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Joke Lip Lift - Beverly Hills, CA

Worst nightmare of my life!I had the corner lip...

Worst nightmare of my life!I had the corner lip lift about 3 months ago and I look like the joker now , I had nice shaped full lips before but were turning downwards, I am very depressed and hate leaving my house, I just feel very bad for my kids that want me to take them out but can't. please let me know how i can fix this, I don't mind having more surgery to repair them. I will post photos in a couple of months, I am too ashamed now. Thanks

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Look for another alternative, I don't think that this is my Doctor's fault completely I just think that this procedure shouldn't exist at all.

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What is the name of your doctor who performed this? You can private message me as I may have had surgery with him in Bev Hills? Thanks.
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Can you please tell me who your surgeon was? I'm looking at going to Dr. Haworth and I don't know if he's any good. I had a lip lift done in Virginia and ended up with uneveness and scarring, and I want to go to him to have him fix it. Thank you!!!
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Who in Virginia... I live on the East Coast and want to make sure I don't go there:)
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Glad you are doing better.
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Glad to hear you are feeling better about your reults.
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How are you feeling now? Do you feel/look better?
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I had my Dr. put Juvederm in my lips at the corners to try to make them look even since there was so much skin cut there, but it didn't work then I had revision lip lift surgery one month ago on one side only because one side was worst than the other, My Dr. cut along the line at the top of my lip to the edge of the corner of my mouth so it could show more of the red. My lips look a little bit better but the scar is very white and noticeable, I hope that it will fade soon. Now i'm not so embarrassed to go out with my kids amymore, Thank you for asking. By the way you look gourgeous after your lip surgery.
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Hi los angeles8993, so sorry to hear you had a bad result, especially as your surgery was so expensive. Obviously, readers like myself would like to know who your surgeon was
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Hi Los Angeles,

Oh I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. You should check out the answer to Bad Lip Lift ~ Revision, in our doctor Q&A, you might find something useful. I really hope you not only find someone to help you physically, but also you find a way to not feel so depressed anymore. Please keep us updated and maybe see if you can find support within the community.

Thank you so much for the review,


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