28 Yrs Old, AA Cup to Mid-C Cup, Mod+ Silicone

Am I an A or a AA? I wonder this quite a bit. I've...

Am I an A or a AA? I wonder this quite a bit. I've wanted breast implants for this very reason since I graduated college. The only bras I own are padded.

I've posted my dream boobs. I've booked a consult with a PS August 28th. I'm from San Francisco but know that Southern California is home to some of the best. I did my fair share of research and will be seeing Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills. I'm so excited! Considering the Mod+ or HP but wasn't sure of the major difference.

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Adding in the photos I couldn't yesterday. Also, I'm not sure how to edit my doctor, this is only for a consult and I have not yet put down any kind of deposit for the actual procedure.
Excited for you! Had my surgery with Dr Kim 7/30/14 and loving it so far :)
Oh my goodness! Your review was on of the ones that helped me choose the PS :) I was so in love with your results. I just have to ask, are you happy with your size? I keep reading mixed reviews on here from people that had AA cups felt they went too big or not big enough.

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I definitely have a specific shape I'm looking for. I'm hoping they aren't unrealistic expectations given my body shape.
Dr Kim is great! I just got mine done by him :)
Honestly, I haven't had any problems regarding my size. I feel like Dr Kim has great aesthetic judgment (one if the reasons I chose him) and he stayed within my chosen size range (350-400cc - I got to these numbers from trying on rice sizers) while being realistic. He couldn't have gone bigger due to my skin being so tight, but I'm not sad because I feel they fit my body perfectly! I can disguise them or show them off depending on my clothing, they are not heavy and don't get in the way of my daily life. My thinking is that I can always go larger if/when I need a revision, but what I have now is truly my ideal. He may not be the best communicator, but Dr Kim seriously knows what women are looking for and gets awesome results!

My Appointment is Booked!

So after reading so many reviews from the lovely ladies of real self and watching the many videos that Dr. David Kim posted, it felt so surreal being at the actual consultation! He's just as professional as people make him out to be, not overly chatty, but definitely showed his expertise when making quick observations. I was quite nervous in his office - which is much smaller in real life!

Verdict wise, he mentioned I had a wide rib cage and because of that would need to have Mod+ if I decided to move forward. The wish boobs I had showed him were mostly on more petite rib cages. For reference, I'm roughly 5'3" around 112 lbs and a dress size 2. I've always worn a 32A at VS so I was sort of surprised when he asked if I was a 34. I've been repeatedly re-measured and always came out a 32 but go figure. I suppose I won't be getting the HP implants as they are smaller in diameter and would look "too small" on my frame. I'm definitely going for the natural look so Mod+ it is!

After about a month more of twiddling my thumbs and reading more reviews, I've decided to bite the bullet! I booked my appointment for December 12th of this year!! I figured it'd be the best time since it's around the holidays and I can WFH so it isn't so obvious at work. I'm so excited but nervous. After seeing so many reviews, I'm hoping I can go to a mid-C cup (I'm currently a AA). I don't want a full C as one of my girlfriends had full C's and they just look too out of proportion to her frame. Counting down the days!

Posting another "wish boob" photo to add to the collection. I really hope I get similar results.
I got a mid-C cup with Dr. Kim (339cc mod + silicone implants). He tried to convince me to go bigger, like 371cc, but I stuck with my gut and didn't want to be out of proportion either.... And I love them! Stick with your gut!
youre in good hands looking forward to seeing your results
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