Scheduled for 4.6.12 Nervous and Excited - Beverly Hills, CA

Im choosing to get this for a boost in my journey...

Im choosing to get this for a boost in my journey of weight loss. Im 23 yrs old 5'7 Ive always been about 130 lbs after my daughter i have been bouncing from 150-167. Im very excited but extremely nervous of it not looking natural after! I plan to upload pics and journal my journey on here as often as possible! I just started dieting and working out to help me along. Im hoping to be healed and bikini ready by June 8th! i know its cutting it close. Alot of girls on here I see took about 3 months some only 1.5 months. Anybody have any suggestions on faster healing.! CANT WAIT TILL THE 6th!..:)

SORRY to mention! Im getting smartlipo on full...

SORRY to mention! Im getting smartlipo on full stomach and flanks



Hello everyone! So I just had my procedure around...

Hello everyone! So I just had my procedure around 2;30 yesterday. When I got there they brought me back to this one room to talk a little more about the procedure,and afterthe procedure of dos and donts. she said I can walk and she wants to walk slowly starteing today!!(yes the next day after procedure) I can totally do that! And gave me a little something to relax me(not sure what it was called similar to xanax im assuming its put under your tongue. Then doctor came in and took pictures took pitures and made me look like picasso and then more picture! PHOTOSHOOT OH YEAH!
Alright now its time to go in the procedure room with my robe and booties and little underwear on. the nurse gave me laughing gas which was pretty funny, I could have took it off If I didnt like but it wasnt bothering me so i just left, but they started running out of laughing gas by this time He was about done with all the lidocaine,(WORST PART) but not unbearable. So then he starts with whatever hes doing. ITS A VERY WEIRD SENSATION!!! I KEPT ON SAYING OUTLOUD THIS IS SOOO WEIRD WEIRDEST THING IVE EVER well after the nurse bandaged me p and wrap me up VERY TIGHT.(the reason i am up at 5am) i just cant sleep inside my stomach hurts. On sunday night I can get out of this deathly thing and take a shower and then it goes back on without the EXTRA dressing thats underneath it. its sot of like a spank this with shorts it has zippers up sides nd straps. and a big enough hole to go to the bathroom Ive Just been wearing boy shorts over it and a shirt when im around the house! Well thats about it! if you have and questions LET ME HEAR EM!! I WILL PUT MY PICS UP TOMORROW NIGHT SO STAY TUNED. all wrapped up no!.

Just took a lil walk over a mile very slowly....

just took a lil walk over a mile very slowly. Cannot wait till tomorrow night to unwrap!

4.7.12 the past few hours the pain and soreness...

4.7.12 the past few hours the pain and soreness have just been increasing. I can't take anything like vicodin or hydrocodone does anyone have any suggestions.? It's getting harder and harder to move. Will tomorrow be worse or better? :/

Im feeling like I'm getting some what of a...

Im feeling like I'm getting some what of a temperature has anyone experienced this?

Just posted pictures from tuesday night after my...

Just posted pictures from tuesday night after my first shower.

When did everyone do something a little strenuous?...

When did everyone do something a little strenuous? I'm
Thinking of going snowboarding on Sunday. Need to know if this Would be a bad idea or is it just a pain thing why people
Don't do much?

HELLO!! its been almost 2 weeks friday. I just got...

HELLO!! its been almost 2 weeks friday. I just got back from 7 miles walk. I can pretty much do my normal workouts except running. I am now starting to get these little pea sized ball things in my stomach. I've been just massaging my stomach thoughout the day and at night i kay on the couch and massage them for about 30 minutes. ???WHEN DID ANYONE FEEL THESE THINGS STARTING TO GO AWAY??? I feel that my last pics i posted i look smaller than I do now. Which is a bummer! I dont really think im swollen at all, but I really dont think so. :/

I've come to the conclusion I'm still really...

