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I have been on this site so much lately I swear I...

I have been on this site so much lately I swear I have it memorized front to back. I having been researching butt implants and have finally chosen Dr Stanton In CA. He has recommended the oval intramuscular implants, which I love-BUT Dr Stanton said there is a 10-15% chance of the oval implants shifting and rotating. I have heard and read this as well and it freaks me out. Can any of you comment on this or have you experienced this?

Change of implants

So I spoke to Mindy today (Dr Stantons patient coordinator) and given my activity level and the fact that I want more fullness at the top of my butt where I am currently lacking- I have decided to go with the round implant. If it rotates or shifts, it's round, therefore its not going to mess up my Butt shape. My surgery is 7 days away and I am anxious and so excited!!!!!!!!

6 More Days from today!!!

So I am literally counting down the minutes! 6 more days from today! I am so unbelievably excited I cannot wait! I have so much fear and excitement I feel like I am going bananas, LOL! I totally trust my Dr so I know he will give me what I am looking for (that's the exciting part :) ) The fear is a combination of waiting (the wait is killing me, hahaha) and just wanting to know what I will look like after. The unknown drives me crazy. From what I have read from you all, laying on my stomach for days/weeks is going to be no fun, so I am sure I will be updating this daily (a girl HAS to have something to do all day right?)
I am so lucky to have my sweet hubby around to help me out after though, that's a HUGE relief for me. He is such a wonderful, supporting guy I just love him so much. My mom doesn't think I should do this surgery because she thinks that I should just gain 10-20 lbs and then "magically" I would have a butt. But that's not how it works. I don't get to choose where fat goes when I do gain weight (which is usually my stomach/love handle area) and heaven knows I DO NOT want it going there. But my hubby on the other hand is just supportive, he knows how self conscious I am of my butt. I was taking a medication a few years ago that caused me to lose 20-30 lbs in a matter of 2-3 months. I went from a cute 100 lb body to 73 lbs and looked sickly. My butt went from cute and perky to nothing. I have finally gained my weight back, and am now back to my 100 lbs, but very little went to my butt. My hubby isn't into ginormous butts, but he understands that I do want something with more projection and fullness than what I currently have. He has even made me some "mini steps" for our home so that when I go up and down the stairs I wont have to lift my leg up very high to step up onto our steps to go up and downstairs. He has offered to shave my legs after surgery lol which I think would be so funny ( he is probably only offering because he doesn't want to crawl in bed with a wooly mammoth LOL! )
I am curious though, how do you all get into the tub to take a shower. Like that's a pretty big step from outside the tub to the inside. I was thinking of just using like a step stool of some sort but I don't know if it will be too difficult. Any ideas???

I did it!! :)

Hey everyone! I have been MIA for awhile. I has my surgery last Fri but getting back home and dealing with my daughter prepping for a vaca with her bio-dad I have just had so much going on! So surgery went great, I ended up with 300cc round implants and they are awesome so far! Dr Stanton is amazing! HIGHLY recommend him! As of now, my implants are hard and high which is normal. Sleeping on my tummy all day and night sucks so bad! I cant wait til everything is norm and I can walk, run, jump and jog lol! This is a very rough procedure I will say, I cant take the pain meds bcuz they make me sick. The pain is pretty intense. Not to mention, I swell after surgeries-so my knees are swollen, arms , hands, everything is a little swollen. I hate that part. Anyone else having this drama?

9 days post op

Hi girlies!
So I'm 9 days post op today and recovery is going pretty good. My butt is tight and implants are still hard. Anyone know when they loosen up and soften? My implants are under my muscles so my muscles feel real tight and I can't lift my legs up too high without feeling like something is going to rip. Is that normal ?

high and hard lol

So does anyone know really from their own experience how long it takes roughly for implants UNDER the muscle to drop into place and soften?

Just an update...

Hi girls!
So I have to say, I am only 13 days Post op, but I just love my results thus far. I will say, this procedure is truly a PAIN in the A$$ literally. Not sitting or laying on my back is torture. But its SO worth it! I finally have a butt! Granted, its not a BIG butt, but then again I am not a big girl. I just wanted shape, curves, you know-to just feel feminine. I had boobs but no backside. I felt sexy from the front but dude-ish from the back lol! I hated it. Now I feel perfect!!! But be sure you do your research on your doc because he/she will be what makes or breaks your outcome-good or bad.

Before Pic

Ugh! I cant believe I am posting this! Its SOOOOO embarrassing! So obviously no butt at all.
Hubby said I could post these pics, he is a bit weird when it comes to putting my body parts online LOL :)

butt implant scar remedies....any ideas ???

I know it's too early to be using anything for scars right now, but I'm wondering if anyone has had butt implants and used anything for their scars that actually truly minimized them?

Anyone need help with SWELLING??

