7 months post op!

Im 29 and a mommy of a 6 year old little girl and...

Im 29 and a mommy of a 6 year old little girl and a 3 year old little boy. I love my kids, but they really did a number on my body :-( After I had my daughter on 2006, I was completly depressed over how much my body changed. Im not saying I had a perfect body before, but after giving birth my stomach was sagging and covered in bright red stretch marks.

After having my son in 2009, it only mad it worse. I dieted and lost alot of weight but that stupid belly buldge would not go away.. After doing research I learned that it most likely would not go away with out surgery.

I just went to my first consultations on tuesday and I met with 2 different plastic surgeons. After hearing from both of them that I was the perfect canadit for a tummy tuck and that I would probably look better after the surgery thenI did prior to having kids, I got really excited! To hear that this mess could be fixed was the best news Ive had in a while. It's amazing how somthing like this could mess with a persons self esteem... I havnt set a date yet, but Im hoping to get it done October 2, 2012, just got to crunch some numbers first.

Im hoping after the surgery I will feel better about myself. Im excited about the surgeon I have decided to go with, I have complete confidence him him and his work! I feel like I have done so much research on this, Im up so late most night researching surgeons and looking at pics and credentials, however after meeting with Dr, Motykie I know he is the right surgeon for me.

Im nervouse and excited for the actually procedure, nervouse about the pain and how my kids are going to handle not being able to be there normal crazy self around me, and at times I feel like Im being selfish, like I shouldnt be spending this amount of money on myself, but I have been through alot these last 5 years between babies and trouble in my marriage, I just feel that I deserve this.

I have sacraficed alot of myself these past few years for my family and so Im hoping know one will hold this against me after I do it. Heres hoping for great results and that I reach my goal of getting it done in October :-)

EEKK!! Surgery date is set!! October 10th at...

EEKK!! Surgery date is set!! October 10th at 8am!!! I think I almost threw up when I hung the phone up! LOL, Im soo excited (but not gonna lie) alittle freaked, hence the almost throwing up part! LOL I cant believe after 6 years Im finally going to do this and get my body back!!! Now I have 7 months to get my lifestyle in check and get as healthy as possible!!!

SO I am 4 weeks out from my pre op appointment,...

SO I am 4 weeks out from my pre op appointment, and 6 weeks out from my actual surgery!! My hubby keeps asking me why I am not excited... I have to tell him I am but I just dont think it's hit me yet that this is actually going to happen!! I ry not to think about it to much cause then I star feeling nervouse and the guilt kicks in again about spending this money on myself rather then my kids.. As much as Ihate my stomach, at times it's really hard rationalizing spending this amount of money :-/ Its crazy, but I know this is what I want and I will be a much happier person after then I am now!! Good luck to all of you that have already had your surgery!! Happy healing!

Soo schedualed my apt with my MD to get cleared...

Soo schedualed my apt with my MD to get cleared for surgery! Yikes only 4 weeks away! So far it seems like it's going by pretty fast... Still dont feel all that nervouse, but I know when it comes down to it I will be a wreck!!! LOL

OMG!! Who gets sick 2 weeks before surgery?? Thats...

OMG!! Who gets sick 2 weeks before surgery?? Thats right me I do! :-( Im so pissed off I cant even tell you! I have congestion running nose, full on cold!! Im a manicurist and one of my clients came in last week with a cold, I new I should have reschedualed her but I didnt no she was sick until she mentioned it about half way through her apt :-( my surgery is October 10th, but I have an apt with my Dr for my surgical clearence on Monday and I really hope he will still give me the ok.. Im taking vitamin c like crazy, eating oranges and drinking tons of water, and hot tea with lemon and honey but Im just concerned This is going ot push my surgery back which is going to screw so much stuff up... Plus we will be out the $400 we've already spent on the hotel reservation.... Im so mad/sad/annoyed it's not even funny!!! :-(

Tomorrow is the big day!!! My hubby and I are...

Tomorrow is the big day!!! My hubby and I are leaving today at 12:00 to Beverly Hills for my pre op apt at 4:00, then were going to have a nice dinner and go to the movies!. Tomorrow I have to be at the surgery center at 8:00 and my surgery is at 9:00!! EEkkk I cant believe it's happening tomorrow!! Good luck to all of you that r soon to follow!! Prayers for safe surgeries and easy recoveries!!

Well i made it! Got to the surgery center at 8:00...

