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My lips had been small/thin all my life & it...

My lips had been small/thin all my life & it wasn't until I started wearing makeup as a teenager that it somewhat became an issue because being a young woman in today's society, appearance is everything. I've never had anything cosmetic done, but I'm glad I did! Especially KNOWING I was in good hands.


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There's not much I can say other then do your research!!!! Make sure it's for u and you're doing it for the right reasons. And ask questions. A good doctor will always answer anything u hv a question on in my opinion! This way you go to your appointment confident about you're going to do!! That's how I felt!
This site is a major research tool. If one is not willing to give 'meat' in their reviews then there's no point. The Dr is already listed here. All that's left is for patients to give their stories, pre and post op...good or bad. Thanks.


A week ago I had close to nothing!! There's still a little bruising & the swelling is close to gone. Other then that, they're GREAT! I'm very pleased & extremely happy!! I can't wait to go back to keep building my lips to what I want!!! Thank you Dr. K & Catherine!


Can you please post a before shot? I've booked an appointment but I'm really nervous. That would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!!
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You look beautiful! Will you keep going with the juvederm in your lips do you think?

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Oh my god, thank you so much! To answer your question...yes I will keep getting the Juvederm on my lips! I've already made my 2nd appointment with Dr. K in January! The truth is that they do go down quite a bit and since I liked how they look "swollen" I'm gonna go back and get a "boost" to get that look. After that I'll wait about a year or so to go back depending on how my lips are looking then!:)

2nd appointment for juvedem

As I said in a previous comment, I was going to see Dr . K again in the new year to get more juvederm because my lips did go down significantly. My appointment was on 2/13/14 and let me just say that he is the best! It's only the 3rd day but I'm VERY happy with the results so far!!! This time around I decided to also get juvederm on my lower lip so that my lips as a whole look smooth and plump!! I will say that this time I'm more bruised but it's nothing that arnica pills or makeup can't cover!! All I can say is "thank you" to Dr. K and Catherine (dr k's assistant). Catherine is the BEST!! To date she's always answered any questions or concerns I've had and has also been helpful with scheduling my appts! She knows her stuff as she's been in this industry for years!! Thank you VIPPLASTICSURGERY!!! (I'll post a pic of me before and after(from my appt in 10/2013) and now(my appt 2/13/14)


I did my lips about 20 years ago...was very young,I don't know what kind of filler I have but like it very much,never problem...6 month ago lips become slim,more and more :((((I don't know why...what can I do?wanna my big lips ...
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Hello! Well, I'm not sure what was used 20 years ago but I would suggest what I got which was Juvederm. I LOVE it!!!! This is my 2nd time in 4 months and have no complaints!!!!
Hi!!! Just wanted to let you know I posted a picture if my recent appointment with Dr.K. And also wants to ask you how ur appt went???


I just wanted to say that it's been a little over 3 weeks since I had my 2nd lip augmentation using juvederm, and I'm extremely happy!!!! I went from having close to , to having beautiful plump lips. Once again, thank you to Dr. K!


I had a Plastic surgeon inject silicone in my upper lip 22 years ago. It still looks good. I wish I had gotten my bottom lip done too. As I have aged my lips are thinning (just a natural part of aging, 63 yrs old) and my bottom and top lip look the same size. My top lip will eventually look larger than the bottom. The top lip should be smaller. The proportions have been off for a while now. When I had it done, the DOC said are you sure you don't want it in the bottom. He didn't explain the future implications to me. I have now learned that anytime a professional (be it a Dr., plumber, painter, etc) says are you sure. Go ahead and get it done or you'll be sorry latter. Wish silicone was still available because it lasts forever. The silicone breasts implants were brought back by the FDA. The shells of the saline implants were always silicone and they didn't pull them off the market. I wonder if the silicone did not come back so Dr.s could use a product that requires repeated visits. That produces a steady income for the Dr.s and the drug company. If I go to a country that still uses medical grade silicone, I will get it done.
Thats VERY interesting! Maybe ur right.....who knows. I guess people have to make thier money one way or another.
...I agree with u about silicone..the no permanent fillers are good but also a good gain..every 3 month u have to repet the injections....
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Dr. K was very professional and detail oriented. He's very understanding to your needs and wants and best of all he LISTENS to his patients! I'm very happy with my results so far. It's been 5 days so far....and my lips are GREAT! There's a little swelling & bruising, but it's nothing make up and lipstick can't cover! This has given me a type of confidence I didn't have before!! I can't wait until the swelling goes completely! All I can say is that Dr. K has changed my life for the better!!

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