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Finally decided to get BA done after 20yrs. When I...

Finally decided to get BA done after 20yrs. When I was 13yrs old, I was riding my bike and got hit by a car, flew off my bike, and landed straight on my chest. It flattened and compressed my chest and ribs, especially my right side, leaving it somewhat disfigured. I never thought about it after. I accepted my flat chest for years. Covering it w/ padding or wearing no bra at all. I did love my athletic chest -- being a Personal Trainer and Figure Competitor. But now I wanted to correct my chest, and add a "feminine" physique to my small muscular body. So I decided to go get Breast Aug. I'm especially in the industry where all my Figure Competitors have breasts. When we are on stage, we are judged not also on body fat and muscularity, but also proportion, symmetry and balance.

10-18-13 - Surgery Day

Day of procedure I was very excited and anxious. I put on the hospital gown, hair cover up, compression stockings,socks. I was introduced to the nurses, the Anesthesiologist and Dr.Kim, while I was being hooked onto an IV. Dr. Kim made my markings and assured me that I was in good hands. I lied down on the gurney in the OR, and started to freak. All I saw was 2 big massive lights over head, that had 6 smaller lights on each. I started to cry and the nurse held my hand to let me know everything is ok.

I don't even remember falling asleep! I woke up, and nurse Sharon was there. She asked if I was cold, got a warmer, and called my friend Tracy to come to my bedside. I felt great. No sickness, no naseua, I was alert and ready to go. Sharon gave me some after care instructions and helped me get dressed. Dr. Kim came in and told me everything went well. He put in the maximum amt my body could handle. I asked for over 500cc'r or more, and he was able to put in 550cc's! He said I would feel alot of pressure and tightness since I have tight skin and chest muscles, (and I never had kids nor my breasts have never been stretched).

The nurse wheeled me to the car, Tracy drove me home, and I sat down to rest. Only took my antibiotics (instructed to take all of it). Did not take pain meds since I didn't have any. Just felt a little pressure -- like I did a 1000 pushups in the gym. LIke a good workout.

Spent the rest of the day watching movies and cruising online forums about post BA.

10-20-13 - Post-Op Day 1

Felt great again! Just pressure on the chest. Sleeping is no problem, since I'm a back sleep anyways.

So got up, walked around, ate as usual. Ate my usual meals - ground beef, kale, tuna, egg whites, etc.

One thing I didn't like is the bloating. Looked like I was pregnant! Only gained 5 extra lbs, but as a trainer - lost my definition in my abs. Tummy looks soft and bloated. Hope that goes away soon.

Got sick of being in the house, so I walked to my nail salon to get my nails done. The walking was a challenge. I'm usually a fast walker, and had to walk a slow grandma pace, cause everystep I took - my chest felt the bounce. Ouch. Went to Trader Joe's for groceries, then home.

My Dr. called me to see how I was doing. He warned me the 1st day or so is ok. But after that the pain will set in.

10-20-13 - Post-Op Day 2

(correction, previous update is 10-19-13) typo.

I thought I was Superwoman, not needing to take my pain meds, But my Dr. was right -- pain set in today!

Pain and tenderness/soreness on lower part of implant and sides, and my upper ribs hurt, sore to touch. Thought it was the tight band on sports bra, but My Dr said the skin stretching -- the inframammary fold of this area bears the weight of the implant, and that's why he put steri strips around the bottom of my boob (for support). I was told this discomfort takes several mths to resolve, as the breasts adjusts to the implant size.

(Which the Dr. put the biggest size my body can hold, cause I did want bigger implants).

So I guess I have to suck it up, and take the pain.
The price you pay for beautiful breasts.

Painful. Can't sleep.

Update on Post-Op Day 2 - itchiness, tender, painful

My breasts are itchy. But I guess that's part of the healing process. The tissues affected by the surgery begin their natural healing and reconstruction process, they leave an itchy feeling. Therefore, the itching is positive and necessary for the healing.

Still have the bloated look. Hope that goes down soon. Taking some laxatives to help w/ the constipation.

The pain meds are helping alot. And also eating fresh pineapple to help w/ bruising and healing. (told by others).

I also noticed my breasts are high and wide. Is this normal?