Well i made it! Got to the surgery center at 8:00 didnt go into surgery til like 10:00. Feeling so so. Feeling really tight and i do have some pain think its time fot another pain pilll...

Made it to the flat side! So far the worst part...

Made it to the flat side! So far the worst part is getting up and down out of bed! Suck big time! I have a recliner once i get home, so hopefully that will make it easier! Im really tired off and on. Trying to drink lots of fluids but hate to cause then that just means i have to get up and pee more often.. uggg i no it will be soo worth it, so just gonna keep chuggin along!!

Po day 5. Still feeling extremely tired, which is...

Po day 5. Still feeling extremely tired, which is quit annoying. Finally took a some what shower today. Cant wait till my dr apt wed so that i.can hopfully get these drains out. Still really tight and swollen and walking like an old lady. Have to.be back to work on Monday so i hope im feeling better by then. Hubby has been great with helping with the kids and.everything else. Hope everyone else is healing quickly with no problems! :-)

Post op day 6. I do feel alot better today kinda...

Post op day 6. I do feel alot better today kinda to a sponge bath yesturday but cant wait to take a real shower. Havent washed my hair in 6 days so i feel gross! Thankfully my mom is going to come over today and we r going to wash it in the sink, because their is no way im going to my 1 week post op apt all greesy headed and smelling! Lol. I still havnt really looked at my tummy yet, just little peeks here and their under my compression garment. I can tell everything is really swollen. But i just cant wait to get back to my normal life and normal schedual!! This has been a nice break but im kinda over it!! Lol

Well made it to 1 week post op. Have to be at my...

Well made it to 1 week post op. Have to be at my drs in a couple of hours and im really hoping he takes these drains out!! I do feel better today since i actually put somthing other then pjs on and dis my makeup and hair! I feel like an actuall person. And i noticed im.walking alittle straighter today which is good!! But.im.not looking forward to the 2 1/2 hr drive to my drs office, but took my pain pill and hopfully ill sleep most the way!! Hope everyone else is healing good!!

So im 9 days post op and so far everything has...

So im 9 days post op and so far everything has been really good as far as not having any complications, but i look at myself all bruised and swollen and i just get really discouraged. I dont no y im letting it bug me i mean i did the research i new the recovery time but its just frustrating because i dont even want to leave the house cause its uncomfortable to walk to much since im hunched over, and it just wears me out. Im worried cause as of sunday the hubby is back at work and so everything as far as mommy duties cleaning cooking all of it is going to fall back onto me and im not sure if im ready for it. But he has to go back to work as do i as of Monday, we have bills to pay... i just keep praying and telling myself that this to shall pass. Hope all you ladies are healing good!!

Well my wonderfull hubby has to start back to work...

Well my wonderfull hubby has to start back to work tonight which means I am once again a full time mommy, and tomorrow i start back to work :-/ ready or not here i go! Im a manicurist though so at leastIm sitting which hopfully wont be to uncomfortable. Still having some issues getting use to my tummy, Im really trying to not look at myself to critically because I know it is still really early in the healing process, but I guess I wasnt as mentally prepared for this as I thought. I think its just harder once your actually going through it then when your just thinking about it. Everyone else says I look really good, so idk Im still exciting for the final result and I dont regret my decission to have it done i just want to heal super fast! Wish they made a pill for that! Lol. And i got so irritated with pulling my spanx up and down while going to the bathroom (it was so straining on my stomach trying to wiggle and squeeze in and out of them) I cut the whole crotch out of them and so now I just hope it doesnt roll up which is kinda does which irritates me cause i just bought them :-( thats what happens when you act without thinking!! Oh well lessoned learned

So im 13 days post op today! Woke up and decided...

So im 13 days post op today! Woke up and decided to weigh myself and as far as my scale goes im down 15lbs since surgery?? I was 160 going in and now im 145! Its weird cause looking at myself i dont feel that small and because of the swelling i cant fit into any of my old close yet cause they r to tight. So weird and exciting!

So today is exactly 2 weeks since my surgery and I...

So today is exactly 2 weeks since my surgery and I am suppose to remove this tape that was put on at my 1 week post op check. Ive waited all day and I dont want to do it! Im so afarain Im going to peel it off and my incision is just going to open up :-( Seriously FREEKED OUT about it!! Ugghh!!

So Im 3 weeks post op, and Ifeel pretty good....

