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Hello everyone! Im new to this site and would...

Hello everyone! Im new to this site and would like to share my BA experience. I had surgery on April 22, 2013. I am now 12 days post op( not counting day of surgery) I had saline moderate profile, under muscle,.crease inscision 390cc (L) 360cc (R). I am 5'5 and 150lbs. From day one, I was not happy with my surgery, I felt my breast stilI looked small! I knew it was too soon to come to any conclusions but as days passed by my breast didnt look much different. The day I went to remove my stitches I told my PS about my concern and ofcourse he said to give it about a month. That once I start massaging them everything will soon start to look different (nothing yet) I mean they definitely look a little more fuller than what I had (deflated B) but not as big as when I went in for sizing! I feel so dissapointed :( and feel it was a waste of money. Do I need to give it more time? I feel that there is no way they will get any bigger. I felt that I should have done more researsh on sizing, I just had no idea what to search a way I felt that I didnt get much information from my PS. Maybe If I lose a few pounds will it make a difference? Has anyone gone through the same experience? Or has similar Stats?
I think its the front view that makes it look like they are small but the side view you can def see the difference. They look very natural.

Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf! I can see from many of your side view photos that you still have some dropping to take place. Personally, I think you look great! I also think if you were larger, it would make you look heavier than you really are. Your "before" photos really show the difference. Keep us posted on the dropping...will pray for some fluffing for you too! Congratulations!

Thank you Beth, for your honest opinion. Looking back at my pictures, there is definitely alot of dropping thats needed and yes, I agree bigger implants would have made me look heavier. Thank you again for your good wishes! P.S Btw, how can I post pics along with a question for the Doctors to Answer?

I am 3 weeks post op today and my breast have...

I am 3 weeks post op today and my breast have dropped some more, which now seem smaller : /

3 weeks post op..They have dropped, but seem...

3 weeks post op..They have dropped, but seem smaller now :/
I think you are looking great! everyone says once they d&f they will fill out more at the bottom so they might end up being bigger maybe? But they look pretty big from the side! I am freakin too about mine but we just have to TRY to be patient.
Hi Maybaby517, Yes, they seem small front view, not sure why! Thank you, they do look natural but wish I had gone bigger :(
Seems to be the concensus here with ALL the ladies lol!! But they really do look nice.

Im waiting to look like this under my tank tops!!

This is the pic I took when I went for my sizing (This size I chose) Im getting worried if they put the wrong size?!?! Lol...
Thank you MayBaby517! I am really hoping more D&F! Instead of going to a push up bra again :( That was the point of getting my BA! Good luck on your Big day :)
I agree and your right the purpose of a BA is not to have to use a push up bra, but again youd be pushing up a lot more so you might be happy and not so disappointed if they still seem small after they drop and fluff.
Your before pic with the sizers in actually looks very close to what you have now so maybe you really just need to wait for them to drop and fill out. Take another pic with the same tank top now and look at it side by side try to take it in the same position you might be surprised and if you are still unhappy with the size I believe it will be a very small difference maybe it's the 10% that you lose going under the muscle but nothing a push up bra can't make up!!! You look great!!!

Got sized! 36 D!!

I am 4 weeks 2 days post op, My PS gave me the okay to go Bra shopping!! Woohoo..went crazy at VS!
Dr. Bruno is the best, he did my butt and now thinking of boobs. He is soooooooo great!
I love the very sexy and fabulous bras. I got a strapless in the fabulous too. And my hubby begged me to get the lace see through bra lmao....sooo I did haha. Goin to post pics now:-). I just heard about the semi annual sale too hahahah! Swimsuits here I come lol.
I'll take a look!

4 month post op. Lost 15 lbs!! Made a whole lot of difference

S, I decided to go on a strict diet to lose a few pounds in order for my boobs to pop out more, since I was pretty unhappy with the size. Definitely made a difference! I did lose skin tissue from my boobs but the implant pops out more. Take a look what do u think?
Congrats on the weight loss!! Your boobs are a really good size. How are you liking them now?
I feel the same. I think km at my heaviest now. Since after my surgery i couldn't work out n ive been eating junk :-( lol So you breasts got smaller with the weight loss?? How many lbs did u lose? U look good:-)
*im at my heaviest
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