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Hello RealSelf! I finally got around to writing a...

Hello RealSelf!
I finally got around to writing a review. First off, HUGE shout out & thank you to Miss LinaLeigh! I hope I got your name right. Without her review and generous contribution of photos, I wouldn't have been blessed to have found such a great surgeon as Dr. Harrison Lee! I love you, Lina!!!

I originally was going to get the exact same procedures as Lina, which I was quoted $15k for the cheek implants, jaw and chin recontouring, as I have a very bony protruding chin and irregular, square jaw from years of TMJ. I was very scared to do all at once, even though Dr. Lee promised a short time under anesthesia (2 hours for everything.) I also didn't want to deal with the shock of looking so different after surgery and being depressed because I'm impatient and want to see results TODAY! Lol.

Anyway, the main purpose for the cheeks was due to one side being flat from a car accident. We decided to plump both sides up with Terino malar shell implants, I believe size medium and custom carved to fit the contours of my underlying bone structure.

Surgery was literally a 1/2 hour! I was lightly sedated and numbed through my gums just as if I went to the dentist. I woke up a couple of times because my receptors are clean and drugs are intense at first, but get cleared quickly out of my system. Still, felt nothing, as I was numb. Don't get scared! I have been awake (and numb) for some procedures so this was all old hat to me.

His staff is awesome, and nurses are great. I did the surgery right in his office in a separate operating room that was sterile and comfortable, with warm blankets. He even played my favorite music for me as I was drifting off. Major brownie points there!

I hired a nurse to take me back to the rental home I stayed at for recovery. (I highly recommend booking through so you can recover in the privacy of a residence instead of a busy hotel, if you're traveling, like I was. I flew in from Chicago, btw, the night before surgery.

Recovery was comfortable. I wasn't in enough pain to take any painkillers at all. Not even a Tylenol! It just felt sore and what I was feeling was basically from the numbing shots.

Swelling peaked the day after surgery and the next day. My surgery was on a Weds. and I flew home Saturday evening. I didn't notice any strange looks at the airport from anyone so I think I looked pretty normal.

Incisions were inside the upper lip, way up where the gums meet the quick of the cheek. I had dissolvable sutures that I can still feel at almost 2 weeks post.

The incision area is a bit numb and my upper lip is a bit low and tight from residual swelling, but no other issues. I'm barely 2 weeks out and everything looks fabulous! I highly, highly recommend Dr. Lee for any facial work. He is also an oral maxillofacial plastic surgeon so he knows all about bone structure and how everything should fit together, not merely just a plastic surgeon who will do whatever you ask for. He understands the dimensions of the face and wants you to truly look your best, while making you feel comfortable along the way, both physically and mentally.

More pix to come!

Thank you, Angie! It's me, just better. :)
 You look fabulous both before and after! Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf!

12 days post op. Side view

Hi. Your face looks great! I had mine done five days ago and the swelling is horrible. The first day I looked like miss piggy. Now it's gone down some but I still have a lot of fluid that settles in my jowls in the latter part of the day. I was wondering if it's because I went with a larger implant maybe. My PS had wanted to put some the size of my thumb in so he didn't have to make a very big pocket but I wanted enough to fill up my sunken cheeks because of how thin I am. My upper lip is still numb and it looks funny when I try to smile. If you don't mind me asking what kind and size implant did you have put in?
Hi Humpty, I believe I had medium Terino malar shell implants, sculpted down to fit my face and underlying cheekbone asymmetries. It's possible you experienced more swelling from the larger size and more aggressive handling. I came to a couple of times during my procedure (while numbed) and remembered Dr. Lee working very carefully and precise on me. The incisions inside my lip are still a tad numb, and I'm just short of 2 months post op. This is normal. I don't notice it until I make a weird face. I would advise seeing Dr. Lee for a revision once you're done healing (a full year) if you are not happy with your results.
And gypydoll everyone in my family has long thinner faces for girls like us implants can look so nice and natural.

6 weeks post op. Professional Photos

I had a photo shoot last week and loved how the cheeks stand out. There is also improvement in the nasolabial folds. These photos are 6 weeks post op.
Hi you look gorgeous! How much were the cheek implants by themselves? Because I'm only interested in cheek implants and I'd have to fly in from tx.
Thank you! They were $5k. Good luck!
You look so beautiful! I've been thinking of getting cheek implants for awhile either that or filler. I'm a little scared that implants may change or move as one ages. Did you ever talk to your doctor about the longevity of implants? Also your nose is absolutely perfect, did you have it done? If you did would you mind sharing who you went to? I'm looking for a revision. Thanks!

Please read full review for all pertinent info.

I have covered cost, recovery, surgeon info, type of implant either in the title and body of review, and linked to my surgeon. He has other reviews here and info on his website. He does phone consults, too. His consults, in person or via phone/Skype are free of charge.
I thought you looked more beautiful before the procedure.
You're the only person who has expressed that opinion. This is including from other surgeons and friends (with biased opinions) who have set their opinions aside to admit there is more balance and femininity than there was before. The rest, don't even notice a difference at all, so I am not sure you have the proper perspective here.
more pics would be great

Front on pic: 6 months post

Thank you for sharing your experience. I have been very interested in this procedure and I am very hesitant as the face is not an area that I have tapped into until now. You look gorgeous both before and after, but I definitely love the afters as I noticed a more balanced and youthful look. Totally worth it. I appreciate sharing your story, I will definitely contact this doctor. :)
Thank you so much! Yes, cheeks definitely add youthfulness and a 'glow' that just isn't there without them. I wish you luck and please keep us posted on your progress! !
You look beautiful. Apologies.

Another side shot (smiling)

I was exhausted in this pic. Lol. Yes, bad habit of tilting to my right side (my 'better' side!) Again, 6 months.
As you can see, it is more of a subtle change upon smiling, yet a noticeable difference. Just healthy, glowy "apples!"
Ladies, you will love how make up looks when you have cheeks. The highlights are where they are supposed to be and there isn't much need for contour as the implant lends just a bit more shadow where your blush would sit. Nobody knew I got this procedure done unless I mentioned it, but everyone who didn't know commented on how young and "healthy" I look. Lol. I am 37 years young.
Hello there. I love your postoperative pictures. You look great! Do you know what type of implant you had placed? Were they silastic or Medpor?
Never mind, I see that you had Terino malar Shell so they were not the Medpor type. Anyway, you look fantastic!!
Hi! Thank you so much for the compliment. :)

Most recent pics

who did your nose? thats a great job! Cheeks look good!
Thank you! my nose looks done, really? My bridge is so wide though. I had it reset from 2 past breaks, and a keloid removed from a self-administered nose piercing in high school... but never operated on in the traditional sense.
yay for having lovely bone structure :D
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lee is a very skilled, compassionate and artistic surgeon with a critical eye. He has a wonderful sense of humor to boot. He and his staff made me feel so comfortable and I would highly recommend him to anyone undergoing any type of facial work.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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