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I met with Dr. Simoni on 11/20/12 at his Beverly...

I met with Dr. Simoni on 11/20/12 at his Beverly Hills office. Before meeting with him I had met with Dr. Fisher in Yorba Linda. Dr.Fisher was my first consultation which was awful because they told me I couldn't meet with the the Dr. until I scheduled my surgery? Ummmm yeah thats not going happen. Dr. Simoni on the other hand was very thorough during the consultation and made me feel at ease since I was super nervous. I had meticulously looked over and analyzed every aspect of his website before the consultation so I knew what to expect as far as pricing etc. I had basically made up my mind that I was going to have the procedure before I even met him. Surgery is scheduled for 12/20/12 and I am feeling a little anxious. Havent heard from the nurse yet to schedule blood work etc, so waiting to hear from them hopefully soon.

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So I finally got the call from the nurse who was...

So I finally got the call from the nurse who was super nice. She told me that since I do not have any pre-existing conditions that I am not required to have blood work done or any other lab work. They only require that in patients over 40. So I guess I don't have to worry about that part. I will be adding some before pictures soon.


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf!

Just curious about why you want rhinoplasty... is it a dorsal hump or bulbous tip, etc.? We'd love to see your before and after photos. You can even blur your eyes if that makes you more comfortable.

Here's a list of supplies you might want to consider for recovery. The cold drinks and lip balm are very important!

Please keep us posted. I hope everything is smooth sailing for you.

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Surgery is on Thursday at 7:30am, getting really...

Surgery is on Thursday at 7:30am, getting really nervous and anxious now. I uploaded some photos for my before, but for some reason my stupid phone keeps uploading them sideways. Anyways... can't wait for thursday to be over with....


Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck to you! You're a very pretty girl and I'm sure you'll be even more beautiful after your surgery.
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Thank you! Good Luck on your surgery as well... I read your profile and I have those same fears of anesthesia. I have never had surgery before so that is the scariest part to me, which is probably odd to some people. I could care less about the pain afterwards, as long as I wake up! I think I will be so excited that I will have a Frankenstein moment and yell " I'm alive!!!!!!" when I come out of anesthesia. LOL.

Home resting... Surgery started at 7:30am. Will...

Home resting... Surgery started at 7:30am. Will try to post pictures tomorrow. Worst part so far is my throat is super sore and I have really bad dry mouth. Any tips?


Congrats on your surgery! Now just get though the first 7 days are you will be fine. As far as the dry mouth goes, keep sipping liquid through a straw (pinapple juice or water/gatorade). Unfortunately you'll have this issue until you can full breath through your nose. I placed a hard candy in my mouth to keep my saliva going. Take good care of yourself!
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I'm glad it's all over now, and you're home resting! I've been drinking fruit smoothies (but sort of at room temp so they don't irritate me). And twice I sucked on Ricolas when I wasn't lying down. I'm sure you'll find the right thing for you. Post pics when you can, and in the meantime, we're all rooting for you!
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Congratulations and welcome. All the best recovering, and I look forward to checking in on your progress.
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24 hours ago I was making the one and a half hour...

24 hours ago I was making the one and a half hour drive to Beverly Hills to have my Rhinoplasty. So glad that is all over with. My surgery was at 7:30am and I was back in the car on my way home at 9:40am. I didn't have any trouble coming out of the anesthesia, no nausea, no dizziness, it all went well. I came home and I couldn't sleep so I just watched movies all day. Maria from the office called around 4:30pm to check up on me and make sure I was fine. I had chicken and vegetable soup for dinner and applesauce and was expecting to feel nauseas but never did. I didn't take any pain pills until bed time just to help me sleep cause the whole mouth breathing thing makes it difficult, but no pain so far haven't taken any pain pills and the last one wore off at 12am last night. Dr. Simoni and Maria, and Jennifer the anesthesiologist were all awesome. They all made me feel very comfortable and I knew I was in good hands. Especially Jennifer cause I was scared to death of going under but she grabbed my hand and told me she would be there the whole time making sure I was fine. I will keep you all updated. Can't wait for the cast to come off on 12/27


You have beautiful eyes, you're going to look so gorgeous when it's all healed !
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Thank you! Can't wait to be healed. I know it's a long road but time flys... Looking forward to the final results
Thank you! I'm so glad that its over with...been sipping away on water and throat lozenges really helped.

So it's day three and I have a little pressure on...

So it's day three and I have a little pressure on the bridge of my nose it feels like a little throbbing going on where my hump was... Other then that I'm good, well besides the itching that I can't scratch which is annoying. So far so good. Ready to get this cast off. Also have a little back pain from sleeping upright at a 30 degree angle for the past two nights. I know it will all be worth it though!


Glad to hear your doing well and looking forward to your after picture
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Today is the 23rd so really had my surgery three...

Today is the 23rd so really had my surgery three days ago. I guess I shouldn't of counted the day of surgery as day one of recovery? Anyways I'm getting more and more energy each day. I feel like I could get b

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I guess my post got cut off yesterday. Well I am...

