BA - Going from Small 34A to 34B/C - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm having the flash recovery BA in Beverly...

I'm having the flash recovery BA in Beverly Hills CA next week. I breastfed my son and i lost alot of volume. When I am working out consistently i really have no breast tissue left. I am 5'3'' and 125 lbs. I barely fill in a 34A bra. I would like to be a 34b or small c. I am thinking silicone with moderate will give me a natural look.

So after years of thinking about it I will do it in two weeks. I saw the Flash recovery on the doctors show and I called the doctor. I am going small because I love to run and can't imagine ever giving that up.

The doctor promised that i would be up walking around the next day and back to my regular routine in 2 days. But can't work out for 6 wks, but after 6 wks no restrictions.

Right now i have tons of questions. He said that he will go under the muscle and make the cut below the breast. I love to work out and am really concerned that that i wont be able to do everything as before.

Also, I am getting the silicone gel because I'm looking for the natural look

So the doc wants to do a lift on my left breast...

So the doc wants to do a lift on my left breast and he suggested going a full c because I have so much skin but no volume. And one breast is bigger than the other. I think it's because when I breastfed I went to a full d so there is room there ...
Anyway surgery tomorrow morning... Wish me luck!

Ok so today was the big day. The doctor put me on...

Ok so today was the big day. The doctor put me on Xanax because I was shaking the day before. I had told him I wanted a full b but he said c was minimum because I have so much skin left over from when I breastfed.

Anyway so surgery was good. After surgery I feel like there is a hot iron on my muscles but vicodintook care of that He had prescribedonly 800mm motrin but after my tummy tuck a year and a half ago My tolerance for pains is 0. pain after surgery was about an 8-9 out 10

It's been about 8 hrs and I just feel alot of pressure and so now I'm about a 7 pain wise
Pain but not like the first 4 hrs

So I look like a full c? Or bigger? I feel freakishly huge. How much percentage do they shrink? I was hoping this want gonna be noticeable except to me ... But they look nice! I feel like a sexy lingere model. Ha ha

I'll post pics tomorrow. I can't do it thru the iphone

So i'm on day 3 and i feel pretty good except...

so i'm on day 3 and i feel pretty good except for the fact that i have these 2 huge bowling balls on my chest! i want to rip them out. the feel so weird. But the doctor was right and it feels just like when my milk came in after i had my son. My back hurts more than my chest right now.

14 Days Post Op - I feel great! My breasts are...

14 Days Post Op - I feel great! My breasts are getting softer and my back isn't hurting as much. Between day 7 and 12 it really felt like when my milk was coming in! It feels uncomfortable and you get some shooting pains but nothing crazy.
I did a little too much day 11 just rearranging my closet cuz i'm trying to sit still but afterwards my left breast muscle hurts so lesson learned don't do anything.
I have been going for walks everyday 1.5 miles, slow sometimes twice a day. i stop regularly so my heartrate doesn't raise too much. But it's driving me crazy not to go to the gym.

I'm starting to massage them a couple of times a day and it relieves pain/uncomfortableness. At first I was scared to touch them because they were so hard! but now i'm getting used to them. not sure if they've "drop" yet... ? do you feel that? I like them where they're at right now.

3 weeks post op!! I went to the gym today and...

3 weeks post op!!

I went to the gym today and worked out on my legs. My right breast is sitting a little lower than my left, i think its because i did a lift on the left only. Both breasts are getting softer and softer and they feel great. Its my back that is KILLING ME! Has anyone else had the same problem. i thought my back was strong! i can do 7 pull ups..

Anyway i bought a really soft bra, i got tired of the surgery bra (plus it was getting to big). Im still taking my bromelain and eating alot of papaya to help with the swelling.

Emotionally - Although I'm so excited that i did this, i feel anxious alot lately. m walking 2 hours a day (in spurts so my heart rate doesnt go up too much) has anyone had that experience. Overall I'm very happy with the results and i'm super excited about them. I feel my clothes look so much better and much more confident. Anyway heres more pics

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr G and his staff was incredible with me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great! How many ccs, did you get? How many days did you take pain meds, for?
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Your result looks great! Perfect size. The shape is very natural. I am happy for you.
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it seems like you didn't recover fully until about 2 weeks so why is this surgery dubbed "flash recovery 24hours" then?
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They look great!!
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If u didn't tell a single soul, who drove you to and from surgery?
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I could go shopping. Next day I walked 2x for three block I did it by myself. I didn't tell a soul and it wasn't too bad. But I was home for 10 days walking and taking it easy
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Hi I just wanted to know from your experience can you just recover from this flash BA surgery by yourself? Is there excruciating pain like in traditional BA? Or can you literally stand up and move doing daily errands in the same day. Because on tv they make it seem like you go into surgery and then wake up and you are able to go shopping the same day. But really your surgery turned out great! It makes me trust this doc a little bit more. Thanks!
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I am 5 days post-op with a DIEP flap on one breast and augmentation on the other. You said that massage helped with the swelling. Can you describe how you massaged your breast. I am very interested in trying that.
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I just ran my fingers lightly through both breasts and as I would feel better I would apply pressure then release. Also ice helps alot!!! But just do ice for 10 min then off 10 min and after 2-3 times it does help
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Send me the workouts!
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You look fabulous and completely natural. Don't worry so much! I had both of mine lifted, when I woke up I thought the doctor had put the implants on my collar bones, they felt so high. You had a lift on the left one, so as time goes on it will relax more and end up on the same plane as your right one. For a while it will seem higher, that's normal, but it will relax.

