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I always had a muffin top and could not get rid of...

I always had a muffin top and could not get rid of my lower tummy fat after my pregnancy. I researched on and google. first, I was confused about all the different types of tummy liposuction, including laserlipo, smartlipo, and tumescent. I am so happy with my results of tumescent liposuction. I have a new unbelievable figure with a narrow waistline and curves. Liposuction is a great way to fix your figure especially when you can't get the shape that you want, no matter how much you diet or exercise.
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I am thrilled with my liposuction by Dr. Younai. Prior to having liposuction I consulted with several plastic surgeons in Los Angeles who specialized in liposuction. Frankly, at first I was a bit confused with what type of liposuction to have and who would be the best plastic surgeon for me. I had done a lot of research on google and but there were a lot of conflicting information. What caught my eyes about Dr. Younai, was his amazing liposuction before and after pictures. I was impressed with the curves and figures. Finally, I went for a liposuction consultation with Dr. Younai and I was impressed because of his knowledge, experience, honesty, and results. Believe it or not, he spent about an hour with me during my consultation. He was very honest by pointing out to me the risks and shortfalls of liposuction. The staff at Dr. Younai's office, especially, Harpreet was very helpful with getting the best financing for liposuction through carecredit. I was nervous before my plastic surgery, but when the anesthesiologist called me the night before, he made me feel more at ease. The day of liposuction, Dr. Younai went over everything with me and my boyfriend and calmed my nerves. Surgery went well. I was soar but the pain medication was adequate. When I first saw my tummy after liposuction I was amazed at the results. I could not believe that I could have a nice waistline and curves. Over the next few weeks during my liposuction recovery, Dr. Younai, and his staff took great care of me, every step of the way. Having healed completely from my liposuction I am so excited about my new figure and am so happy about making the right choice of going to Dr. Younai. I should tell you that at first I was very scared reading all the reviews online, but the more that I read the more I noticed that I should look at the results. What made the most difference was my consultation with Dr. Younai, when I felt that this plastic surgeon is ingenue and has great talent. I am so happy!!

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You look awesome, congrats!

How did you find your recovery process? Did you have much pain and downtime?

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You look amazing girl! What was your BMI before and after? Did you do weight training before your surgery? It turned out extremely well.
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I cant give specific medical advise to anyone, however, BMI isn't an accurate way to determine fitness for athletes and those who work out a lot. Muscle tissue is more dense than fat tissue, so although perhaps BMI can assess in a more general way, I believe that weight and BMI can be misleading in many cases. There is a lot of information that you can read about if you really want to understand BMI. To measure fat accurately, detailed scans would need to be done.
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You look great!!!
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Wow. Just wow!!! How much was removed, and how tall are you, how much do you weigh? its hard to gauge results without knowing those things. You mentioned that no matter what you did it didn't help, so I'm wondering what lengths you went to with diet and exercise before resorting to surgery? Specifically. Did you work out every day? Do you limit refined carbs? Did you have general or local anesthesia? How old is your child, children? Its so scary and risky to go under general anesthesia if you don't have to when you're a mother. I can't imagine what an anesthesiologist could say to put a parent at ease about having elective surgery! i'd love to know. I just don't know how you get over that huge hurdle, right? I'm also wondering if your husband or boyfriend took care of your kids while you were healing? People don't talk about these practical considerations. The studies how that fat depositing changes show up after about a year, so if you could pop a new photo on every few months, that would be helpful - for up to a few years, otherwise, I've heard that results the first year results can be misleading, which concerns me. Since your experience and results look so ideal, and you got your ideal body, then quick follow up posts would really help the rest of us out here. There are SO many bad results, horror stories out there. What risks and shortfalls were you able to overlook? Did he explain about the visceral fat studies? I know there's the feeling of wanting to stay as healthy as possible for the kids! So many questions, right? Anesthesia risk, viscersl fat, body changing the way it deposits fat, wanting to stay healthy for the kids. Your ideal results make thus very important for other people to follow. Thanks for your patience. I really can't wait to hear how to rationalize elective anesthesia as a mother...
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Congratulations! You really do look fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
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