My Stats

41 yr old -- Figure Competitor & Personal Trainer

5'4" 118lbs (102lbs Contest)
Pre: 32A
Post: 32DD or 34DD
Natrelle | Style 20 | Silicone 550cc's HP | Unders | Peri-Areola Incision

Dr. Eugene Kim of Beverly Hills

10-21-13 - Post-Op Day 3

I am actually loving my "staycation". Getting alot of things done in the house, and even went to the mall to get somemore sports tanks and tops.

It's been over 7years since I've taken a vaca. Im usually working/training clients at the gym from 530a-9p everyday. Yes, everyday. You get used to the hustle hustle hustle, then one day, it's like, I need a break! So I am enjoying every bit of this staycation

Before photos

Here are some before photos. Don't get me wrong, I love my lean athletic chest. But I'm at an age where I want the feminine curves w/ my lean muscle.

Upon judging, they are looking for the perfect physique - in Figure Bodybuilding - you must have muscularity, leanness, striations, proportions, symmetry. My chest, ribs and waist/hips were the same size (pencil body), we have to create the perfect physique in the Bodybuilding world. Everything has to balance out. And unfortunately you cannot make boobs in the gym.

Other before pics

After getting this Breast Augmentation -- I am excited to bring a new package to the bodybuilding stage for 2014 !

10-22-13 - Post-Op Day 4

My day is going great.
Went to the mall again. Found some cute sports bras and tops. Had to get some high neck tops for the gym, just so I can ease my way into showing my girls off. Unfortunately there's alot of drama/gossip in my gym, and I don't want to be a part of it.

Still some tenderness on lower part of implant and sides, and my upper ribs hurt, sore to touch. But like the Dr. said - it's common.

I also think some of the soreness is due to the UA Bra I was wearing. A little too tight. Had the 34DD -- and the band is so tight. Whey do companies do that? So I ordered the 36DD -- and it fits perfectly, band gives enough support w/out digging into my ribs, and holds my girls in nicely. I think I found my perfect training bra for the gym! Also found a Jockey Sport Bra which holds everything in place w/ adjustable straps in back and on the top.

Does anyone have a favorite sports bra they love to wear at the gym?

Will post pics later. Right now I still have to wear my bandages and surgical bra (Dr's orders), till' Post Op appt.

10-23-13 - Post-Op Day 5

My 5th "Staycation" day went well. Got a chance to clean up the house a bit, take a light shower and go to the grocery store again.

Now I did go to the gym. BUT I did light cardio on the recumbent bike at the easiest level. I didn't even break a sweat. I don't think I ever could on a recumbent bike. I just needed to get moving somehow. Then did some light leg presses, leg ext and calf raises. Nothing intense like my usual training. This was super light. (which I hate, but I'd rather have my breasts heal and protect my investment). I think I would get more tired and a headache if I stayed at home for too long.


Sorry for the late update. After surgery and outta work for a wk -- I had to get back to work asap. Been a challenge training clients back to back all day, but they've been very supportive (racking and re-racking wts). Still got tired a couple times the first part of the 2nd wk back to work - so I would just sit in my office and chill.

My healing is going great. Doc said they are sitting perfectly, and I'm allowed to wear wire bras now. So went crazeey buying bras. I noticed I am not a 34DD (the wires dig into my side boobage). Got measured by my friend who is a costume designer in the hollywood industry (she knows my body like the back of her hand - she's done so many costumes for some of my comps), my tailor in west hollywood, and my competition suit designer. I am a 34DDD or 34E. Luckily found some great ones at Nordstrom's and Nordstrom's Rack! They sell every size.

It's Showtime!

Supported several of my fellow Bodybuilding Competitors at the NPC IronGames Competition here in LA.

And finally decided to show off my new tatas! Wearing a Fedora hat, 34DDD hot pink bra, tank, and (jeans ofcourse). I am absolutely happy w/ my new physique!

6wk Post-Op pic

At 6wks - incisions are gone, completely healed.

Wearing a sheer, lace, underwire bra -- NO padding! Totally happy w/ the new boobs.

8wk Post-Op pics

Pics of me at 8wks, at my BB Federation. At first I thought I wasn't big enough, till' I see myself in photos. Thnx Doc for giving me boobies!

Breasts changing shape.

I heard my breasts will continuously change for the year. I got remeasured at - Frame size (below breast): 28in, Breast size: 36in.

