Facelift time for mommy

46 Year old Mother of 4 Kiddos. 21, 15, 12, and 8....

46 Year old Mother of 4 Kiddos. 21, 15, 12, and 8. I am also getting a TT same day. I live in Calif. I haven't seen many reviews of facelifts... I am nervous but concentrate on preparing everything. I hate my neck and have for several years. I would appreciate any advice and support out there. It would really help me. :)


Wow, just a few days away! I'm excited for you.

You might want to check out this list of supplies to get ready for recovery, plus this post called 16 things I wish I'd known about a facelift.

It has been proven that adding photos to your review increases engagement from other community members, so if you're comfortable putting up some before shots (even with your eyes blurred out), I would recommend that.

I'll be sending you smooth sailing vibes on the 26th!

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Ok. Will do. Thank you Angie
I posted picks 2 times for face. Does it take awhile?

Before pics

Here are a few pics of me before. I am 46 and the turkey necks run in the family. I don't mind wrinkles around the eyes from smiling. my face has aged a lot these last 2 years after my sister passed away from horrible cancer. I have been obsessed with this Real Self for several weeks. I have gotten a lot of info from the Tummy Tuck girls but have not found a group in the facelift area and I would love to get any helpful info and support through this journey. I will be hear for you too! Getting nervous because its almost time!!! 3 normal sleeps left.

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More before pics

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I am getting a lower face lift and Tummy Tuck June 26

I am getting a lower face lift, neck lift and a tummy tuck is 3 days!!
Ive had the stretch marks on my tummy for 22 years! Pics are under TT review.


Hope you are out of surgery and feeling ok. Reading here will take up a lot of time! I was on here quite a bit while recovering. Looking forward to your FL pics
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Here I go! 4 more hours and i have to wake up. LOL. shower and leave. Think of me at about 7:30 for 6 hours. I should be under by then. I hope I look better and not worse. I hope I don't embarrass my husband by acting wrong. Goodnight. talk soon
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Hope all went well!! Its a lot to do at once....be patient about recovery...lots of helpful reading here. Helped me so much!

PO day 1

Good morning... I'm alive
I made it to the flat side!,,
I asked nurse is today one or two? Only day one. Yesterday should count I think.
This after care place is nice. I am so sore. I have had to ask for pain killers instead of staying in front of the pain. I think the muscle relaxer is the best. Binder feels weird like there is a gap in front. They put the squeezy leg things on when I gt here. I like them.my ears are sore.
Oh what we women dooooo! I can't wait for it to be worth it.will add more later!
I had TT MR lipo to flanks, lower face lft and he said laser under eyes and upper lip for lines. Ouchy.they just took ou IV and cath. Now I'm worried abou moving and getting up. Waiting for pain meds to work.... My husband is being so sweet and is letting me stay another night. So tired. Bye for now...meds :)


Thank you for posting pictures, so far it looks like you are going to have great results! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks, Heal well and quickly!
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I just came back to check on you- thank you for updating! I think yours will be an incredible result- cant wait to see you heal. Hope you keep posting for all of us!
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4mommy46, so glad to hear from you! I've been there for each procedure although separate. So I think you are very brave to undergo all of this at once! Bear with the ears being sore for a bit; I promise it will go away in a short while. It's wonderful you can stay in a place overnight that will go a long way in these first healing days. Rest and post when you can...you're doing great!
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4 days post op face

My face peeled today! Noticed a mark on my check. PS said its underneath and will go away. Lots of swelling in cheeks.

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What's this?

I just noticed this cut or indentation and I don't like it one bit.
Sent pic to PS he said its on the inside and will go away. I sure hope he is right!


You look just great!  I really think there's a significant difference right away!  I know you're concerned with the indentation on the side of your face but other than that, how are you feeling?
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5 days PO

Slept a lot today. Lipo to flanks is swollen and hurts. So does my back. Here is a pic of FL


Beautiful. You were truly a brave girl doing everything at once. Tummy tuck also, how did you have the strength to get out of those stretchy things to go when you feel so week after surgery.
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The compression garment is a binder that stays on. Thank goodness!
Oh my goodness- your neck and face looks awesome!! You must feel so relieved! I went back and looked at you befores to now, and I'm so impressed - beautiful :)
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PO day Six.

Well tomorrow I go back to PS to do whatever is done. Not quite sure what will be done. I'm ready to feel good again!
Hopefully tomorrow I will.


I'm dying for more pics, lol! I hope your face lift is what you'd hoped for. :)
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How is your face healing? I remember you had found a little dent, did it go away like he said it would? I love looking at before and afters on the facelifts. I always check on your reviews since you did the TT and face too.
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Feeling better everyday! I am happy to say that dent is GONE. My jaw is funny to touch. I feel the muscles under the skin and I was told they will atrophy and won't look as thick. It takes a long time. I look normal. Maybe a little more of a square jaw but I like that!. I'm glad he did lipo under chin too! Thanks for asking :)
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