Concern About Lip Lift with Dr Haworth - Beverly Hills, CA

Please I need advice!!! I am considering to get a...

Please I need advice!!!
I am considering to get a lip lift and I am looking for the best Surgeon. I live in Europe but I don't mind traveling anywhere.
I read positive reviews about Dr Haworth in Beverly Hills, I checked his website and I like the results but when I see some pictures of this procedure in other places like this website, I see that the upper lip tend to end up quite asymmetrical and it's very noticeable because of the amount of teeth show.
Another thing I saw in the pictures is the downward pull of the nose, the shape of the nostrils change for worse...I am very scared!!! I really wanted to get a LL but now...I am very doubtfull.
Have you had this experience after a lip lift with Dr Haworth?
Sorry about my english, my mother tongue is italian.
Thanks a lot!!!


italy has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. you do not need to travel to another continent to get a lip lift! find a doctor in italy and you will be happy! ciao and please be careful. your concerns about this technique are right.
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I strongly urge you to think very, very carefully before you have a lip lift with muscle cutting or hemming. My doctor advised me there was nothing to gain from it (once the skin only is removed, the reduction is permanent) and many potential complications. The recovery time is significantly longer when the muscle is tampered with. I was convinced I needed the "permanent" advantage of muscle cutting and am just so grateful I went with my doctor and just had a simple bullhorn procedure. Recovery was a breeze and I have full mobility. Take care.
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I'm glad you're here and I hope you're able to get this done by a great surgeon. The  reviews are great places to delve in and read what others say about their surgeons. Please keep us updated on your journey!

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