Trauma On My Right Breast -Beverly Hills, CA

I have my silicon gel implants natrelle since...

I have my silicon gel implants natrelle since almost 1yr ago. I went from a 34C/smallD to a 34DD and I am 30yrs old.
I am a dancer and at my club, a stupid customer did grab my boob really really REALLY hard, he squeezed them really bad. I of course slap his face and the bouncers kicked him out... but the next day my breast shape changed, the right one was softer, lower and I could feel the implants moving in my breast. I felt a lil pain under my nipple and a lil tingling.
I have seen my Dr the next day, he said that I should wait and see how it feels or do an MRI.
So I went to do an MRI ($340 which is not bad) but they didnt find anything wrong. No rupture.
It s been a week my right breast is still lower, tingling, the implants is still moving and it still hurt under my nipple BUT It seems like my breast is not as soft as it was the first 3days.
I am still worry. I have stop working since it happened (1week ago) but, my body is my job, like I said I am a dancer. I wont be able to do any pole tricks because of the pain and I feel like everybody will see that one of my breast is not right. I cant work like that.
Please could you tell me what I should do? or what it could be?

Today I am feeling way better. I havent work...

Today I am feeling way better.

I havent work last week and I wont work until this week-end (no pole tricks on the stage for surel) or maybe I wait the next 1, I ll see how I feel.
They are not as soft as they were the first few days, it hurt less and the shape of my boob is almost back to normal (

Today I am feeling way better. I havent work...

Today I am feeling way better.

I havent work last week and I wont work until this week-end (no pole tricks on the stage for surel) or maybe I wait the next 1, I ll see how I feel.
They are not as soft as they were the first few days, it hurt less and the shape of my boob is almost back to normal (

Today I am feeling way better. I havent work...

Today I am feeling way better.
I havent work last week and I wont work until this week-end (no pole tricks on the stage for surel) or maybe I wait the next 1, I ll see how I feel.
They are not as soft as they were the first few days, it hurt less and the shape of my boob is almost back to normal (I am happy).

My pain feels like after surgery.
I can be wrong but I think the guy who did squeeze my breast SO HARD that he opened my scar. So I just did everything I have done after my surgery 1yr ago. I were my bra, I dont lift heavy things, I drink a lot of water and massage my breast with my Rose Hip Oil and it looks like it is workin!!!!

The shape of my breast is almost like before, it feels not too soft but just like it was before. Now I m just waiting on the pain to be totally gone.
c'mon! I have seen my Dr, I have done an MRI and its going better everyday so yes I have to be positive. I ll be fine right!

Remember that guy who squeezed my breast like a...

Remember that guy who squeezed my breast like a mammogram? and all my anxiety...etc?

Well I m having too many symptoms now and I dont believe that my MRI is right. I AM SURE THAT I HAVE A RUPTURE OF IMPLANTS. (please I am not a Dr but Look at my pics).
Both of my boobs are now horrible, and you can tell that the right 1 is smaller. If you have read my other reviews you know that my boobs looked good before!lol (I m not into myself but I am sayin what it is and yes my girls were FAB!lol)

So tomorrow I am going to call my Dr again and tell him that he need to fix it cause I need to feel good again.
I am getting sicker everyday.

I have wrote everything I had since 2 weeks ago.
I don't know if they all are the symptoms of silicon implant rupture, but here is what I ve got:
- change of shape (right is smaller and dofter. Left has a weird shape)
- feeling my implant moving inside
- pain and burning inside (right side) my shoulder, back, chest, my arms and hand.
- red skin did happen only for 2days.
- Nausea and I sometimes reject my drink or food.
- Pain in my knees, ankles and right wrist (bones)
- my all body is sore
- sleepy right arm
- Itching (sometimes)
- fever (on n off)

I m sure something is wrong.
The pain is more and more intense and I can't sleep.
MRI didnt work for me.

I keep u updated.

UPDATE Early this morning I called my Dr and...


Early this morning I called my Dr and got an appointment.
Once there I showed him my breast and he still told me that he doesnt think its my silicon implants is ripped...
So I am happy cause I dont have to go back to surgery and I m really sad at the same time cause I dont know whats wrong. What is it then??

He is trying to tell me that with the time 1 breast can get smaller than the other ... and I m like did u hear me!!??? My breast was perfect until that idiot squeezed my boobs so its not a natural things who happen just like that.... and what about my pain then?
I was really disapointed cause he wasnt listening and helping me much.

Finally he said "maybe bla bla bla, maybe bla bla bla, or maybe that guy ripped ur muscle" so I asked him "what should I do?" Dr said "massage ur breast and wait few more weeks"
I swear when he said that, even I think he is cute lol n he is doing THE BEST WORK IN LA, I was insulting him so bad in my head lol. "I am massaging my breast since 2 weeks ago and its not even getting better, you know I am not from here and you cant tell me what to do or what kind of Dr I should see for a ripped mucle!!!!" (all that was in my head lol).
I cried and cried and...Left with not knowing what I ve got and just as an answer to massage my breast... whatever!

