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I always wanted to have my butt done but no...

I always wanted to have my butt done but no doctors where I live perform implant surgery. I thought of a BBL however, I have always heard that If you workout most the fat that gets transferred will burn off which makes it a waist. So after all my research and consults with diff DRs. in different states I chose Dr.Stanton he and his staff is amazing I feel very comfortable and confident because Dr.S is so experienced and does his best to make you happy in a safe way he confident and performs many implant surgeries often. I had it done yesterday the 7th of July I have to say yesterday I felt the most pain so far. Now I'm just resting and I cannot wait to see better results as time goes on. I still have my garment so couldn't take many. I had a bit of a bottom before but I wanted a better profile which it looks like I have but again time will tell (:
Do u have any more pics ? I'm looking for a doctor in the LA area too . How are you doing with your new butt ?
Hello yes I have one in pants I can post from today it's difficult to take new pics because I have to leave the garment on and because I have bruising from the lipo. I will take more this coming week though and post for and keep everyone posted. (:

4 days post op

It is Kinda hard to take photos with my garment I have to wear I will post more later it also may look weird because I am swollen
How are you feeling so far? He did an amazing job! Wondering if you will post any more pix;)?
Hello thank you :) I'm feeling better and better each day he's amazing he has also done great work on a few other girls on here I am sure u seen... I looked over your profile and I think u should do it the procedure can be tough but is one the best decisions women make. The first week was the hardest my 2nd wk was Monday and it's not so bad can't wait for more time to pass... Ill post some by tmorr I am waiting for the fluff but I can honestly say it's looking better I had lots of bruising bc I had to sit at the airport and the pressure bruised it the first week one the girls recommended arnica so it's getting better.
Also I am feeling great I am getting comfortable maybe a little to much lol I was at the beach today I and went for lunch I just have to be careful because it's easy to over do it on things and get problems you know. Thanks for asking only thing must say I am walking slow and the muscles in my buttocks/implants spasm lots so I'm resting now.

2weeks post

I am posting photos but will probably delete bc my bf doesn't really like me to post them. I just want to show everyone and get input. I'm Waiting for the fluff look sometimes I feel it looks bigger than others but overall I must say I am feeling great... I get sore sometimes but I have had lots to do. I am still following dr orders. Can't wait to be 6wks out...

2wks post Photos

You look AMAZING! Wow! Do you mind sharing your height/starting weight? I'm on the petite side and had anatomical implants. I've had a difficult time healing but no complications - just lots of pain. I'm 11 weeks out and finally able to sit down on chairs without difficulty! :( I still can't run and also enjoy going to the gym. Congrats again to you!!
Hey Hun sorry it took me a while to reply thank u congrats to u as well did u go to stanton as well? I am not so petite anymore I gained lots of weight prior to surg I weigh 140 and am about 5'5 so I'm not over bmi but I still wanna lose weight. I can't wait to be 11 weeks! I'll be 4 weeks on Monday and it is most difficult healing process I been through not being able to sit... I actually have had no choice but to do it anyway I think I'm getting used to it as time goes on still sore but tolerable. I have had 2 breast implant sugerys from saline to silicone and neither compared to this ;) you should post some pics. I would love to see your results.

Almost 4 wks post

Hi ladies I'm almost 4 weeks post feeling great I have had to sit lots bc of work, driving, and running my kids around prepping for school been so busy but I always relieve the pressure after 20 mins sitting and standing can't wait to be more healed. Can't wait to go to the gym! ;)
What about scars? Do you have scarring? And does it feel completely unnatural? They look GREAT!
Did you have before pics?
I will look for one to post I'm sorry I had one and removed it

Pants shopping 5 weeks out today! yay!

Hi ladies so I went shopping today and wanted to show you all my shape through my pants :) I will most likely delete my photos soon bcause of a few "men" who have seemed to get on RS lately talking inappropriately to some of the ladies on here and it's a real shame bcause we all want to share our experiences and photos to help one another and they just seem to ruin it...
Hola! Mindy just called me this evening . She stated the total for lipo and butt implant I will cost $21,000.00 WOW!! I asked why Soo much?? She stated $2,500.00 for every section and $4,500 for the abdominal lower section ( flanks, inner thighs , lower back and abdominal ) she added everything and stated $21,000.00 for surgery . Monday stated Dr. Staton will be calling me for phone consultation on 8/22/14. I advised her it's just too much money and I live too far from California. So, I cancelled the phone consultation being I'm sticky with Dr. Lacerne here in florida. Thank you again xoxoxo Happy Healing ;)
No way! Omg that's outrageously expensive ! And yes I would deff go w your other dr. I would just deff have her measure u first for the proper size implants bc they told u on the phone they still must make sure they will fit. But again that sounds like a heck of a good deal! :) it'll look so awesome I'm happy for u Hun:) what's your weight n size if u don't mind me asking?
I'm saying the other dr is a great price lol I'm sure u know what I meant. Than it's closest to u. God forbid anything goes wrong. But u know it's always nice to have your dr near u... :)

Before and after photos

Hi ladies a few girls have asked me for before photos I found it hard to find clear ones but I will post anyway :) The photo in the pink is a respost I am still bruised wasn't to far out after surg I would like to take another soon to show u all the difference since than. I am definitely fuller at the top now and trying to work out I am gonna try to reach my goal and lose 10-20pounds however, hoping I don't lose my butt so lets see...
Any photos
Hey there. I'm planning on going to Stanton as well. May you send me a few before and after photos? Did you just get implants or had fat grafting as well?
I will post more pics. I know the feeling of researching...and having to see before and after pics. I did not have fat grafting. Right now the implants are still sitting a little high. The doc said it will settle in and be at its permenent form at the six month mark. I am one month post op. I am working out now finally. Little by little. I am working to shape it and now get my legs toned to match my new butt. But in the end I did what was safe as far as how much cc's I had. The doc says if everything goes well and I would want more then he would add more a year post op. I will see. I am happy but I may want more. I have to wait to really see at the 6month mark. Good luck to you.
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Again as I stated above he and his staff are great the Dr and Mindy are so confident and experienced Dr.S try's to give the patient what they want and is safe about it.

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