Surgery date set!

I have been self-conscious of my nose since the...

I have been self-conscious of my nose since the 7th grade. Most of the time I don't think about it. But when I see candid photos, I'm not happy with it. Sometimes I'm just fine with it, and other times, my niece or nephew will genuinely ask why my nose is so big! About 2 years ago I seriously considered getting rhinoplasty. I have looked at different surgeon's websites, and only one has stuck out for what I'm looking for. It seems most everyone does profiles awesome, but when it comes to the frontal view, they remain the same or worse. I am most concerned with my bulbous tip, and want more definition. The doctor that stood out based off of online before/after photos was Dr. Motykie. I have done the virtual consultation, and have saved funds for the procedure, but now I'm all nervous! I have read such 50/50 reviews and just don't want to do something I'll regret. If you have any other surgeons who you might suggest looking into, let me know!

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Surgery date set!

I was originally set on Dr. Motykie, but I found it difficult getting responses back from his office, however they were all kind there when I did reach them. Another reason I am going ahead with Dr. Grigoryants is because I just couldn't find any reviews from people with pictures of their results. Dr. Grigoryants office always promptly responds, however I do feel rushed over the phone. It is my first surgery of this type, and being out of town, I had a few questions and I felt the girl seemed annoyed. So I still feel a little clueless on what needs to be done prior, but at least a date is set and I can move forward!

1 week to surgery

I was supposed to have my surgery back in November, but it got mistakenly scheduled as a consultation. So thank goodness they had a cancellation and my new surgery date is Dec. 18th. Surgery is paid for, and I had my blood test done today, but I still don't feel like it's really going to happen. I haven't really prepared for anything. ????. I'm driving down from Utah early Tue morning. I guess I should stop procrastinating, book a hotel, and start studying the essentials!
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