40 Years**Twin Mom** Benelli Breast Lift (350 cc Saline Low Profile)and Full Tummy Tuck - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello All-- I'm sooooo excited and scared! I'm a...

Hello All--

I'm sooooo excited and scared! I'm a mom of four; 4 year old twins and an 18 and 23 year old.

I had my kids pretty young so my body bounced back quick. How-eh-veeer! After the twins " forget about it"! By body went through a metamorphosis in all the wrong ways...:(( no matter, I'm getting the lift and Tummy tuck I dreamed of for over four years now. I getting small implants 280 cc as I want to keep then the same size they used to be BEFORE I BREASTFEED the twins. Full TT as I have a lot of extra skin. Overall I'm pretty health so the rest of me, legs, arms and butt are actually still in tact.

Wish me luck!!!!

I can't wait to show updated pics... DID I MENTION THE FACT THAT IM SUPER DUPER EXCITED???????
Congrats on setting the date!!

ITS THE FIBAL COUNT DOWN!!! 4 more days!!!

Getting nervous... Getting all my priorities in order so I can relax for the next two weeks...
I'm so scared the twins won't understand why mommy is not able to pick them up and play with them. I know it's only for a short while but I miss loving them already.
I stressed myself out so much about not being able to lift and carry my son when I was going to have my tummy tuck but it was ok!!! My son understood that mommy had owies and he was gentle. This time around I stressing less
Thanks for sharing. That's encouraging news
I can relate to your concerns. I'm worried about my almost 3 year old not understanding why I can't hold him and play. He loves to climb all over me and nuzzle his head into my chest. That definitely can't happen for awhile after surgery, so I'm thinking that he's going to have a rough time. :( Thankfully my husband is taking 10 days off of work and my teenage niece is staying with us for a month. Will you have plenty of help after your procedures?

It's the final countdown!!!!

That's so much for all of the positive comments guys. Especially those of you with little kids.
I added more pics so you all can see all the damage. Again I work out at least 6 hours a week but cant do anything about all this skin. I gained 75 lbs with the twins and my poor stomach didn't know what hit it... Lol

I'm just happy God has blessed me with the opportunity to turn back time:))

Day 2 Post Op Feeling like a bus hit me

Ok so here we are day two. I'm in so much pain. I opted for the pain pump which has really been helping but for some reason I'm still in a lot of pain. I'm very tall so maybe I need more mess than the average woman. I can't wait to take off my CG so I can see what's underneath! No pics yet but I will hopefully be able to share on Thursday when I visit the doctor.

Painful but worth it

Day three, I haven't posted oics because I'm still all wrapped up. I see my doc today at 3... I can't wait! I'm too afraid to unwrap myself but the anticipation of seeing my new body is killing me. Day one and two, I was in so much pain I couldn't even see straight. Today I'm actually ok, going to the bathroom on my own etc. I found that if I take the meds with codeine, it makes me sad and depressed, so I stopped taking them today. I'm just going to take Tylenol OTC and muscle relaxers( if approved by my doc today). As soon as I see my new me, I'll update.
All I know is that the big floppy piece of skin is gone, and I actually have breasts again, not those saggy deflated balloons. I'm happy.

I wouldn't change a thing!!!!

New pics... I was able to take a look at the god-like miracle performed on my TT and BA/ BL today. All I can say it.... It was worth every penny! I've posted some pics fours days after... As you can see, I've got lots of swelling but not a stretch mark as far as I eye can see!!!!! Omg, I can't wait to post new pics minus the swelling and bandages.
Looking good! I can't imagine recovering from a TT right now in addition to my BL/BA. I can't even get up and get to the bathroom by myself as it is. You must be one tough mama! ;)
Hey Hopeful, Yeah I went all out! I had to because I would never have another chance to do so. I'm actually doing pretty well, I stopped the pain meds today and switched to Tylenol. My docs took out the pain pump yesterday which really helped me get through the first three days. I cant say enough about how much I love my new body. I went to your profile. Can you add more pics? I'll be adding more today..in the light with a real camera. Take care
Oh, I bet the pain pump helped a lot. I hope the Tylenol works well for you. I will be switching to Tylenol in the next day or so too since I only have about 10 Percocet pills left.

I'm loving it! 9 Days and feeling Great!

Here are some new pics.
I had my drain removed yesterday! Yay!
Still very red and swollen but very very happy over all...
wow you got amazing results!
You look wonderful!! How are you feeling?
You look amazing!
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