Got home and had some answers from Doctors on, which helped me to understand why it cant be an implants rupture. I am happy!! THANK YOU.
BUT NOW I am wondering what I ve got.
So now Im doing some research online about "ripped or pulled muscle" and I guess its good possiblity.
I am looking now for a Sport Doctor. I put ice on my bra to stop the swelling, take some advil and put my Voltaren cream on my boobs AND yes I am massaging
lets see in 1 or 2 weeks whats happening.

UPDATE I went to see a Sport Medicine Doctor...


I went to see a Sport Medicine Doctor (cause I though it was a problem with my muscle since the MRI showed that everything was fine)

I have an Costochondritis.
It is an inflammation of cartilage and bones of my chest. Cause can be trauma, repeated minor trauma or injury caused by strenuous exercises. So basically, it happened after that guy grabbed me but also because I kept dancin on stage (pole tricks) all night... (I did feel the pain only the next day)

All the symptoms redness of skin, tenderness of chest, burning, pain in my shoulder and arm,... were real (glad to know it wasn't in my head lol)

Still in pain but Happy!
Dr Kim


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Glad your feeling better
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Your boobs are nice
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Just checking in to see how you're feeling these days? Hope you are completely healed!

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They look natural. I hope you feel better. Im also a dancer and had worried about a drunk customer touching them. How long was your down time?
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Thanks!! I have been home 4weeks (yeah gurl #smh) but the first 2weeks I couldnt find out what was my problem. COSTOCHONDRITIS is really painful but it is not difficult to take care of. I still have a little bit of pain but I m going to work tonight. I ll be careful of course... and no stage. Yes "Kandice Atlanta" be extremely careful with drunk or any stupid customers! it can go wrong really fast!! xo xo
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Thanks for the info. I was planning on taking off about a month. But I know girls who I work with who say 2 weeks. Im not in a rush to go back looking forward to the break. 10 more days until my BA!!
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I'm sorry this happened to you :(. I'm glad it isn't injury to the implant though. I hope you continue to feel better!! *hugs*
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thanks Rach0806 !!! I will! xo
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That's great that you don't have a problem with your implant. Hope you are feeling better real soon!
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Thanks wishinonaboob!!! it can takes several weeks but it feel good to know what I have!
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So happy to hear ur ok at least now u know whats wrong hope u get better soon!
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Thank you Lindarojas!! I appreciate!
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That's great to hear! I'm so happy for you that's it's not a problem with the implant. You must be so relieved
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I m so happy too! Thanks Luvmyhuskies!!
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Omg!! That jerk.....I hope u feel better I'm post op four days now so wouldn't know what to do but hope u feel better soon and go looking for a second opinion elsewhere obviously that doc didn't help what so ever!! Oh and Find that kid I'm sure u can if he has paid cash all night I'm sure he's got money So u should make him pay or give him a heads up on what he caused bc like u said maybe he didn't mean no harm but he caused it....can't look at him in videos if he's from Michigan look him up on fb ain't that what ppl can do know days lol hope u feel better god bless
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Although ur boobs r pretty, I understand why ur unhappy at this point. But I honestly think u should follow ur instincts that something is wrong. And don't give up the search, eventually A doctor will properly diagnose you. I do hope it's nothing major tho. But I will Repeat!! FOLLOW UR WOMANL INSTINCT.
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maybe he ruptured the capsule? and that is why you have that pain. so sorry:(
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yes maybe! I have more answer on this website and the internet than.... whatever!loool Thank you sweetmom!!
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I am so sorry this happened to you! Do you have any recourse to sue this guy?? Go get a second opinion if you need to! Hope you find out ASAP what is going on. Good luck
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Thank you luvmyhuskies!! Nope! no recourse to sue that guy. I will get a 2nd opinion in about 1 or 2weeks if I see its not getting any better.
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I think that the man who did this to you should b sued and should have to pay out of his pocket for any surgery cost and reimburse you for any missed work!!!!
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I agree. The bouncers should have called the cops. I'm really outraged that some people think they can treat dancers like this.
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yes I understand how you feel right now. I do feel that too, I m mad, I am sad, I feel like nobody care. Bouncers are there just to look like they can do somethg but we all know they dont do nothing when we are in trouble and we usually handle the situations by ourselves... Even cops wouldn care, they probably will come by just to look at us naked more than to resolve my problem. lol
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I think that too. I REALLY WISH I COULD. I am loosing a lot of money every week-ends because of him, but That guy paid cash all night and wasnt from LA, i remember he said he was from Michigan. It was just a young and stupid 21yrs old. I kind of feel like he doesnt even know how painful it was and didnt mean to hurt me. anyway! it is what it is!
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