Focusing on leg work and core exercises is a good idea until you hit the 30 or 6 week mark, whichever your dr. said. You should be able to do crunches and pushups with no problem, that will strengthen your back and not disturb your sutures. For pushups, start out doing 5 at a time(not girl pushups, do them like a guy, legs extended, balance on your toes); work your way up to 25 or 30 at a time a day. Pushups combined with "good mornings" will give you strong shoulders and back.
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Push ups actually mainly work your triceps...
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Small c. I was freaking out because they looked huge but now 3 wks later they look perfect. I'm so excited. I'm so happy I trusted the doctor.

Oh 2 days later u will be able to move around but driving was hard! It made me super sore. How do I and u a personal msg so i can give you my number?

I'm so happy that I did it. I'm so happy
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Thanks for getting back to me. I would like to go to a small c size, so I don't know if me receiving 275cc on one side an 338cc on the other side will be adequate. I should just trust Dr. G. I have no idea how to personal message, but maybe if you feel comfortable and would like to email me anymore information or suggestions, feel free to email me at The next day after surgery are you able to lift arms, take a shower, and do daily activities? I guess the next day to post op appointment, I will not be driving. I live about 1-1/4 hours away from Beverly Hills. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Hello, This is my first time signing on and posting. This question is for the lady in Walnut Creek who had her breast flash augmentation by Dr.G in Beverly Hills. I went in for consultation and I am after many years of thinking about it, going to have flash breast augmentation by Dr. G on February 18th. I am so excited, anxious, and so many emotions going on right now, but most of all can't wait to see my results. I am 42 years old, 5ft 2 inch, 109 lbs, and mother of two girls who are 5 and 7 years old. I am pre op a 34A and do not want to go big, not too noticeable. I was a full D when I breast fed, but totally deflated now. Dr. G would like to do 275cc in my smaller breast and 338cc on the larger to even out things. He said I would be a small C? I am going silicone for more natural. I am contacting you in hopes that you can give me any suggestions of what to expect after surgery. I read your postings and they are very helpful and you look wonderful!! I am a stay at home mom and will be able to take the day of surgery off and have a little lighter schedule for two days after. After that it is back to my very active day to day activities with the kids. I am very much appreciative to any input you may have. How are you feeling now? Thanks so much!! Oh, and you said that you got 350cc silicone, what size did that put you at?
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Oh right now still feels really weird but with clothes on I feel and look great !! I'm getting more excited everyday!
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You said you liked to work out, me too (I used to look like a professional trainer, back in 2004); in regards to your back feeling strained, I know the best exercises for that, using small free weights, that will strengthen your muscles and make them look really tight and fabulous. I will email them to you. I did them myself for several years and got lots of compliments from people in the gym, and I have never had a "sore" or tired back as a result.
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Please do email me the exercises. I worked out really strenuously for 2 months before surgery focusing on my back and before th surgery u could start to see some muscles for the first time. So I'm really surprised at how much my back hurts.

So tomorrow I go back to work. I would rather not share my experience with coworkers. How did u guys deal with noisy people?
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When I got mine done my marriage had just broken up and I had moved into an apt. and changed careers... so I basically did not run into anyone I knew when I was a "A" cup, and my family did not see me often as they lived 100 miles away.

Your change is more dramatic than mine, so what you can do is create a small "decoy." Suggestion: Color your hair... don't change the color, but get a nice L'Oreal semi-permanent (lasts 28 shampoos) to boost your natural color and add some shine. Then when people say "there is something different" you can tell them about your hair. Also, you could get a new hairstyle. Not a radical change, but slightly different from what you normally wear. Updated, more youthful would be good.

Since you are going back to work, don't wear a fitted top right away. Try to wear something kinda loose if you can for the first few weeks.

I really recommend a hair color and style makeover regardless. It will put the finishing touch on your more youthful and improved appearance. Why go halfway?
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Lol! I got fake eyelashes! I will get my hair done too!! Thanks for the advice
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Okay, for one, they are not bowling balls. For another, MINE should look that good. And lastly, you not only got a better bosom, you got your waistline back, too. With deflated boobs, you couldn't tell you had a waist at all. Now you can! A real bonus when you think about it. They look very natural for 3 days old. Congratulations! I speak from experience, and I would say your doc did a fine job, especially so since he caught on that you needed a lift on one side BEFORE he did the implants. Bravo!
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Thanks for posting your experience. I'm interested in a BA with this PS too. Do you mind sharing the impant size? Did Dr. G help you select the impant? Has the pain improved? It might be too early to tell, but do they feel "real" or weird? Sorry for all the're day after photos look really nice, he did a good job, congrats!
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I feel really good today. I got 350 cc on each breast and silicone mentor. And he did arreolar lift on left breast only. His staff is incredible nice and helpful and informative. The doctor is great and really nice and a little in a hurry but every doctor is I guess. Anyway I felt really comfortable with him and I think he did a great job. The swelling is going down a little.
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Great, super helpful update.  

You say they look "huge".  do you mean that in a positive way, you like your new look? Hoping so!

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I really do. I'm really happy and wish i hadn't lived with my pancakes! For so long. I feel really good about myself
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