Correct Hollow Under Eyes, Lines on Forehead & Plumper Lips - Beverly Hills, CA

I've always struggled with the hollowing under my...

I've always struggled with the hollowing under my eyes, it made me look like I had dark circle. I was tired of lathering on the extra light concealer to mask it and was ready to do something about it. Overall I had several syringes of Restylane under my eyes, botox to stop all those pesky lines from forming on my forehead & just a tad of Juvederm to plump up my lips. It took around 2 weeks for it all to settle in. The results were wonderful, natural and just subtle enough that no one could tell I had something done, they just kept saying how great I looked.


so why is your review in the "not sure" category if you are happy with the results?
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Hi any pics???
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It sounds like you got the full meal deal! Its great that everything settled in well and you are loving your results. I'm assuming you had some swelling in the under eye area and the lips. Is that correct?

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

When I met with Dr. Shemirani he was really kind, asked a lot of questions and did everything possible to make me feel comfortable (I've never had anything done & was freaked out). He took his time during the procedure, explained what to expect after and followed up to make sure I was ok.

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