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25 YearOld 1 Child, Had a TummyTuck 7Weeks Ago, Finishing my BodyTransformation with Smartlipo to my "Love Handles" & Thighs. CA

I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago to fix severe...

I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago to fix severe damage to my skin and body for having my son. We discussed before the procedure that tummy tuck was needed and he recommended the smart lipo for my love handles and inner thighs. My doctor ended up doing the smart lipo all the way up to my bra line which I wasn't apposed to. Out of these areas he took 2 liters of fat! Everyone was shocked I had that much fat there! I am 5'10 and before this was 170lbs and I workout, lift weights and eat healthy majority of the time.

Day of my procedure I was a little nervous after reading reviews on here about the pain involved and botched results. The procedure it's self was not bad I was awake the whole time, medicated and he numbed me up well, I did feel some pulling, pinching, and sucking feelings. The worst part was watching all that fat come out of me! I stood up fine no pain at all, the compression garment was hard to get on as it is super right! I also leaked a a lot of fluid out as there is no stitches or drains so I went threw a whole bag of maxi pads for 6 tiny incisions about the size of a pinky nail.

My doctor personally called me to check on me that night! He is beyond amazing.

First day post op I feel like I got beat up to be honest I thought my legs would hurt the worst but it's my back that is really sore. And the garment is just super uncomfortable and hot. I am not leaking anymore which is nice and am dying to take a nice shower tomorrow.

I feel like my waist looks even smaller but worried about my thighs my skin just looks saggy! But it needs to reattach to my muscles so I'm not getting discouraged.

I have 6 little incisions one on each side of my lower back even with too of my butt crack, one under each butt cheek, and one each side of inner thigh toward the crease.

All these pictures are 7 weeks out from my tummy tuck as well.
Congrats!!!! I am glad you had a good experience and your ps is amazing. you look great before and after.
Well you look amazing!  So congratulations on that :).  The pain/discomfort will dissipate, but the gorgeousness will remain :D.  You did exactly what I'm contemplating.  I had a full TT (and BL) and I'm contemplating the SL now.  But I'm over 18 months PO from my TT.  I can't imagine having done anything only 6/7 weeks after my TT.  I think I was barely standing up straight.  Did you have muscle repair?

Excited to see your next pics!  Happy healing to you.
Thank you very much! I did have muscle repair and I was back in the gym walking at 4 weeks I started biking at 5 weeks and light running at 6 weeks. Then I had the SL done on Wednesday today I feel like I was ran over by a car, and the skin is saggy on my thighs but it's only 2 days out. I think the SL was worth it even being swollen it gave me a lot of contour. I was awake for it I know done people are not but it wasn't bad at all. Best of luck :-)

Three days post op hardly any pain!

So this is the 3rd day post op. This is the second shower I've taken ( I forgot to take pictures) I have been walking and moving a lot and I'm not really in any pain. The skin has drastically tighten in the last 24 hours in my thighs so I am hoping that's my skin tightening and not swelling because I was on the boarder line of needing a thigh lift which I really don't want to do. My experience was not bad at all! I am still draining a little but my garmet isn't that uncomfortable and what I anticipated compared to what it was is complete opposite. I hope and pray I get results like I did with my tummy tuck I'll post pictures at my post op apt on Tuesday.
So happy your post-op is going smoothly and without too much pain!  You will definitely have some swelling, but it seems like the laser really works for our community members, so hopefully the tightening will increase as the swelling decreases :D.

4 days post op pictures

Here are pictures 4 days post op. My thighs are way more jiggly then I was anticipating but still hoping the lose skin tightens up and it's more swelling then anything.

4 days post op

Great pics!  Looks like swelling to my (admittedly untrained) eyes :)
Thank you! That makes me feel better!
I am hoping the laser works for me! I love this community! Because of all the stories and reviews it put me at ease with my decision to have these done.

1 week out doctor appointment yesterday

I am really bruised now, and it's really tender.

I went to the doctor yesterday he said everything looks great and normal which made me feel about my thighs. I just still have swelling and bruising which is a horrible yellow color now!

I also had the scar around my belly button injected with steroids to stop the scar from getting any bigger and hopefully smooth out.

I changed compression garmet to a size smaller... And that is not fun at the moment.

Overall I am happy with my results so far! I wish it was already 6 months out though!
I'm starting to really like dr dass I am still doing research but he seems like a really nice doctor who cares for his patients
He is amazing I couldn't be happier with him or his staff!
I love your results aswell I can't wait to see how my consultation goes:)

3 weeks out from smart lipo 10 weeks out from tummy tuck

So far so good! I got bumps in my thighs but they are pretty much gone now ( I workout a lot so I used foam rollers and massages myself) I'm tired of the compression thing but only 3 more weeks!!! YAY

I am back in the gym lifting doing cardio and swimming so I am excited! Overall my procedures went smooth I am just being a little inpatient with my thighs.

Here are some updated pictures :-)
btw i don't see you needing a thigh lift your legs look amazing now i cant imagine what there going to look in more months:)
Thank you! I should post updated pictures I almost have a 6 pack and am like 3 months out! My legs are slowly getting better now that I am really working out. His name is Ryan! I adore him! He is such a sweet man! You should let him know you saw results on this website!!! Dr. Dass is amazing you'll love him. He is so caring and tells you the truth and what he can and cannot do! I still look in the mirror everyday and go wow! Because of him. Good luck :-)
Another great result from Dr Dass :) You are looking FAB!

5 weeks out from smart lipo and like 3 months from TT

Back in the gym full time every week I feel I look a little better can't wait to see how the smart lipo works in the next few months!!!
YAY!!!!!! TGIF :) you look AWESOME!
Almost six-pack!  Whoop!  Keep workin' it!!!!
Thank you! :-)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

He is amazing I will recommend any one wanting any work to him and his wonderful staff. Everyone is so friendly and concerned about you, they take the time to spend time with every patient and do an outstanding job!!

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