28 Yrs Old, AA Cup to C Cup, HP or Mod+ Silicone

Am I an A or a AA? I wonder this quite a bit. I've...

Am I an A or a AA? I wonder this quite a bit. I've wanted breast implants for this very reason since I graduated college. The only bras I own are padded.

I've posted my dream boobs. I've booked a consult with a PS August 28th. I'm from San Francisco but know that Southern California is home to some of the best. I did my fair share of research and will be seeing Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills. I'm so excited! Considering the Mod+ or HP but wasn't sure of the major difference.

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Adding in the photos I couldn't yesterday. Also, I'm not sure how to edit my doctor, this is only for a consult and I have not yet put down any kind of deposit for the actual procedure.

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I definitely have a specific shape I'm looking for. I'm hoping they aren't unrealistic expectations given my body shape.
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Dr Kim is great! I just got mine done by him :)
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Excited for you! Had my surgery with Dr Kim 7/30/14 and loving it so far :)
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Oh my goodness! Your review was on of the ones that helped me choose the PS :) I was so in love with your results. I just have to ask, are you happy with your size? I keep reading mixed reviews on here from people that had AA cups felt they went too big or not big enough.
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Honestly, I haven't had any problems regarding my size. I feel like Dr Kim has great aesthetic judgment (one if the reasons I chose him) and he stayed within my chosen size range (350-400cc - I got to these numbers from trying on rice sizers) while being realistic. He couldn't have gone bigger due to my skin being so tight, but I'm not sad because I feel they fit my body perfectly! I can disguise them or show them off depending on my clothing, they are not heavy and don't get in the way of my daily life. My thinking is that I can always go larger if/when I need a revision, but what I have now is truly my ideal. He may not be the best communicator, but Dr Kim seriously knows what women are looking for and gets awesome results!
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