I've come to the conclusion I'm still really swollen I took off my jeans and I had the craziest imprint from my pants and drs on real self says that's a definite sign of swollen! Yay!!!
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have you heard of zerona treatments? my dr is the only one around that offers them post smart lipo
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I have heard of Zerona. But I've heard Zeltiq works alot
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The lymphatic massage helped me with my hard lumps. I would def get that done very soon! My massage therapist says between days 7-9 is when you will get the best results if you start with the massage to get rid of those lumps. I also started apple cider vinegar shots ( have a drink near by lol) and started adding fresh lemon to my water to help your lymphatic system. Hope that helps. keep us posted.
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thanks for the info!!!
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Ask you doc if he has anyone he uses. I did a lot of research about it even after it was recommened to me. I asked the doc on realself and it was confirmed. It is very beneficial. If your doc doesnt have anyone then google it in your area, just make sure they are experienced. I started mine at 2 weeks.
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I would really think about lymphatic massage. It has really helped me.
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thanks for the info timetogetit !!! good you walking !I am
not looking forward to pain but ready to get it over with !! keep in touch let me know how you are doing !!!
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@@candydallas I'm feeling good trying to stay active and walk everyday until I can really get back in the gym. I'm still pretty sore doing certain things getting into and outta bed and sitting up and down hurts gotta take it real slow. Hoping in a week I'll see more results and post more pics
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hi Timetogetit !!!how are you doing me its been a week since my vaser still have swelling but can tell a big difference!!!
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vaser lipo countdown are you feeling Timetigetit , i am scheduled for 4/19 your results look good ...
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You look great my surgery is set for April 14th I am so nervous and excited. You look amazing.
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Thank you @mom681 I love my results can't wait till I'm
Healed! My advice to you is. WEAR YOUR GARMENTS TIGHT! And they suck so bad and are so annoying! But it's worth it!!
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OMG, I look amazing!!! Are you still in pain?
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I'm still pretty sore. I've been wearing my two garments pretty tight 24/7. I walked a little
Over a mile the day after surgery. Then the next day I was on my feet from 8am to 9pm. I been pretty active no rest. But
Doc says for me to walk everyday so that's a good thing. But I am still pretty sore. In certain spots. And all day I'm
Rubbing my stomach where I'm
Feeling it get hard. Mostly sore in the morning. Still not comfortable sleeping with being wrapped so
Tight but whatever takes!
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I had my procedure on April 6 also......smartlipo abs and flanks. I was very swollen the first week and started to improve during the 2nd week. Now I'm finally starting to see results!!
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Hi yonker where did you get it done, im doing my research to get it done. Ilve in ny close to yonker, can you pls be so kind to provide me with some info or sugestions
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I went to Dr Shafer.......very knowledgeable, professional and kind. His office is on 53rd street in NYC. I definitely recommend meeting him for a consultation.
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Thank for the info, there is a promo on living social $1000 for a liposuction, which is better lipo or smart lipo, how is the apperance of the skin and price for the one u did, sorry to ask so many question but im trying to decide if i should go to dominican repu or just get here and what kind, thank u
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I'm not sure....depends on you individual case. Smartlipo is supposed to be less invasive, and therefore shorter recovery and lower risk. You'd better consult with a PS first!
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you look amazing!!!!!
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Thank you @dbarry. Hard to rest tomorrow with it being Easter and I have a lil one good thing her dad will be with her so I can relax as much as I can in the background
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I meant rest a lot. Darn spell corrections. Lol.
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I was in a lot of pain too. If you puke when u take your meds have the Dr call in phenegan for nausea. Take it about 45 min before the pain killer. That's the only thing that worked for me. Also have some food. If that doesn't work ask your Dr if u can take ibuprofin. Mine let me at I took 4. It helped a lot. Drink tons of water. Rest slit. I didn't move much for 2 days. Give yourself some time to heal. Tomorrow probably won't be much better but it will get better in a few days. Good luck to you.
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