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Radiesse in Tear Trough - Beverly Hills, CA

Perhaps radiesse has a place when placed deep and...

Perhaps radiesse has a place when placed deep and very carefully in the tear trough area, but mine experience was horrible. It was placed too superficial. Even now (over 3 months later) after 3 attempts to break it up and one attempt at removing it, the radiesse appear like clumped chalk. On one side it has clumped and looks like a noodle draped through the middle of my tear trough. I would never do this again.


I have staining and I look older, I had a board certified plastic surgeon who was just a greedy B@@@ard, I am devastated, 6. Months now. He said he was doing my cheeks a little, but did the tear trough. He came in with 4 bug syringes and I voiced my concerns that it appeared to be too much, as I have a very small petite face. He saw how nervousness I was, but insisted. I good plastic surgeon with integrity would have said, let's do one and see how it looks and we can always do more. No, greedy jerk, he made so many excuses. I'm hoping he will give me some money back, if not I will let everyone in Tampa know. I have always looked at least 10 years younger and now people are calling me m'aam. I'm devastated.
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Forgive the typos, it's late and I'm so angry, I don't even like to go out!!!!!!! Not to mention I'm out $1200!!!!!!
Leelee1 if you don't mind PM me with who the doctor was. I live in Tampa too. Have you tried using a sonic toothbrush to gently massage that area yet? Use the backside of the toothbrush (not the front). I did this and it helped a lot! Did you say you are now 6 months post injections and you still have bad staining? I know what you're going thru....I'm now 1 year post injections and it's much better then it was....thank God! I will NEVER let any doctor come near my eyes ever again....it's so upsetting because I have bags that make me look much older then I am and I would love to be able to correct the problem....but after going thru what I went thru....I'm just too paranoid now. Just not sure injections are for me. Some people do them and have great results....I guess it's all about finding the RIGHT DOCTOR who believes that LESS IS MORE. I truly hope that with time your eyes start to heal themselves.
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