Hey everyone, so as I mentioned before-I had HORRIBLE swelling after surgery and laying on my stomach didnt help because my face was swollen too. So I did some research and found that PINEAPPLE seriously helps with swelling. I thought it sounded odd, but I love pineapple so I tried it and within 2 days my swelling was GONE. I just bought a whole pineapple, and I took the green top off and cut off the hard outer skin. Then I ate the rest- yes even the core ( its sweet-ish, just not as juicy, soft or good as the actual fruit) but in doing my reading, I read that the core really helps with swelling the most. I didnt eat the whole thing all at once. I ate a little in the morning, some in the afternoon and then also in the evening. I did that for 2 days and no more swelling.
Just be sure to brush your teeth after because pineapple is acidic.
Just thought I would share the info :)

New Pic-3 weeks Post Op

Side view-3 weeks post op

4 weeks post op

Hi Ladies! So I am 4 weeks post op now! Things are going great! I can pretty much do everything as normal. I am still a little tight in the glutes but its not painful. I love them and I fill out my clothes so much better. I still like wearing loose clothes like dresses for now simply for the comfy-ness, but I love how all my pants look on me. This was well worth the $ and the pain!!

5 weeks today :)

So today is my 5 week post op review :) I am feeling great, and back to normal. I know it will take awhile longer for them to soften up, but they are starting to drop a bit. Loving them more and more each day!

6 weeks post op!

Hi Gals! So not much to tell other than I am loving my new butt more and more each day. It is starting to feel a bit softer, and a more natural part of my body. I am so happy I went through with this procedure. Although the inconvenience of it is truly a pain in the A$$, literally-it has been so worth it! XOXO!!

Scars :)

So I have been asked to post pics of my scars, they are super light but I expect they will lighten even more because I have been using Prosil on them since last week.

Scar Pics

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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Thanks! They were really hard and tight at first, but they get a little softer with time. I am only 6 weeks out, but they are softer than they were in the beginning. My Dr said by the 4-6 month mark, they will feel like a part of my natural body and will feel just like normal.
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Hi u look great is it soft now I'm so scard but I want to get implants I had a bbl in now I'm going back for round two next year I was thinking of getting implants done next year also with Dr jimmerson how long did it take for your implants to get soft
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Beautiful!!..Can't get any better than that:) it's perfect!
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Awwww you are so sweet, thank you! How are you doing? You look AMAZING!
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I'm doing good, thanks! Just dealing with my old problem from previous surgery. My left side ain't looking too good. Pockets haven't healed completely. Its getting there slow...ugh I have no patience. Lol otherwise it's a definite improvement overall. Wish I had met Dr. Staton a lot sooner!! Any pics with ur fav jeans or dress?? Love ur shape!
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Yes I will get them posted :) Patience is NOT something I was blessed with, lol I want to be done and have my final results NOW! Ugh, I guess I can wish in one hand and Shi* in the other and see which fills up faster because I cant do anything but wait....and wishing is not making it happen any faster LOL.
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Ur too funny! A good laugh was much needed:) lol
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I'm considering implants as well. Did Dr.Stanton transfer any fat with the implants? I'm wanting lipo around the waist and transferred to the butt along with the implants.
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Hello, No I did not have any fat transfer. I just didn't have any fat. But he can definitely do the implants with lipo and fat transfer. He is amazing!
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Hello angel!! How are you feeling? I wanted to ask you when did you started to sleeping again normal on your back??
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Hey Hun!! How are you? You are looking so good! I am doing great, thank you for asking! Honestly, I was so nervous about sleeping on my back so I waited until last Friday before I started to do so (5 weeks post op), which I know is a little overboard, LOL but I was so nervous that I would do damage to the incision and pocket if I slept on my back. So now, I put a pillow under my knees and one under the small of my back to relieve the pressure off my butt so I can sleep on my back. My pillows are pretty thick, so if your pillows are more flat I would use 2 (so a total of 4 pillows: 2 under your knees and 2 under the small of your back). I know it sounds silly, but I am just overly cautious-I don't want to have any issues or problems. :)
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By the way I love your results and will def be going to a consultation with Dr. Stanton soon...
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Thank you so much! Yes Stanton is amazing. He really knows this procedure like the back of his hand. He knows how to make the pocket to perfectly fit the implant to help prevent seromas and hematomas. Whichever Dr you choose, be sure it's someone who has done this procedure many many times SUCCESSFULLY! With amazing before and after pictures showing their work. Dr. Stanton performs this procedure at least a couple times per WEEK and has done so for 10+ years. He is worth the $$$ I promise :)
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So I am considering also getting but implants, do they stay feeling hard or is it a more natural feeling ass after the implants drop into place?
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Hi there! I have my implants in the muscle, so in the beginning they feel hard because the muscle is stretched out over the implant. But as the muscle begins to relax and stretch a bit, everything softens very nicely. My Dr. said everything will soften and drop into place 4-6 months post op. And they will feel as though they are a natural part of my body. :)
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Thank you! The first part is the worst, it only gets better :) Cant wait to see your results! Best wishes!!
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Wow u look great hun cant wait to reach my 5 week point.im just 5 days out and still very tight cant wait for it to start popping and softening..thanks for your review
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Wow!!! You look so good!! The size is perfect. Did he pick it?
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Thank you!!!!! Yes, I gave him my "wish pics" and he took them into consideration when examining my body size and shape, as well as my pocket size. It all plays a huge role in what the end result is :)
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I love love love ur results. The size is perfect!
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Thank you so much! I love the size too! :)
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Looking better and better!!!!! Total motivation !!!
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Thank you!! :)
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You look amazing!!! I absolutely love your results!! I hope I look like that after the inflammation and swelling goes away, can you sit now?? Does it feel strange?
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