So here are my new stats:
5'4" 116lbs
Pre: 32A
Post: 32DDD = 32F

Since I'm no longer having soreness at inframammary fold, and no more swelling, my 34 bras are too loose. I have tightened up, and my implant still has the fullness and roundness. Time to get some 32F bras!

10wks Post-Op

Checking out my side boobage profile at the gym. Train, train, train. Don't care if it's the holidays or NewYrs. Heavy wt training only - 8-10reps, heavy wts.

Getting most of my strength back!
Can't wait to bring a new Figure Physique to the stage in 2014!

11wks Post-Op

Adidas Sports Bra + Boobies!

Updated Stats - my body keeps changing

41 yr old -- Figure Competitor & Personal Trainer

5'4" 112lbs (102lbs Contest)
Pre: 32A
Post: 32F - 32G
Frame size: 28" | Breast size: 36"
Natrelle | Style 20 | Silicone 550cc's HP (proj 5.6cm) | Unders | Peri-Areola Incision w/ Nipple Reduction

Dr. Eugene Kim of Beverly Hills

Comparison shots

1st pic (left) - Pre BA, 32AA
2nd pic (mid) - 1 day Post-Op BA
3rd pic (right) - 3mth Post-Op BA, 550cc's HP Under, Areola incision, 32F/32G

5mth Post-Op

5mth Post - Random photos.

Some Random pics

Random pics

Upgraded to 700 UHP !!!

I just upgraded to 700 UHP!

I love love love my Dr. E Kim! He gave me everything I wanted and more. The first time I wanted 550 HP's. They looked great -- round, full and perky. And this time I wanted more. And he gave me 700 UHP - more upper pole fullness and 1 cup size bigger - which is exactly what I was looking for.

I always get anxious during surgery, and I'm happy to say that he calmed me down and held my hand as I went in for my 2nd surgery! I love his bedside manner.

Surgery was a breeze. He went thru the areola again and gave me stitches to keep the implant up. The only soreness I felt was the stitches, but that went away w/in 4days. And back to work on day 5.

I am sooo glad I went thru w/ the upgrade. I kept going back and forth in my head about cancelling, and glad I didn't. I wanted the high-up, round, and in your face look -- and that's what I got! Beautiful upper pole fullness.

I love love love my Dr. E Kim !... and I love love love my 700 UHP's !

Guys -- if you are in the LA area, I highly recommend him. You guys can always private message me if you have any questions or concerns.... I would be happy to help!

New stats:
5'4", 115lbs
Pre: 32AA
Post: 28G/30G or H (ribcage 28" is suppose to be your band size!)
Natrelle Style45 | Silicone 700 UHP | Under | Areola Incision

I notice, don't know if you will.

Hey guys. So I went up 1 cup size and have the upper pole fullness.

I notice the difference, but you may not. I posted alot of pics anyways. So far, every guy at the gym noticed! haha. Several of them already came up to me and said... "You look bigger?!".. Nice!

