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Hi guys , I did surgery in my nose it was really...

Hi guys ,
I did surgery in my nose it was really bad he add little Cartilage in one side in my nose and now my nose has like extra bone from side , if u guys interesting to do nose job with dr kotler i can show u what he did and i can show u evidence like paper what ever u want, for any observation or question 

This is Dr. Kotler and must reply to this unfair, distorted and dastardly attack on our care. The following needs to be known because Anon did not give you all the history and omitted portent facts. First, what she did not tell you is she prior nasal surgery elsewhere, twice, and I was being asked to correct a very difficult close. It was crooked , hAd an unsatisfactory profile -- and did not work well. Anon could not breathe well; the left side completely blocked. Thick internal scar tissue . Because of the complexity if the case, I told Anon, several times before surgery, that it was highly likely I would need to place some permanent filler into the dips, depressions and irregularities that plagued her nose . The very difficult surgery went well. No complications. The breathing was totally restored and the outside looked much better. It takes months for the swelling to settle down and I even offered to do an injection to speed- up the resolution if the swelling. Anon refused just as she refused to allow me to use tiny droplets if a permanent filler to achieve a near-perfect result. Is it fair or proper to post some negative comments about a surgeon who desired to give all he has to get the very best result and not report that you tied his hands? Of course that is not being 100% truthful and readers need to know that. Anon did not allow me to do those little no-charge office procedures which I knew would be important an, in addition, would not allow me to take photos at her last visit so I could have a proper record of all the good work which we did on a nose which had been mangled prior. Not a word of appreciation, only a negative commentary . Is that right? Is it fair to all the people in our office and the operating room who worked long and diligently to correct a very difficult situation ? No mention that ourcoordinatecoordinate office worked hard, doing all the paperwork to get her insurance to help pay for the breathing surgery. I think each reader needs to look at the dozens of 5-star reviews we earned. Look at our photos. You will then know why we have as close to a 100% satisfaction rate as is humanly possible. No, we are not magicians, but we work hard to deliver the next best things. We will let others than Anon make the case for the quality of our patient care and the satisfaction our work brings. Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
Great Reply Dr. Kotler. I have heard nothing but great things about you! I am thinking about doing something with my nose because i have been having breathing problems, bt only at night time. And it isn't till recently that this has been happening. Is insurance an option if this kind of thing is happening?
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See guys what is different between right and left said .......
Sorry if u did not understand me well bacause i am still learning engilsh .
I feel like every time a surgery doesn't turn out right the surgeon is always blaming it on previous surgeries the patient has had. I say bullshit. Someone comes into your office and you think you say can help them for a large amount of money, but through in thoughs words about your not 100% sure. You should have guarantees if it doesn't look good and it should be redone. A good Doctor can actually totally rebuild a human nose and make it look very good. A bad Doctor will practice on you and if it don't turn out, well, blame it on previous surgeries. Make it right, this is a human being just trying to look better for gods sakes, have some compassion or stop doing the surgeries that are not meant for you- period. Stop messing with the looks of people if you cant fix it right.
I just have to comment on this. Please Doctors stop blaming the bad results on the prior surgeons. When you take a patient in to do surgery you have commeted to help that persons nose look or work better then what they currently have. Before any surgery you charge for a consulation fee for an exam and talk to the person about the surgery they want. During the first visit with that person ->you as a qualified Doctor should be able to look at that persons nose and see right off the bat the problems with this nose, that is if you have any exspearence at all. A nose can be completely rebuilt no matter what kind of condition it's in. Come on now, stop blaming the last Doctors. This person was there for your help and paid for it. There should be a guantee when this kind of money is involved. Before and after photo are a 100% no lie of at least the out side. I agree you are not magicians and that's why the job should always be redone till it's right or you don't get paid- like other people that do jobs for people to make a living they get paid when the jobs done and customer is happy. You obsvely have no ideal how you can mess a persons life up. They have to live with it evey second, and you can just close your mind to it like its not that important. I have found it very odd by seeing photos and investigating different cases with nose surgeries. I've noticed that in most cases that do look bad the Doctor try's to covence the patient it looks better than before or it doesn't look that bad, or its because of prior surgery ( wrong ) you got in there and you were paid to fix it, so there for you are liable for making it better. You had an option to refuse the patient, if their case is so bad you couldn't handle it -why did you do the surgery??? Where's the honesty??? I'm a bit disappointed in your quick com back on this person comment and how you seem to blame everything on the other Doctors or how hard the paperwork is ect.... It sounds like all you care about is yourself. And for your great reviews you talk about, I'm sure there is some and that's great for those people, but what about the ones that really need your help after your surgery didn't go right? they now need your understanding and honesty more then ever. It would be a great review to here a Doctor say, things didn't go right and I'm going to make them right for you as your Doctor. I think you would then have customers waiting out the door for you, because people like honesty the most in the long run.
Have known quite a few people that had their rhinoplasty done with dr. Kotler. Honestly, only positive reviews and great memories! I understand that this could be just way too soon response to the surgery performed. Most important that breathing was restored completely! Just be a little patient Anon! You look beautiful!
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