So Im 3 weeks post op, and Ifeel pretty good. Still not sleeping real comfortably, but energy level and activity level are up. But swelling seems to be more present and doesnt go away.. thinking I might be entering the swell hell stage, seems like most people talk about it around the 3 week mark. And my appetite is outragous!! All I want to do is eat eat eat!! Its seriously getting out of hand! I have an appointment with my PS next Friday so get to make the 3 hour drive to Beverly Hills, and then rush back because I have to work in the afternoon.. Blahh!! Anywho hope everyone Happy healing! :-)

23 days post op and getting fatter by the minute!!...

23 days post op and getting fatter by the minute!! I still just want to eat all day! And ill be damned if I just put myself, family, and body through this just to get fat everywere else!! BUT I CAN'T STOP EATING!!!! Im still really swollen but i feel like im gaining weight other places! Just wish 8 weeks would hurry up and get here so i can start running again!!!! Supet annoyed and all this Halloween candy is makinh it worse!! Lol

So Ill be 4 weeks po tomorrow and im sick. Kept...

So Ill be 4 weeks po tomorrow and im sick. Kept myself from sneezing and I think it made me sick :-( . Im sneezing and coughing like crazy. It had got to were it didnt really hurt when i coughed or sneezed but now im doing it so much my stomach hurts.... I hope all this coughing doesnt mess somthing up. Got some cough syrup today and eating cough drops like crazy,!! This sucks

So I am 5 1/2 weeks post op today, I am finally...

So I am 5 1/2 weeks post op today, I am finally starting to see the swelling go down, but really only in my back... If you look at the first side pic compared to this one you can tell a difference. When I saw my PS at 4 weeks po he said that I havent even began to shrink down yet which gives me hope!! LOL I am finally able to wear jeans but since Im still numb down the middle of my stomch it makes me nervouse, because Im afraid they could be rubbing on my incision and I wouldnt no it :-/. Went to my sisters house over the weekend and her hubby accidently elbowed the corner of my incision and I thought I was going to die!! FYI incision is really tendered when hit ! LOL. Yesturday getting ready for church was the first day I was excited while getting dress, because the pants I wore were some I wore pre surgery and they were super tight and I always had a belly buldge hanging over, but not this time!! Even though I could have fastened them I didnt want to take the chance because if I was to swell up , so I just looped a rubber band around the button! But still really exciting to see the possibility when it comes to cloths!! I posted a close up of my scar, I just started scar therapy and even though I wish it was lower (ps keeps telling me it will still drop so fingers crossed) at least it's a thin line.. I dont have anytype of rippling or bumps, its really smooth. one part in the middle kinda got jagged but that was just how my body healed I guess cause right after surgery it was super straight, so not putting that on my ps. Over all Im happy with my results, just cant wait to see the finale result!!

So I hit the 7 week mark on Wednesday and I swear...

So I hit the 7 week mark on Wednesday and I swear the swelling and hardness in my tummy has not gone down at all. Still the same from week 3 I think. My back and love handles that were lipo have also been pretty sore latley, hopefully that meens its healing! Im feeling basically back to normal, went back to the gym on Tuesday and did about 45 minuts of cardio then some leg exercises, buuuttt havent been back since :-( Its so hard to get back into the routine!! PLus Ive been super busy trying to plan my sisters baby shower! Super excited about my little Neice Olivia coming in January!!

So im 9 weeks out from my tummy tuck and im...

So im 9 weeks out from my tummy tuck and im feeling basically back to normal despite the swelling that is still very much present! It has gotten better but still their. Still have hardness above and below my incision. Started jogging again today, managed about 15 minutes total of jogging time but was on the treadmill about 30 minutes. It did feel kinda odd jogging because I could feel my abs engaging buy it felt different. I did wear my cg and then I also wrapped my binder around me for extra support. Overall it wasnt to bad!

So its been awhilr since I updated this and alot...

