I'm a 29y/o mom of two and so excited to have a...

I'm a 29y/o mom of two and so excited to have a flat belly again! Scared about recovery. I have been waiting for this for a long time. I've had two c-sections and they hurt, so I'm dreading this pain...Can anyone share their experience to ease my anxieties? I love fashion and can't wait to fit in clothes the way I use to (no muffin top!). I wanted to lose 10lbs before the surgery to get as much as possible tucked but I'm having no luck!

My doctor is requiring for me to stay one night at...

My doctor is requiring for me to stay one night at a recovery center...is this necessary/helpful? I'm paying cash so any savings help!

I'm getting ready...I have a recliner, heating...

I'm getting ready...I have a recliner, heating pad, Tylenol, rx, and my doc recommended I buy the pills that come w arnica forte and bromelain to limit the number of pills I have to take. What else should I get? I have gauze too and will be going shopping tomorrow for loose fitting clothes. Any other tips?

I had my surgery today at 7am. I have not been...

I had my surgery today at 7am. I have not been able to see my results but I'm so excited to! Tomorrow is my first post op appt so I plan to post pics then. If my results are anything like the markings my doctor did they will be amazing! He drew my scar really low and did lipo on my flanks to give me more of an S shape which I've never had. He also did lipo on my mons which is awesome because I've always been self conscious about that. The pain is not half as bad as I thought. It's more soreness than anything. The most difficult part has been my coughing. My throat was so sore when I woke up and coughing has been inevitable :( MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COUGH DROPS. My cough has flem too so it's hard to avoid. I'm only take 1 perc every 4 hours instead of the 2 every 6 hours. If this is the worst it is and things just get better from here, this is awesome!

I'm PO day 3 and I'm dealing with a bad and flemy...

I'm PO day 3 and I'm dealing with a bad and flemy cough which hurts tremendously. I also have migraines...did anybody have this? The actual recovery is easier than I thought, the migraines and cough are killing me. My back aches really bad too. Please help! I will pos a pic up today. I don't feel like I'm as flat as I could be :( I'm just hoping I'm swollen

I'm so depressed. Healing and the recovery is...

I'm so depressed. Healing and the recovery is exhausting. I'm starting to feel like I'm going to go crazy cooped up with back aches, migraines and a cough when I have stitches all down my abs =...( I'm not in much pain besides the discomfort of migraines, backaches and cough. Im walking straight too without much problem. The worst part is that it's hard to stay motivated when I feel dissatisfied with my results. I feel like I could have been tucked and lipoed much more than I was. My abs feel tight and defined but I still have loose skin (i.e. love handles). I have seen pics of people heavier that are so flat and slim in their post op pics but my results are not tight or flat :( discouraged...

Things are coming along. I feel better. Still very...

Things are coming along. I feel better. Still very very swollen but seeing result very very slowly but they're coming. My body may just be different from most. It's helping my mood to begin to see some flattening

Wow ladies! Today is the first day I can say I'm...

Wow ladies! Today is the first day I can say I'm so happy with my results. For the first time since surgery I woke up FLAT!!! I was so depressed with my results because I didn't not see immediate flatness like many of the ladies on this site. I felt it was so important to share this because 15 days later I can change my status to "worth it"...I'm on the flat side...YES!!! It's so amazing. I'm so blessed. Moreover my scar is so thin thin thin and not too brag but I have the cutest belly button!!! My PS is known for his BBs :) wow...what a breath of fresh air. I just feel great and happy. Will update pics very soon! Back to work so less time to play in the bathroom with my new belly! Lol. Sorry just so excited!

I'm 4wks PO tomo...look at my pic sitting down :(...

I'm 4wks PO tomo...look at my pic sitting down :( I went through so much during my recovery and I'm bummed that I don't feel it's worth been 100% worth it. I want to be happy with my results :( I hope this is swelling but I can suck my stomach in or pull the skin under my breast to look flat which tells me it's extra skin. Scared to do revision and honestly no money to :(

I'm so upset :( went to my one month po appt today...

