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I say it was not worth (not exactly sure what I...

I say it was not worth (not exactly sure what I paid in 90's) it because of my present situation. I had breast implants done sometime around 1996... Cannot say exactly because Dr. Leslie Stephens, in BH, who did the surgery miraculously lost my chart! I loved my breast implants and wish I had done the SALINE implants and had a better understanding of the risk! It is now Jan 2014 and I am extremely ill and have been for the last 1 1/2 years. I have been to every kind of specialist and have had every test run as I became more ill and bed ridden from fatigue and immense pain. Finally Dr. ARKFELD, a rheumatologist from USC Keck hospital diagnosed me with silicone breast disease from leakage. Without going into how truly deathly ill I am, I BEG anyone, before having breast implants, read the book The Naked Truth" by Dr. Susan Kolb. It will educate you on the truth about implants and help you make a more informed choice and how to care for yourself after having the implants. If I had of known what I know now I would not be in this situation. It does not mean you cannot get implants but one needs to be aware of when to have MRI and when to exchange them out. Chances are your doctor will not tell you that. I went back to Dr. Stevens to try and find out more information about my implants and tell him what is going on. He actually was showing me NEW silicone implants he could replace mine with when I am so ill w silicone breast implant toxicity due to rupture and leakage. Please don't think it will not happen to you BECAUSE IT CAN. The book is only $17.95 and will be the best $ you will spend before spending $$ in implants. I am now spending $$$ to have Dr Kolb do an explantation and try and save my life. The silicone leakage has traveled thru out my body so we are not sure how much damage has been done until she performs the 6 hour surgery n Jan 24 th.
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DR Stevens was very professional and a great surgeon. I would recommend him to do your surgery if you have read the book The Naked Truth by Dr. Susan Kolb and are well informed about silicone breast implants and choosing saline breast implants and then taking care of yourself after any implants. You are putting a toxic substance in your body and need to be aware of what can likely happen. I was never informed to have an MRI after every mammogram or every 2 to 3 years and to change out implants about every 8 to 10 years. Your PS will probably not tell you either. All is can say is ORDER AND READ the book THE NAKED TRUTH by Dr. Susan Kolb, who actually does implants.

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Why did you opt to have your implants replaced even if it is with saline? If I were on the brink of death, my implants would be the least of my priorities. No offense, just curious.
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So sorry about all this. Could you tell us what sort of implants did you have ? Does your doctor believe it could also happen with the new cohesive implants? C
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I had silicone and now have saline smooth by allergen . I had surgery on Friday, was a 4 hr surgery And Dr. KOLB said I have leakage for a long time. I had to have several enlarged lymph nodes removed. Swelling at base of sternum was silicone but was so embedded in tissue she could not get it out. Dr KOLB said I had infection, fungus and black mold. I know I was looking at death until the rheumatologist told me it was the implants. This is serious ...silicone toxicity . DR. KOLB saved my life
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You can call Dr KOLB (Plastikos ) and speak w her directly. She thinks all implants have a small leak Really anyone that has implants should order her book THE NAKED TRUTH
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Mold from silicone?? One gets molds and fungus from salines.. which is what did really put me off salines.. arghhhhh :o/// . Hope your recovery will be easy enough now... C
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I have just had a 4 hour surgery w 5 enlarged lymph removed. Both Saline & Silicone have but have less silicone get into armpits, chest wall w saline. All I say read Dr KOLB book "the naked truth
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All this is from silicon? Or bad boob job
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I had excellent boob job in 1995. I got very ill 2years ago and many doctors of every type could not pinpoint problem. All implants leak..usually after 8 years. I have already explained my situation. I do want to say the bacteria is staff. I had a PICC line inserted this morning n have to have daily strong antibiotics by iv for the next month now. This is serious. You can try to think I had bad boob job, etc. I ran a company of 48 employees for 25 years when I became too sick. I never went on disability. I am married to a very successful doctor n have had access to top doctors. If I had not have found the problem out, I am sure I would die from staph, toxicity,. My original implants were cultured right when they came out...very mold, fungus, and staph bacteria.
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I can assure you you can gat mold from BOTH. They both leak some and you can gat fungus, mold, n staph from both. If you wish to see my lab report, the PICC line in my arm, and 4 weeks of antibiotics You can. Everyone w implants do not have problems but if you don't replace them every 8 to 10 years and have MRI in between you can have major problems. I am not a minority. I have sat in Dr KOLB waiting room every day since Jan 20 except one and I have company all over the country w health issues related to mplants.
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I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. I heard about that book from Dr. Mercola and decided saline was the safest route for me. Hope you get well and healed!
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You made a very smart decision! Stay on top w regular MRI as you can still get leakage. If you don't have the book it is a good investment.
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