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I'm 26 years old,after 2 babies:due to loose skin...

I'm 26 years old,after 2 babies:due to loose skin on my belly and volume lost of my breast i used to be 34D now i'm at right-34b left-34c with no shape at all I have now decided to have a mommy makeover on Dec 22,2009

I had my surgery omg I made it!!!yee I know is to early to say this but ive seen my belly and i was so happy to see my results of course im still very swollen/bruising due to Lipo and also I have my buddies (my 2 drains) with me but I'm feeling great I had no pain at all!!!!! only concern- is I can't stand up straight yet also I'm scared of even trying to bend down is this feeling normal??? oh almost forgot also by breast aug...look great they finally have shape at first i kind of though they were too big for my body but after couple of days I'm actually loving them :-P
Updated on Jan 9, 2010
painfree mommy makeover which is great on Dec 22,2009 I had surgery tummy tuck, lipo, breast implants. So far so good on my new body except little stress on how my breast implants look anybody have any answers for me:/(

Tummy tuck: 1. pre op had lots of stretch marks...

Tummy tuck:
1. pre op had lots of stretch marks post op stretch marks have been really itchy also my whole body is actually very dry is it ok if i apply coco butter all over my body including my tummy? 2. I still have most of the tape on my tummy tuck incision but on some parts is really itchy is it ok to apply neosporin on my incision.? or what do you recommend? 3. what can i do to smooth out parts of the Lipo I have uneven lumps on me left side?

I surgery was dec 22,09 i am now exactly 4wks 5days
pros: flat stomach no more rolls,clothing fit better
cons: uneven lipo, itchy skin, itchy incision, dry skin

Breast implants:
1. I need help Left is bigger,rounder,softer,lower by 1/2 inch. Right is smaller,football shape,harder,higher? would massaging more often on one breast help? 2. I do have little pain on my Left breast nipple sensitive also i feel the implant under my breast is this normal? 3. should i consider revision surgery? how long should I wait for this? any extra charges? 4. if surgery is the only solution would that be only breast lift on one or both breast? or a smaller implants on left? or bigger on right?

after 2 pregnancies and weight lost i ended up with size R=34b L=34c with NO volume I was 34c before pregnancy so as you can see pre op Left bigger,lower,saggier. Right smaller not saggy (i think).

I had breast implants on dec 22,09 exactly I am now 4weeks 5 days post op....

please help I need lots of answers before I go to my next appointment on 1-28-10 so I can discuss this with my Dr. thank you

would massaging my right more often bring it lower and a little more similar in size or do I need a bigger implant on my right or either a lift on my left can that be corrected at no cost or do I have to pay??? please help me I'm very sad and there very noticible that people can actually tell a difference in size.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

staff very friendly/you can easily trust Dr. he kept checking on me the same day of surgery which made me feel safe but my consultant is stupid. she quoted me with breast lift but Dr said I didn't need it so she stole me some money:-/

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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just wondering how ur doing overall and what u thought of ur breast by now?
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Looking awesome! I
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hi there i was reading ur story and was wondering how u did ofver all on ur recovery ? i tht ur pics looked great:)
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i think u lookl really good and ya know what i have alot of stretch marks also so when i get my surgery i know that some will still be ther but id rather hava a flat stomach and not care that i stil have stretch marks...:) intrested to see how ur new pics ... good luck sweetie i think you look wonderful:)
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thank you & yes that's exactly what i said before my surgery better stretch marks thank flabby stomach couldnt even wear tight shirts. .........theres only one thing i regret judging my results days after my surgery gosh i didnt have patience is like you just want to see the new you....now its been 10 months & i feel amazing i love my results i dont regret having this surgery......and neither will you...you will love your results.. just have alot of patience it will take weeks/months for you to feel normal again.
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Please keep us posted on how you're healing. Most doctors say that swelling takes several weeks to subside enough to judge your treatment's results.
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Looks like mines. My left is still a bit swollen and not as low as the right one. Maybe soon. I hope. But you look good.
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You look great! I'm curious to know your feelings about your breasts at this point in your recovery. I think they look very NATURAL, which is great!!!
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well by this time im about 10 months after my surgery and yes i just needed wait longer before i judge my breast being totally different now i think they look great swollen is gone...& now they look almost the same i love them:-)
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How did you sleep during your first couple of days. I was told that a recliner would be best. I don't own one, but if it will help, I get it ;-)

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well i used the sofa it was much comfortable than the bed just put about 2 pillows on your back & one under your knees to make your self feel more comfortable.
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You have Good results. You are still swallen and very early after sugery. There is a difference in the breast size and shape, it could be a collection of blood in the left or swelling. It is normal not to be able to stand straight give it about 2 weeks. The breast will be judged in 6-12 weeks
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Great result. Regards
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You look wonderful!!! I have 3 children 5, 3 & 7 mos. Do you think I should wait till the baby is about 18-24 mos old? I wont be able to hire someone to help me. I know my mom & mil will be around for about a week after but thats about it. What do you think? p.s. looking to get a TT and B.I.
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well all your babies are still really young they may not be able to help you out re:about your 7 month baby does he/she crawl/walk?? also are you a stay home mommy than I think you should do it if you work and just taking days off then I would recommend for you to wait untill baby knows how to walk properly 18-24months as for me its been really hard with the baby he is now 15 months old he of course does not bother me at all but when it comes to changing his diaper its just so hard because you dont have the same strenght before surgery but I do have a 11 year old daughter that helps me out :D also remmember is just not only 2 weeks for post-op recovery you need to wait 6-8 weeks in order to lift/carry anything hevier than a milk gallon..hope this helps :P
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You look great for being so fresh out of surgery..I know there is a lot of swelling now but wait and give it 6 weeks..you will love it..glad you did that lipo on ur flanks..I wish my doctor would have..he said I didn't need it..now I have to work harder at the gym..lol..but as with standin up straight..no worries I couldn't stand up straight for 3 weeks..after 3 weeks everything was better..but I'm a baby:) take care and enjoy..you look great now and I'm sure your final result will b way better !!!!
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You look great, i think the results are going to be fantastic congratulations!
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You look great, i think the results are going to be fantastic congratulations!
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Give it time. You are going to feel that pull for a very long time and that is good. You want to have been pulled tight. I got really good at using my toes to pick things up for me. :) Ejnoy your new body you will continue to see changes so be patient.
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