I'm so upset :( went to my one month po appt today and no bueno... Doc confirmed that I need a revision and then said my bill would be $1750 for the operating room and anesthesia...wtf?! That s*** shoul be free! I knew he hadn't pulled enough since day one. He's talking about needing more lipo but I have rolls!! I need more tucked! It pissed me off tht he said (now) that I need to lose more weight before to get a flat stomach! Okay I was smaller than other women on this site (pre-op) yet those se women are flat!! Look at my pics and tell me what you think. I look better than before but it breaks me that I spent 7 years of me saving every penny to have this done and I have these results :( so bummed...

So today I finally changed from a binder to a...

So today I finally changed from a binder to a spanx type body suit and I must say I'm not satisfied naked ("yet" - I hope) but wow clothes looks amazing!! Can't remember the last time I wore tight jeans without a muffin top and a tight top! Jeans that would barely (if even) buckle are loose now. I'm down 7lbs since surgery. I may have not got the results I expected compared to many but I ordered insanity to get what I paid for. Ill post pics soon :)

This has been a total roller coaster ride for me...

This has been a total roller coaster ride for me but I feel like in the end I really like how I look and fit in clothes 10xs better. I do feel like my PS could have done a better job (more tucking and lipo on the top - he claims he "couldn't") because I'm not tight. But nothing a lil workout can't do. I bought insanity and hope that gives me the body I was hoping for. It took me a long time to heal and unswell but I finally feel great! I thought this was important to share because u will see the significant changes overtime in my pictures and I know that I'm not the only women out that's a slow healer. I didn't read many stories like this before more my surgery so I wanted post this for those women whose bodies that their time. Happy healing everyone!