So its been awhilr since I updated this and alot has been going on. Healing is going good the only complaint is I think I have a dog ear on my right side :-( and my scar is higher then I thought it would be. Otherwise im back at the gym running and lifting and doing planks with minor pulling but not to bad. Most recent news is im going through a divorce, hubby decided to walk out and leave 3 weeks ago and this vday I got to spend it in my lawyers office signing papera while hes out running around with his new girlfriend in San Diego. Well at least I almost got my sexy back before he left :-) ive had soo many people tell me how they always thought I was to good and to pretty to be with him, just never believed it. This is the 4th time he's cheated on me now (that I no of) and so after he left I told him theirs no going back and I was done. So my world has definitely been rocked a bit but I no I will come out stronger amd better. The chick he is seeing left her husband the same time mine left me and all. Of them work at the same prison here were I live!! Nice huh? Lol anyways I hate this for . Kids but for myself a women can only take ao much before enoughs enough. Sorry for the venting but on the plus side this has been the best diet ever!! Lol already dropped a whole jean size!! Lol was going to try and add pics but my phone wont let me :-(

K finally addng new pics. I couldnt right on them...

K finally addng new pics. I couldnt right on them but the first pic is at 2months post op, second is 3 months, and the last is now 4 months post op. Keep in mind I just dropped about 20lbs since my seperation 5 weeks ago but I do still have swelling and some days are worse then others :-/ And Im not thrilled with my scar.. I feel like it is pretty high and I have tried on many swim suits and it shows in all of them which sucks :-( but I look really good in cloths! LOL

Ok so im now at 7 months post op and im having...

Ok so im now at 7 months post op and im having mixed feelings. In cloths for the most part I love the way I look but my incision is higher on the right side and I have a slight dog ear :-( I went and saw my surgeon a couple of weeks ago and at first he said it was just swelling but I told him how it really bothered me because in jeans and a tight shirt u could kind of see it. So he said he could just fix it in office that way I wouldnt have to be put under since it was just the skin that was buldging. So one of his office ladies sent me an email about a week after that saying he waved his fees but I would have to pay $850? Wth! I no to some it doesnt seem like alot but for me right now going through a divorce I dont have any extea money. Im sorry but it really just doesnt make sence to me that I should have to pay more money because of a mistake that wasnt my fault. I new going into this that was a possibility but I also felt I had a much lesser risk of this since I picked and payed extra for a better known surgeon. I could have gotten a tummy tuck and a breast aaugmentation here were I live and not had to drive 2+ hours. Just really frustrated and im not sure what to do about it :-/ ill post pics. Its kinda hard to see the dog ear it looks like a buldge.

almost 9 months po

So im almost 9 months post op and im trying to get my butt back in gear at the gym! Really trying to build some muscle and then cut the fat! Still have the issue with the right side of my scar and the dog ear :-/ Going to call and talk to a difderent lady in my drs office and see if we can lower the price to fix it some more :-/ its weird im waayy more self conscious about my scar then I thought I would be. Just wish I could get the one side fixed and hopfully it would lower it some... on the upside I look great in form fitting cloths now! Confidence booster for sure! Lol