I guess my post got cut off yesterday. Well I am starting to get cabin fever for sure and I have literally watched 12 movies in the past couple days. Thank goodness for my husbands extremely large movie collection and netflixs. I was saying yesterday that I have no pain except for this annoying pulsating filling on the very top of the bridge of my nose. It must be swelling or something because if I place my two fingers gently above where the cast ends it stops. No pain though just annoying. I did have my hump shaved off and the bones reshaped to make the bridge narrower so that's probably where the most work was done. It was a closed procedure and he performed some minor tip refining and my tip does feel quite numb though. For some reason I keep feeling like he's gonna take off the cast and something will be wrong with it... But I know it's just paranoia and I'm being ridiculous. It will be the best nose for my face! :) well recovery is going quite smoothly and I'm anxious for the cast to come off!! :)


Hang in there :) I'm having the same paranoia about getting the cast taken off. Such a nerve wracking process!
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You sound so much like me. OMG I am always expecting something wrong before hand. I could not sleep for two days prior to my cast removal even with those drugs that they gave me. I would love to say to you don't worry and relax but I know exactly how it is. That pulsation that you are feeling I had the same thing and my tip felt really strange too. I had very similar procedure done as you except my nose had to be straightened because I had an accident that shifted it to one side a little. I am now 7 weeks post op and my nose is just now starting to look more defined. The first time I saw my nose I almost died. I had to sit down and process it than look again. My poor husband kept saying that it looks good and the doctor was confused. I looked again and said OMG that doesn't look like me. I was in a complete shock but later I found my nose very cute and appropriate for my face. Today when I look at my before pictures I realize how wide my nose was and how more refined it is today. I understand that it will take 3-6 months to really see the difference and a year to finalize the healing process. I do like my nose its appropriate for my face but I will need touch up in 6 weeks, which my doctor will perform in his operating room under local. Said it will take about an hour and its not a huge deal. Now I cannot wait 6 weeks to get this done. I hope you love your nose when the cast comes off but remember it is going to be very swollen especially at the top between your eyes, the bridge, and the tip.
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Question for you. Is your nose still numb? I'm in week 3 and there's still a good portion of my nose that I can't feel. It's driving me nuts.

Only one more day to go until this cast come off!!...

Only one more day to go until this cast come off!! Whoop whoop! Yesterday was Christmas so it was the most excitement I have had since before the surgery and I must say that I got really tired around 6:30pm and just couldn't hang. Still recovering even though sometimes I feel like I'm all better. I woke up this morning pleasantly surprised that I could now also breathe through my left nostril. I have been able to breathe out of the right nostril since two days after surgery. How awesome it feels to get some air through my nose finally. I do however get some random sharp pains for a sec every now and then and then they just go away. Not sure what that's all about. Bruising is steadily going away and hopefully will be gone by 1/2/13 cause that's when I head back to work. Super excited to get this off tomorrow and finally see what It looks like. I am expecting the swelling like everyone has forewarned but just want to see the dang thing already!!! LOL :)


Good luck girls .. My cast also comes off tomorrow and I wish I could show u guys but for some reason I can't upload photos.. Everyone is telling me that my new nose looks really good and I'm excited! I love reading all your post and can't wait to see y'all
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Good luck to you as well!
Good luck tomorrow with your cast removal and be sure to post pictures! I know your nose will be beautiful!

I got the cast removed on the 27th and I must say...

I got the cast removed on the 27th and I must say that was by far the worst part of this whole process! It was excruciating! I thought I was going to scream! I mean why was I so worried this whole time about slightly bumping my nose when the nurse almost ripped my whole face off. It was really bad glad that is over with. Dr. Simoni came in and removed the internal splints and told me that I was still really swollen and that I will need to tape the tip of my nose every night for one month. My one month appt is on jan 26th. I was really excite to get the cast off buy when it was off I almost wanted them to put it back on... I felt really panicked and not like myself at all. Which I know is normal. So I am just now posting a picture two days after my cast removed because it took me this long to accept that it will get better and it is going to take time. Foolish of me to think that my nose could go through all that and look perfect 7 days later so not realistic but you always think in the back of your mind that I could be possible! Not! :) the tip is really swollen and I have an Avatar forehead because it is really swollen between my eyes so I look like one of the people. I should go outside and start chanting "eywa, eywa, eywa". On a serious note I know that my nose will be perfect one day, not today but maybe next week, one month from now, or probably one year from now. Cheers to waiting patiently!


You look AMAZING! I love the final results! I was a bit traumatized because I'm getting rhinoplasty at the end of October with Dr. Simoni, and there are no reviews for him on this site, besides yours and another person who rated him at 1 (but she shows no pics). I've already paid for my procedure, so I'm relieved to know that you look fabulous! My nose is much worse than yours, so hopefully Dr. Simoni can use the same finesse and talent he did on your nose to perform my surgery. Please update us with pics.
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Thank you! I think he is a great doctor and he gave me exactly what I wanted without making my nose look unnatural. I'm happy for you! It's amazing what you can do when you don't have to spend so much time hating your nose. I know i did anyways! Good luck to you your going to look great! I will post a picture now and try to take some soon to post when I can...
Oh my goodness, you look awesome!!!! It definitely fits your face, and it doesn't even look swollen! You're so lucky that you didn't have any pain the first day or dizziness. I think the first 2 days were the hardest for me. A lot of pain and dizziness, and I couldn't eat anything but applesauce, so I'm glad that it went very well for you! Thx for sharing your story!
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6 months after surgery


Wow! Can't believe how gorgeous you look! You are always a beautiful girl, but now you look even that much more beautiful. You're right, he does an excellent job creating a perfectly, natural nose that compliments the patients face. I have hated my nose since I was old enough to know that it was too big for my face. I have a very long nose, I also have a hump, but I think the length is the main problem. I have been putting payments towards the surgery, and it's finally paid off. On my initial consult I told him I didn't want him to touch the tip (I think out of fear), but now I think my nose wouldn't look much different if he doesn't fix the length problem. I wonder if asking him to fix the tip would increase the price or is it the same regardless of what is done (meaning fixing both hump and tip)? I think I will touch basis with him one time before making my appt. Thanks so much for the reply and you look beautiful!
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I choose this provider by doing lots of research and I absolutely love his before and afters and since Rhinoplasty is very much centered around the doctors artistic input the before and after pictures played a huge part in my decision. I couldn't find a single picture that I didn't like.

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