29 Yrold Mommy of 3

Hi:) I'm a 29 yo mom of 3. Ready to finally get...

I'm a 29 yo mom of 3. Ready to finally get the body that I should have.

I started having kids at 18 and my body has never been the same. I've never been thin, but my body sure took an ugly beating after 3 pregnancies. My heaviest weight was 210. Not pregnant.

One day I decided I didn't want to be like that any more and started working out. I got down to 185. Then I got pregnant. Back to 210 I went. After my last bby I did the hcg diet. Not working out, I went all the way down to 155.

I started working out and gained a little back but I'm confident I can lose it before surgery.

I eat as clean as possible and work out 3 times a week with a trainer.

It's pretty disappointing though when you try hard and even though you lose weight your tummy will never look good. It actually looks worse the smaller I get. There is more lose skin.

So I've decided to finally have my tummy tuck. I have researched for about a year and have finally picked my ps. I'm going with Dr Bruce Kadz in Beverly Hills. It's a 5 hr drive for me from northern Cali, but it'll be a quick 4 day trip. One day is pre op. Next day surgery. Next day post op. And I might stay an extra day depending on how everything goes and how I'm feeling. Then I'll have a 2 week apt to remove my drains.

To be honest, I chose him because of his affordable price. But also, after talking to many ps offices and sometimes feeling intimidated or more confused or unsure, his office staff has made me feel at ease and comfortable. Very nice and always answered all my questions thoroughly.

So originally I wanted a tt, lipo and breast augmentation.

But after my phone consultation and all the pics I sent, he has suggested I need a pubic contouring where they lift the pubis mons. Mine is pretty fat and saggy. That if I only do a tt I won't be too happy with the results because I'll end up with a bulge like some people do. Also he said he can go lower on the Incision. So that's a plus.

On my breasts I'm doing a teardrop saline implant. I'm currently about an a or b cup and I just want to do a med-full c. My nipples are pretty low, so this shape will look the best.

As far as the lipo, I am a little bummed. I really wanted to do it on my flanks and back but I also know that with working out, it'll be fine just like I've done it on my own before.

So all together my mommy makeover will be my tt, pubic contouring and breast aug. $8450.

So now with less than 2 months to go, I'm getting all things ready for my surgery and recovery time. I'm prepping my house as much as possible. I'm a stay at home mom and only go to work 1 day a week. So I have plenty of time to get things ready.

My 3 kids will be staying at my moms for about 2 weeks. She lives in the next town over. 7 minutes away. So they can come visit anytime. I will be recovering at home.

I'm very excited and happy and just a little nervous for this to happen. I've been mentally prepared for a long time. (I think) lol.

Any advice, Dr. reviews, or just well wishes are greatly appreciated:)

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

So far, great!

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Good luck on your surgery tomorrow!! Hope everything goes very well & a super speedy recovery!
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Good luck on your surgery this week hun! Happy healing and can't wait to see ur results. It is the BEST decision I've made!
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Congratulations & Good luck Veroxx!! How exciting cant wait to see your results
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Hi Veroxx, First of all I want 2 say thank u for having the courage to post your story & pic. I myself am 30 years old & have 2 kids. I too am looking to get a TT & BA as I'm done having kids. I believe I will also go with Dr Kadz. I had my baby 6 months ago so I'm planning to have surgery in a year just 2 let my body fully recover from having a c-section. Please keep us posted with pics on your recovery & your experiences with Dr Kadz! I wish u the best of luck a super speedy recovery!!
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Thank you! I deffenitely will.
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So great that your mom lives close by and can help! Here's a list of supplies you might find handy. I'm looking forward to following your journey. You deserve this!
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Thank you so much Angie!
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You are very welcome. So glad you're here!
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You will be 10 days before me. So we'll be recovering together. Good luck on the waiting. I don't know about you but it's driving me crazy.
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How exciting. Yes I dream about it every night. But the closer it gets, the more nervous I get. I just hope things go smooth especially recovery! Good luck with yours. Can't wait to see ur progress as well:)
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Happy for your decision. You will love your results. Good call on kids staying with mom. Can't wait to follow your progress.
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Thank you!
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2 weeks with drains is a long time, to me. I got a tt and ba. I have had mine for 5 days and they are horrible. I am seeing my ps tomorrow to get mine out.
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