Joke Lip Lift - Beverly Hills, CA

Worst nightmare of my life!I had the corner lip...

Worst nightmare of my life!I had the corner lip lift about 3 months ago and I look like the joker now , I had nice shaped full lips before but were turning downwards, I am very depressed and hate leaving my house, I just feel very bad for my kids that want me to take them out but can't. please let me know how i can fix this, I don't mind having more surgery to repair them. I will post photos in a couple of months, I am too ashamed now. Thanks

What is the name of your doctor who performed this? You can private message me as I may have had surgery with him in Bev Hills? Thanks.
Can you please tell me who your surgeon was? I'm looking at going to Dr. Haworth and I don't know if he's any good. I had a lip lift done in Virginia and ended up with uneveness and scarring, and I want to go to him to have him fix it. Thank you!!!
Who in Virginia... I live on the East Coast and want to make sure I don't go there:)
Name not provided

Look for another alternative, I don't think that this is my Doctor's fault completely I just think that this procedure shouldn't exist at all.

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