ab area.
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Also, how long was it before you were able to lift your kids? That is one the main things I am concerned about as I have a almost 2 and 4 year old. Thx
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You have amazing results! Congratulations! I am considering a Mommy Makeover. If you don't mind sharing, did you get your silicone implant over or under the muscle? What bra size did the implant make you? I know it is different for each person, I am curious as I don't want to big, but enough :) Take Care and Happy Healing!
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Hi. I have 240cc silicone under the muscle. I went from a 32A that I didn't fill out to a 32C or 32D depending on the brand and I'm really happy. I didn't want to look like I had them done when wearing a tank top and it doesn't. But the size you put in really depends on the amount of current breast tissue you have too. I was so worried about taking care of my kids after this and I have say that if you have full time help the first two weeks you are good. You still need a lot of help the following weeks but nothing like those first two. I was able to carefully lift my kids on and off things at 4 weeks but wasn't able to lift and hold them until 8 weeks. Even now there is a lot of tenderness in the stomach when I do but I know it's not hurting the repair is ignore it. If you are considering doing both I would highly recommend you do them together. Good luck!
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Thank You!
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Doctors can't really fix the skin wrinkling - it is a sad fact that we age and our skin loses elasticity. Since the TT only pulls the skin one way (downwards,) there's only so much stretching it will do vertically. Yours can only be fixed with a vertical incision going up and down and I don't think you want that. I have the same issue with mine - plus i have dents and dips because of the lipo. If you look at my review on 1/25 - mine are worse than yours! I guess what I am trying to say is that this surgery is limited by our genetics and how our bodies heal. with that said, I would be more concerned about the failed MR - which now has me thinking as I felt really sharp pains early on and it got swollen. I'll do that crunch up test later tonight when I get home.
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Ok I have the wrinkling too and it is gross!!! I was just thinking I had tissue that was still healing…hummm……I have my follow up next week and going to ask!!!
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Really! You've got update once you see you doctor please. I followed your story and was motivated by how amazing your recovery was so I'm surprised to hear that. Your last pics were great. I currently would never wear a two piece
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How can your dr. tell there is failed muscle repair? What does that mean, exactly? I'm sorry you are not happy right now. I am 4 months post op and I am not happy yet........still have hope I will be. But some days I get scared that this is it.
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You lay flat and then do a slight sit up and if the there is a gap where the stitches were then the repair failed. I will post pics tomorrow. Sucks!! This is not it though!! You will definitely see a huge difference a year from now.
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Ah. How high up does the MR go? It feels like a gap on me way up high (like where your ribs go up and meet) but I think that's just the gap between my ribs I feel that high. Down from that even slightly everything is tight. And I'd be able to tell, I think, because I had a 3 1/5 inch separation! Do post pictures. Did he say why a MR would fail?
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Hi what do you mean by "where the stiches were"?? Sorry for interupting but im very worried too,please explain yourself thanks
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Well, I had full muscle repair--so stitches from way down low (just above the pubic area) to level with the bottom of my boobs.
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U look so gr8!! Well flat now!! U must be sooooo hapi:-) if not u should be!!x
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Wow you're looking so good! I'm impressed that you're running. I'm dying to run but I'm so nervous it's going to hurt! Way to go!!
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Holy frack! U r running 6 days a week?!?!?!? Omgosh I am such a wuss I'm too scared to even try but now I really want to!!! Boobs and tummy I seriously can not believe how well you've healed, so so happy for you! U rock and I need to stop.eating salty food apparently as well (I never do eat added salt but today had chips and salsa and I seriously can not believe how swollen I am....think it's so much more noticeable now with the skin gone tho....happy but sad too) who am I kidding I'd rather give up those amazingly delicious Juanita tortilla chips than my amazingly flat belly. Sob story over :) Congrats on an amazing outcome I'm so happy for you!
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You are healing just as fast, trust me! Your doc is very conservative though so you are moving slower which can only be good. I also remembered how my body healed with the c section so I tried to use that to keep the fear down when it came time to start movin and groovin again. The first run was hilarious actually! I was hunched over like an old lady and was moving at a snails pace, my dogs keep circling back to me "like hurry up mom"! My stomach and boobs felt like they weren't attached to my body. Now I'm used to it so I just jam and it's liberating! I also ditched my binder really early per my doc so that made it easier because I'm not reliant on anything but my own body and how it feels. I feel weeks away from any cardio barre classes still.
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I am ready to try and jog. I have been increasing my weight lifting but I am ready for some HIIT back in my life and so I am gonna start attempting next week. Thanks for helping me take the leaps. It is so empowering to know our bodies well enough to use the binder or not huh? Glad youre doing so well and I bet your pups are so happy that you are getting back to your self again and their quicker paced runs. LOVE dogs :)
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Your two weeks pics are incredible..Congratulations :-) Yes its so sad about salt, I miss it, even just a little now and then. boo hoo! The only treatment I've heard of and seen before and afters that were impressive is called Thermage. Have you heard of it? Alot of actresses get it on their faces and its some kind of light therapy that causes your collagen cells to have a party. People do it on their knees and hands too.
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Yes I think I will be doing the thermage in 2 months for another $2500! But I think my surgeon may absorb some of that cost...let's hope anyways :)
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So happy to hear your making progress! I'm curious if the salty food swelling trend will continue too?? Salt isn't good for ya anyway and I try to avoid it. Seems like dinner time is the worst for that!
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I love salty foods! Sushi, cheese and crackers, ciopinno soup!!! Agh I'm swelling just thinking about it :) I have to say as strange as this journey is and the fact that I may still end up needing thermage laser treatment. It's all worth it. Fitchickmom really described it best when weighing the decision and only those of us that do it can understand. Well... My hubby has been a great supporter but I wouldn't have been shocked if he wasn't because I can see how hard it would be to see the upside if your not the one experiencing it. Now I'm rambling!
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You look fantastic! I'm going in for a TT in three days--can't believe it's almost time! I've been crawling out of my skin. I'm a fitness instructor part-time and I've ramped up my classes and gym time this week b/c I'm scared I'm going to go into withdrawals. I'm glad to see that you were able to do an easy run at 1 month post-op. That's what I'm hoping for. I'm not having my boobs done (yet!) b/c I couldn't get hubby on-board for the cost of everything all at once.... So TT for now (that was MY biggest concern area) then HE gets the boobies next fall. Lol. I guess the girls will be his reward! :) I will miss doing the core work, but I'm going to take it easy and not ruin a very expensive procedure by pushing too hard too fast. But I'm like you--if I can get the cardio in, I'll be happy. My PS has said exactly what you stated--you'll heal more quickly and easily WITH activity. He emphasized to listen to your body and do only what doesn't hurt, but activity actually helps your body heal. It's so confusing b/c some people on here say their doctors tell them to stay completely inactive, whereas my doc is telling me it's ok. Obviously, I trust my doctor completely or wouldn't be using him, and I like what he's said so far. I think the key: listen to your body! I'm worried about swelling, too, and I've never been a huge salt eater (my problem is and always has been sweets) but I don't want to experience swelling after everything I eat that has salt. I read one post from a RS sister who had a handful of smokehouse almonds and was in SO much pain from swelling after that it was torture. Good to know these things ahead of time! This site is so helpful! Please keep posting your words of wisdom and what you've experienced along the way. It helps to hear what others are going through so when I hit that particular obstacle, I'll know I'm not alone! Again, you look great! Hope healing and exercise continues to go well!
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