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I am 43 and I looked tired, sculptra gave me...

I am 43 and I looked tired, sculptra gave me volume in the right place,now I look ealthy and more rested , it looks very naturale and is perfectly done!

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I visit his website and I felt he was the doctor I was looking for, he professionally game suggestion and I am very pleased with the result

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Cheek and temple
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Thanks San Diego I will update your post.


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Hi SD 5799, how much did you end up spending w/ Dr. Azizzedah? He seems very pricey and one of the best, but am I in for thousands? What areas did he do and what did he use? thanks, I love your results
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There is no pain in this persiger, the face is numeb and I didnt feel any pain, I was looking for something that it wasen't a surgery , something that looks natural but good, I read a lot about sculptra, and I personally thought it was what I was looking for, I started the research for a well trained plastic sergeoun, I found him , he is the best on the market he actualy train other doctor how to use sculptra, I suggested to all my girlfriend that are all very pleased like me.
I will never let anybody touch my face beside Dr A., this is how confident I am about his work.

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What part of your face did you have the Sculptra injected?

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Hi San Diego ,

Thanks for the review, but before I add you to the Sculptra community page could you please provide a bit more information about your experience to fully aid our community. :)

1. Did you experience pain and downtime, do you have a few more details about the overall procedure?

2. What made you decide to go through with this procedure, how long had you been thinking about it?

3. What do you wish you knew before hand?

Thanks so much,



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