comparison pics

Posted a few comparison pics
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I first saw this provider on a tv show called Dr 90210 a few years back, and then ran across him again while researching doctor's now.. During my consultaion Dr, Motykie was very professional and answered all my questions honestly, I also liked the fact that he didnt seem to rush through my consultation or push me into this surgery. And no the fact that Dr Motykie was on t.v had nothing to do with my decision to have him do my surgery :-) Ovedall my experience has been good and I cant wait to see my final results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look fabulous!
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Thanks girl!
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Wow! Now I can see why everyone says to be patient, every month your results got better. You look great.
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Thank you! Yes patience is definitely a virtue with this surgery! But consistency in the gym only makes things better to! Lol
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Hi Ashley, I had a consultation with Dr. Motykie a few months back. I was set on getting a mini tummy tuck with him till I saw your scar. His online photos don't look anything like that. I assumed the scar will be very low, kind of like a c-section scar. My question would you recommend his work after having it done there????? please let me know, I have mixed feelings!!!
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I really liked him as a dr and without looking at my scar I love my stomach... but yea my scar is abit on the higher side which he did tell me mine would be higher kind of. Im really short wasted so my scar does go hip to hip but my right side is higher and I do have alittle dog ear. I asked him about it and he said he could just fix it in office so I wouldnt have to he out under but then I found out it was going to be $850 which right now I cant afford :-/ kinda discouraged. Im going to call and speak to his other office lady and see what she tells me but I would hate to say dont go to him because of my scar. I mean everyones body is different. Have u heard of dr moleeken (sp) he does a hybrid tummy tuck but I wasnt a good candidate for that, but he is suppose to be excellent with tummy tucks. I chose not to go with him cause he requires his parients to go to an aftercare facility and it was out of my budget... but u should check him out to. Im going to post some newer pics to.
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Thank you for replying back. You look amazing, I saw the review for doctor Simona Pautler in PA. and I will be doing a consultation in November. I'm willing to fly from CA to PA to get similiar results to this one girl. REVIEWER : BocaBound After this consulation I will decide on which doctor. I will look into Dr Moleeken too.
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First off you look great. You should be very proud of your results. I have the same issue on my left side. I am not as far along, just at 10 weeks. I pointed this issue out to my dr, and she said if I massage, it should go away. Prob doesn't help in your case, but may. If I were you, I would call your doc and as what the $850 is for, if he truly waived the fees. Bug them if you have too. In my opinion, as long as its not a drastic revision, it should be free, try putting some pressure on them. Good luck. You look great!!
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Thank you! I am happy with all of my results except for that 1 issue. I am going to either call or email them back but I just have to figure ouy what to say because I heard if u make some surgeon's mad they will just start ignoring u and I dont want that to happen
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That has to be a mistake. If his fees were waves how on earth does the cost of sutures & a numbing shot (the correct name is totally out of my head right now, lol!) come out to be $850. Email the person back & asks her to break that down for you. I have a tiny tiny dog ear, more like a mouse ear & it would cost $100 to remove.....the cost of the supplies. I feel you, get more clarification before u waste too much energy on it.
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Its because even though hes doing it in office he still wants to use his small steril OR room... he made it seem like it was pretty simple but its because of the room the cost went up. Just sucks cause I spent all this money and I still have to adjust my pants because I have that stupid bulge that sticks out! Im going to email her back I just dont really no what to say :-/
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I would say that he is waving his fee & it's "his" OR Room & that fee is outrageous & he can just do it in a regular room. Give me a break, my hospital and anesthesia for 2.5 hours was $1875, not to mention that included recovery time & care. That's damn near half the cost & ur not being put to sleep or using a seperate facility. U know what, I call bullshit. That's just a way to say I'm waiving my fee but really.....I'm not. I'd be upset too. I've heard from MANY women that it's just a SIMPLE procedure done in office. No fancy shmancy crap.
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Wow!!! Ur side profile says it all!! Looking fantastic!
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Thank you! Its my favorite too!! I bought my first form fitted dress and when I was walking into work a guy said "damn girl" I was like huh me? Lol havent had that in awhile!! Lol
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You look great! How is your belly button looking at 4 months? I'm at 6wks now and my bb looks just like one of your earlier pics. Has the redness subsided?
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Thank you!Yea for the most part.. I can still see the ring around it but its not red
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Im so sorry that you are going through this, how awful! I hope you are doing ok? I was looking at your pictures yesterday and showed hub and you just look amazing! Im sorry but what a jerk cheating 4 times? Girl hold your head up High you are a strong beautiful women and you deserve much more!
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Thank you. Yea its been hard mainly because we have 2 small kids so its been hard on them. Im just trying to do the best I can for my babies and I no things will get better just have a few hurdles to.jumo over first!
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You look awesome! I'm 4 weeks out tomorrow and can't wait to get back to normal. Love your pics. Reminds me that I won't always walk like this...lol
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Thank you. Yea just hang in their cause im not gonna lie theirs a few times I looked at myself and thought "why did I do this" cause your body goes through so many changes with the swelling. Just remember your not at ur end result till 6 months!
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I'm so sorry about your husband. He will and I quote "he will" regret this. Right he's in clouds thinking his life is perfect but it's all good because he'll get a rude awakening and hopefully by then you've moved on and Happy! The same she left her husband for him she'll leave him for the next one. Stay strong and continue healing as you are (which is awesome). All the best hun.
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Yea thats what everyone keeps saying so we will see. Thank you!
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I'm really sorry about your loser x-hubby. Obviously, he is Mr. Wrong. The longer you stayed with Mr. Wrong, the longer you kept Mr. Right away. I know you aren't ready for anything else, but the time will come & you will be stronger, happier, and in a much better place. As a door closes, a window opens. Stay strong, you deserve to be happy.
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Thank you! Its been hard because hes been such a douchbag! And its hard when ur used to having someone their and now their not. I dont miss him but I miss having someone if that makes sence? I no I will he better off just got to get over these hurdles first.
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Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Just focus on you & you & your kids happiness. Stay busy & just do things to keep u happy & ur not alone, you have ur kids. F him!!!!!!! Douche bag is right! And every women knows to stay away from douche!
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