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I am 5ft tall, weighing in at 124 lbs. I have a...

I am 5ft tall, weighing in at 124 lbs. I have a breast augmentation already (DD's) but now id like to try to "balance" my body out with a bigger fuller round butt. I also have gained weight in the last 2 years so i want to also get lipo on my "back fat" right under the bra area, love handles, and "gut". I want my body shape to go back to being an hour glass figure.
ALSO: I have NOT been able to have my surgery with Dr Stanton because I had an urgent matter to tend to... I had to get my breast implants removed and I got them redone a month ago. So this entire time I've been healing from it all. My Butt implants and Lipo is put on hold until either the end of this year, or next year.
ok, I have looked back at my consultation records, and after subtracting the cost of my other procedures, the cost of the butt implants was $8,500. Keep in mind this consultation was done last year so I don't know what I would be quoted NOW. I am just updating the cost for those that messaged me asking.
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I have gone to consult w/ Dr. Stanton and he was a very professional and respectful gentlemen. He said I can get all those procedures at once. I feel confident that my body will be well contoured when i have this procedure and look forward to having it this year. I am just working to save money for it now. **Just fyi, I have also consulted with him about Asian Rhinoplasty as well but i excluded that charge from the "expected cost" ...so it is NOT accurate. I will post my decision and final "cost amount" when i can.

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