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So I was in a semi conscious state as my...

So I was in a semi conscious state as my liposuction surgery was coming to an end and somebody said chemical peel. I think I would have done anything anyone said at that stage but I have been wanting a chemical peel for some time now so I'm glad I got it done when I was semi sedated because it did sting and I look pretty frightening right now. Judging from the price I got a 35% tca peel.
When I first came to the states I got into tanning and was doing it everyday and now I'm paying for it. Discoloration, age spots and skin cancer....not nice

Tips and pics

80% of the skin has now peeled off and I'm feeling somewhat human again. Ahh to be able to move my mouth and eyes again is a real treat.
I wish someone had given me these tips when I had my TCA peel done so here u go:
- use the ointment given by your dermatologist religiously
- use aquaphor ointment ALL over your face and slather it on. It's the only thing I've found to provide instant relief.
- if it's been a few days with no peeling you can speed it up by applying palmers cocoa butter extra strength with vitamin e around the most uncomfortable areas (I.e nose and mouth) and it works! Turns the leather skin to mush and it smudges off.
- if you sleep on your side sleep with paper towels on your pillow. Prevents ointment and skin getting everywhere.
And try not to itch or stress out!
Here are a few progress pics. Will update in a few days when peeling and redness have stopped. I will say my skin is baby soft smooth though! Mmmm
I read what you wrote and I couldn't believe it: "So I was in a semi conscious state as my liposuction surgery was coming to an end and somebody said chemical peel. I think I would have done anything anyone said at that stage". Oh, my gosh, Sarah! That sounds so violating to me. Informed consent is supposed to be attained when the patient in a conscious, competent state of mind, not on the heels of another surgery. Wow. How's your face feeling now? Will you post updates?
hehe its ok babe, i mentioned that i wanted a peel and im glad i got it done at the same time because im nearly all healed up now. :) xx
It'd be great if you could post some updates about your TCA peel, I'd appreciate it. I am going for a consult in two weeks. Thanks again :)


As requested here are some after photos. 1 with make up and one without. Not much of a difference visually but the texture of my skin has definitely improved.
I'm still relatively young so I won't be doing this again for another 5-8 years but I'm glad I did it.
Thank you so much for the update, you look great! I hope to improve texture too. Does he normally do it under sedation? Did you have any acne scarring prior? Thanks again, all the best.
no he just does it normally. it only started stinging a few minutes later and its tolerable so fine to be awake, it just feels like sunburn. i had acne scarring on my cheeks and its gone now so it was great for that, but didnt minimize proes around my nose or fine lines around my eyes. so yes for the scarring and skin smoothness/texture, no for everything else.
Ok great, thanks again for the update! I am excited for my consult with him.

2 months post treatment

the redness and tenderness is gone and i now have a new confident face to show the world.
very happy!
I am so torn about getting this. A doctor told me that I have some sun damage on my face. They are darker pigmentations spots. She told me that the peel will take them away but if I tan I will damage my skin again and they will come back or others will appear. What did you doctor say about this? I really love my time in the sun and I really love to tan. She told me to use the tans that come in a jar/can. Thanks!
its because of tanning that i had originally got skin cancer to start with. i didnt see a great change in sun spots and discoloration, the only real difference the peel made was removing my acne scarring and it got rid of all of it. Don't believe everything your dr says because everyone's results will be different. its a personal decision you will have to make yourself.
It will cost me $1300 and I wonder if it is worth it. So you don't spend any time in the sun anymore. What do you use on your skin to protect it?
Dr David Hansen

I guess u all know by now that I'm in love with dr hansen's magic hands!

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