Thank you to My Dr. E Kim!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kim, Angel and the entire staff provide the best level of care in Beverly Hills. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ For me, I knew within the first 5 minutes of talking w/ Dr. Kim that he was 'the one'. Everything about Dr. Kim and Angel just clicked w/ me and made me feel at ease. I knew that I wanted him to be my doctor. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ CONSULT went smoothly. Dr. Kim answered all my questions and concerns, and took his time w/ me explaining what was the best for me (my body) and lifestyle. He explains the benefits and risks of every procedure he performs. I believe you should have a good relationship w/ your doctor. (many think as long as the Dr does the job, who cares about bedside manner). Not me. I want my doctor to understand me, emotionally and mentally, and my life. Breast Augmentation or any surgery is a life changing event. And Dr. Kim understood me from the get go! Doctor/Patient relationship is absolutely important. He made absolutely sure that he took into consideration my needs and the look that I wanted. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ He was very thorough and covered everything -- Saline vs Silicone, Under or Over the muscle, Incision site (areola, crease incision, etc), How many cc's (how big), size/projections (mod, mod+ HP, UHP), measurements/frame size, your lifestyle, his previous patients and experiences.... and more!!! _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ THE TEAM - He has a high-class talented team of professionals. The staff and Angel the manager called me several times to check up on me and confirm my appts and answer any questions I have. She also talked to me about her experience as well. Angel is a great person to talk to. Even the Surgical team (nurse Sharon) and the Anesthesiologist called me up the day before, to be thorough, precise and informative about the procedure. Both Dr. Kim and Dr. Badillo (the Anesthesiologist) were very patient and understanding since I have a fear of going under. I was less nervous, and more excited! My fears were gone. I felt comfortable knowing I am in good hands w/ an exceptionally highly trained medical staff of professionals. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ SURGERY DAY - The nurses, the assistants,the Anesthesiologist and Dr.Kim made me feel soo comfortable. They all explained to me in detail what they were doing, before I went under. I don't even remember going under! I woke up in the recovery room feeling alert ,great and in no pain. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ POST - Follow-up care, post-op visits, check-ins, phone calls, availability around the clock -- to ensure an excellent recovery process, and get the best results possible. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ PARKING STRUCTURE - is right below the office. Very convenient, especially if you have surgery or any other procedure, and you need privacy when you leave the office. (elevator goes straight from office to parking structure). _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ TALENTED - Dr. Kim has the education, yrs of experience, knowledge and is highly skilled in his profession. Dr. Eugene Kim is a talented artist! _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ SO HAPPY! - I am very happy getting my Breast Augmentation done by the BEST Dr. and professional team in Beverly Hills. My breasts look absolutely perfect on my frame. This has been the best experience of my life, and I'm completely happy w/ my results. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Eugene Kim, Angel and his awesome staff of Beverly Hills!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Congrats on going bigger! You look awesome! I just ever bigger too earlier this month to 800hp! I love em!!
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You make me want to go bigger! I'm 6 weeks post op and got 600cc's. You look amazing!
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You look incredible! 
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Fabulous results! I'm inspired! I'm on week 8 of hitting the gym 5-6 days a week and so far lost 10lbs and my muscles are showing again :) yeah! Next week I'm going in for my implant exchange, 475cc saline to Mentor 700-750cc silicone memory gels! hope mine look as good as yours do. :) Congrats!
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would love to see some new updates!! how are they feeling these days?
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Love your results! D is totally the new A!
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Thnx D! ... Boobie Obsessed!
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You look amazing in all your pictures! How have your friends and family reacted to your revision? And when is your next competition?

I have heard other women with larger implants complain that they can't find bras. Glad you're having lots of luck. I noticed in one of your comments, that you wear your regular underwire bra with a light sports bra on top for working out? Does the wire bother you at all or get in the way? I hate how sports bras smash you down.

Thanks for the update about your revision. I know you're a busy woman but we love following your story!

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My friends/family have been very supportive, and love my new boobs! Next comp - don't know, busy working right now. But I will keep you posted on that.
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I love wearing underwire bras! They don't bother me at all. I find my bras at You can look by size, style, brand, etc. They have all sizes from 28-36band, to D E F G H sizes and more!
  • Reply
Thanks for the great bra tip! I'm making a note of it as this question is discussed quite often!
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Hey gorgeous!! What sports bras do you feel are most comfortable for you!!?? I have 740cc and I have yet to find a sports bra that I love to keep the girls secure but not squish them
  • Reply
UA sports bra is ok. But yeah, they all squish them down. I just make sure I wear my wire bra (gotta keep them up!), and a looser sports bra on top.
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They look great!, i had uhp only 400cc thou, at first i was very unsure but now im really quite glad, i love the look you get with them! happy healing ;)
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Yes! I love the UHP's. Great projection!
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wow, the revision def got the in-your-face look to match the rest of your figure! super sexy and look awesome on you babe! theyre so full and perky! love it!
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Thnx TB! That's exactly what I wanted.... High up and in yo' face!
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You look awesome!!! Where do you buy your workout clothing?? Love the many outfits you have!!!
  • Reply
I buy from everywhere. Usually online, and the vendors at the competitions I compete in. I like to get the different/a-typical stuff.
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And thx Cole27! How is the training and boobies working out?! Get those abs.
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It's actually going a lot better than what I thought it would! Had my last post op appointment Thursday and he said he don't have to see me for 5 more months, that I'm healing great. I got a free Spray tan, a VS gift card, $50 off laser hair removal and a few other freebies. My Doctor is great! So glad to be back doing what I love to do!!
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You look.amazing!! I love your results!
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You look soo good! How do you like your 550's?! It'll take time to settle. My 550's dropped and fluffed by 3mths.
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