Finally Found a Fantastic Occuloplastic Doc for my Revision - Beverly Hills, CA

5 Years ago, I had the misfortune of selecting a...

5 Years ago, I had the misfortune of selecting a doctor that lacked the special skills required to perform eyelid surgery. He had all the credentials, but none of the artistic skills necessary to create a natural looking eye. So...I went through five years of no dating, no looking anyone in the eye and just plain heartbreak. so FINALLY, I got the courage to go to another doctor in Beverly Hills.

I went in with asymmetric eyes, bumpy fat from a botched fat repositioning and visible scars under the lids from the knife of another occuloplastic surgeon.

I will add some before and after photos as my eyes heal. I am almost 3 weeks post revision, so I want to give it a little more time to look even better! VERY Happy.

Los Angeles Oculoplastic Surgeon

I did lots of research, and realized he worked on some very complicated cases. He understands art and beauty, and teaches on the subject at seminars where other occuloplastic doctors attend to learn his techniques. Dr. Massry has changed my life and brought me back to where I am confident again! I can not tell you how grateful I am. Dr. Massry fixed it all. I am not saying it is cheap...I certainly paid. But, you get what you pay for and he is the real deal. I wish I went to him to begin with and then I would never have had to deal with this mess, but I did and I am a thankful I found someone who was able to fix this mess. I feel pretty again! Also, his assistant Anna was so wonderful. When I went in there, I started crying when I was telling my story. I saw the tears in her eyes and she had to get up and leave. I must say that seeing her response made me feel as if she and Dr. Massry really wanted to help me. THAT is what a good doctor is, folks! For those looking for revisions or even a first time Bleph, he is your man. Please take me seriously, don't mess with this. Go to someone good.

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Hello, could you please share some photos with us? Before and after?
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Thank you, ThankfulGirl. I've had a few surgical consults in Toronto and do not require a lower bleph at this stage. Even though a lot of surgeons will suggest you do both an upper & lower bleph at the same time (even if you don't really need a lower), I've seen what can go wrong with lower eyelid surgery and want to avoid it entirely, if possible.

I have hooded upper lids with herniated fat pads that are pronounced thanks to aging and the fact the orbital fat has fallen and looks more visible now. I want a surgeon who is artistically & technically skilled, so I am being quite particular about finding the right doctor.

When you are ready to post your pics, can you please include one of your eyes prior to any surgery, so that I know what your lids looked like originally. I'm really looking forward to seeing your new results and am very happy that everything has turned out so well for you. :)
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Yeah, I would give them a call. Now that I know more, I never should have been given the lower bleph in the first place.

I would give them a call. Here is the website with the phone number.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

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I was wondering the same thing re: pricing and have to think that an upper bleph would be much cheaper for a 1st timer. As skilled and talented as Dr. Massry sounds, spending $9K on eyelid surgery is way out of my budget (sadly).
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Oh and I have to add, one more thing I have learned from this experience. Arrogance in any field can be a masquerade for a lack of experience. Some degree of self confidence is important, but it should not be blatant arrogance. Any good doctor will factor in the human equation and understand your fears and find a way to put you at ease. A good doctor will also do what it takes to make things right for their patient. I have begun to realize there are not many of them out there. I had several opinions about my revision and I am glad I ignored them all and went to Dr. Massry. Because, what he did and said...was exactly the opposite and I look great now. The other doctors obviously did not know very much.
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Very thoughtful comment re blatant arrogance. Thank you.
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Hi Torontochick! As soon as I feel like I am photo ready I will put them up. I gotta say, I just think Dr. Massry is amazing. I don't know how much he would charge for a 1st time eyelid lift. Since mine was a revision, it was a lot more work etc. My guess is it would be a lot cheaper.
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I am happy to hear that your revision surgery was a success! My greatest fear in having eyelid surgery is exactly what you just described the first time around (what a terrible experience). I'm glad that's all behind you now and look forward to seeing your pics once you've healed completely.
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