It took these before and after pics to really appreciate the change in my body! I have to go back for dog ear repair on both sides in June but still worth these changes. Excited on how I'll look after dog ears are repaired! Im trying to ease into working out (i tried at 4-5 weeks and i ached in the MR area so waited a couple more weeks). Question...does anybody else swell like a ballon when the work out? I swell in my ab area a lot and gain about 3lbs
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You look good! Believe me it takes time and your results will change over the course of a year! Good luck
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Hi, I do think you look great and but I know it's how you feel that matters!! I'm really happy with my results apart from I have really loose skin around my tummy button (upper ab area). My surgeon did a vertical incision too and pulled it right below belly button and laid down its fine but when I stand up its loose. It's not vertically loose but horizontally so I think I will have to have another vertical cut from belly button up to breast bone to take out this area, a real pain but he had a massive amount of skin to deal with so I'm hoping he will be able to do it??? I see him in June. Oh I never said I'm about 25 DPO. Take care I think it's quite common to get revisions and my PS said things look a lot different on the table.
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You are looking better and better..
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OMG girl you have NO IDEA how much better reading your post made me feel! I am struggling with Upper ab swelling or at least I HOPE that's what it is. I am 20 days PO (almost 3 weeks) and I feel fat and like my PS did not take off enough skin. The front view I feel is the only view I want to EVER see. But sitting, bending, and side view make me question if the final result will be flat. Your belly is smaller than mine even, but it's good to know you eventually went FLAT, hopefully that's what I will feel if I give it a couple of more weeks. You look great!
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Thanks! N I hear ya sista! This is such an emotional roller coaster of a journey man!! I was excited PO15 cus it was te first time I seen "results" but it fluctuates. Some days are good and some days are bad. I'm 3 weeks po tomo. I too have "lonjas" (love handles) when I sit :( I can't wait till this recover is over and I can get a good idea of what these results will be...sigh. My doctor was like "if you're not happy we can lipo more but be patients because you are still swollen". I HOPE I DON'T NEED MORE LIPO. A) I would never put myself through this and B) I spent my cash savings on this and would not / cannot pay for more "work" :( This was suppose to seal the deal...fingers crossed for all of us. You look great though! Maybe self reflection is distorted cus we all tell each other we look great but we don't see it. It doesn't help I have a highly critical man either lol
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You should give yourself way more credit! U look great in your swimsuit! Hold your head high you have come a long way, the things u don't like, that's why they make gyms :)
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Thanks! And yes I'm feeling more positive day by day. Think the "handicappedness" that came w this depressed me. Can't wait to work out and perfect my results :)
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You look great!! We look similar actually lol stay positive girl
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Thanks. Just seen your belly. If we look the same I'm doing good then. You look great momma!
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Roe, I had my surgery on April 4th. Like you, I am actually bigger post surgery! I have had massive swelling of almost my whole torso. The width of my hips is comical. I think it is hard to compare our results to other people's. Assuming that you, like I, were going for a better version of you and not a completely different shape to the one you were born with, I think we both need to give it time. Liposuction is known to cause significant swelling for some people. Mine has been so bad this week that I haven't posted a single photo. I think I look almost tiny in my before pics compared to now. However, I have so appreciated posts like yours that once I come home from the post op visit to remove my stitches today, I think I may *finally* upload a few pictures. Just so that others know that healing is different for everyone. I didn't go into this expecting to be three sizes smaller a month after surgery. But I admit, it can be a little deflating to read how lucky some people are losing 15 pounds right after surgery. I came home 4 lbs heavier. :-)
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Thanks Mitford...it definitely helps me heal (emotionally) to hear ur words. Take care. Things shall get better with time :)
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you look good! im almost one year op but i can tell you it is a long journey and it can be very hard and it can get you down but the way i look at it i dont have that saggy tummy anymore and look better in clothes so the scar and pain and everything else is worth it.
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Crossing my fingers :) Thanks a bunch!! We're you satisfied with your results? If so, how long after?
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yes i am. i was excited about it the first time i seen it. then i thought i looked like a freak. now looking at new pictures im really happy bout it. i still have to have a revision tho so hopefully after that i will be more satisfied.
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I think you look great!!!! I had a tough time at the beginning when the swelling kicked it and really felt down but things do get better! It's so early in recovery, ours bodies need to heal lots more! I am 16 dpo and still swelling quite a bit but have decided to just accept it as the process of healing! Its tought to stop all the things we are used to be doing and sit but its temporary:) Everyday will be better and better! Hang in there!
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Thank you! Your words help me :)
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You are so soon out of surgery, as am I. If you are like me we are swollen!! I don't think p we are really going to get a great idea of what. Look like for a few weeks still. That being said. I am bummed, discouraged and bored too,..
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But you look so flat...? Im almost embarrassed to post my pics because I look fatter than before my TT. I don't understand :(
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That pic was the first time I took my binder off since surgery on day 4. I haven't taken it off since because I can feel the pressure of my skin against it. So I know I am pretty swollen. I won't wake the binder off to find out though. Did you talk to your doctor? Our bodies are all so different and heal so different. I'm sure in time it will all get better for you.
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Looks awesome!!!!
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I think you look great! I've read a lot of reviews, I'd give it time, many were sad and unhappy at around PO 4-8. Feel better!
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Hang in there! Getting the blues is part of recovering from the anesthesia. I'd start crying for no reason! Today I am POD 6, and it's the first day I have felt clear of mind! It will get better with everyday!
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Congratulations on your surgery! You have talked about the cough with flem..are you by chance a smoker? If so, maybe this might be the culprit? Anyway I would drink tons of water and gatorade. I have also read on the boards that drinking pineapple juice will help with the swelling (and the bromelain). You look great! Happy Healing!!!
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Thanks. Not a smoker. I think it's happens as a result of the pipe they put down your throught under general anesthesia. They said I have to cough it out. They gave me that thing to blow and inhale with which helps with caughing but all I want to do Is avoid it
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