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I am over "50" and menopause has not been kind to...

I am over "50" and menopause has not been kind to me (lol) anywho I decided get a jump start (ie: lipo). I had previously attempted this procedure however the results were not at all what I expected which gave me reason for concern. Well long story short I was not happy when I looked at myself in the mirror so I decided to try lipo one more time. I went on a mad Google search and while in search I saw a program on television about Elite Body. OMG this couldn't be real, so I goggled and researched this business & couldn't find anything but positive reviews. Deep breaths, I called and spoke with the office manager asking if there was any way to do the consultation over the phone due to my work schedule (she said yes WOW. She asked me to send pictures of the area I was interested and she would have the doctor review it and we would again speak. Upon receiving my pictures, I was advised that truly an informed conversation could not be had because the pictures didn't exactly show how much was actually being "pinched" ( if you can pinch it they can take it). Again I advised that due to my schedule it was difficult to come in WELL at that point I was told that Saturday appointments were available and in fact the following Saturday was available... OH YEAH

OK here goes I get there and the staff was WONDERFUL. I was taken into a room & asked to undress (bra & panties) for the consultation. I hate mirrors and good lighting lol. Dr. Yovino came in and the consultation began. My embarrassment disappeared he me made fell so comfortable in all of my FAT (lol) explaining what he could do & however the uptake would be my responsibility. After the consultation I was sold there wasn't any amount of money that would keep me from having this procedure done.
My appointment was made for a Saturday (great), I brought my girlfriend because they said I could have a guest. I was a little nervous (mainly of the unknown). Dr Yovino came in and again explained the process, I was given medication to relax my nerves and then guided to the procedure room. I was numbed at that point and didn't even realize it, then the process began. I FELT NOTHING I had my girlfriend take various pictures (what a trooper) and by the time it was over I really never knew it had started. After recovery when I saw what was taken out of me I was truly overwhelmed OMG I was FAT (lol). I keep the picture as my incentive NEVER to left that happen again.

Now fast forward, again due to my schedule Dr. Yovino agreed to see me for my 1 week follow-up on a Saturday coming in early to accommodate me (what a guy). He examined me explaining that I would get even smaller that what I currently had become once the swelling had gone down (YEA). Well all I can say at this point swelling and all is that I now LOVE LOVE LOVE mirrors and can't wait till my 3 month appointment !!!

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Exactly 1 Month... later :-)

I have died and gone to have a flat stomach heaven. I am out of the CG wearing a medium spanx top with the foam and a added wrap for tighter compression however I only wear it doing the day(at night I wear nothing and sleep on my stomach). My doctor suggested that I stay compressed as long as possible for the best results. My flanks are still pretty sore (no pain no gain) but its so worth it. I bought an elliptical with the intentions of starting my much needed change of habits (wish me luck). TTFN


Would love to see your results thanks for sharing
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When did the numbness go away? I'm about a week post op and I'm very swollen during the day but still feels numb
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My numbness is JUST starting to go away and I'm 6 weeks in. I itch like mad crazy.

Compression Garment

If anyone hated that compression suit as much as I did.. Walmart actually saved me, I switched over to just a spanx cami however kept having to adjust it to ensure it covered my hips. Well yesterday I went to walmart & they had granny panties (they come all the way up to my breast) with hooks between your legs as well as from your FACA (fat above couchie area) to your breasts its sooo KOOL and it was only wait for it $11.00


You looked like me when you were on the procedure table, completely out of it. You look l I or you are mal I my good strides in recovery. I have bought those granny pants with the hook and eye also. I still wear the second stage CG but hate it. How quickly did your scabs come off? I am 3weeks out and still have the front lower scabs. Did you get hard lumps? When did yours start to go away? Asking because you posting s round s so much like Mine. Many of the postings are twenty-something. Keep us posted on your great results.
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Hello McM88, I am 4 weeks post opt and still have numbness in some areas. From what I have read you will get most feeling back within 6 weeks, but it could take up to 6 months. Try to continue to massage/rub the areas that you need to come back. From what my Doctor explained...there is sometimes scar tissue and the blood has to learn to flow back though that area again, you know like your arm a leg "falling asleep"...so it is the same with the numbness. Hope this information helps. Lashun69
Knewt, I am laughing about the itching because I just told my Husband that I wanted to scratch myself with a brush tonight...LOL. The itching a GREAT sign of healing...but it is driving me crazy too...so I feel your pain. LOL. I am only 4 weeks post opt...so I guess I still have a ways to go. Take care, Lashun69
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