24, 5'6" 110lbs Breast Augmentation FINALLY!!! - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been wanting a BA since I found out they...

I have been wanting a BA since I found out they existed, but haven't really been in the position ($$$!) to consider going through with it, until NOW! Words cannot express how giddy I am about all of this so far, and I haven't even had my first consult yet :-p I am probably currently 32AA or 34A but have never been properly measured due to embarrassment and the fact that I basically use bras for prosthetic breasts at this point...sadface.

After years of research (definitely more in-depth lately, vs just wishing!) I am putting my trust in Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills and hope I feel as confident in my decision after our consultation (6/25/14)

Based on my stats (will need to determine breast width, etc with Dr) I am thinking silicone implants, submuscular, 350-400ccs. I am trying to avoid arbitrary cup sizes but would LOVE to be a C/D when all is said and done. I want to have large breasts, but it is more important to me that they fit my frame and look natural, so I will take my PS's advice in that regard.

My consult is still a month away, so I may not have any updates until then. For now I will leave you with some "before" pics of myself and wish pics I've gathered from lurking on Realself!

Correction + wish pics

32A / 34AA *

Here are some wish pics I found on Realself and general internet searching...

A big thank you

To all the ladies on here who have shared their experiences and helped me to open up about my decision. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful mom and fiance to help me along the way, but your posts have truly lifted my spirit!

Got slightly weirded out..

...about posting bare pics, so I removed them. Maybe for the before/after if I go through with it!

Rice sizers

Consult is coming up next week... I'm liking the rice sizers in the ~350-400 range still.

Return of the horribly embarrassing "pre" photos

Hope this helps someone with similar stats considering BA! As you can see here, not only do I have zero boobs, I have also been graced by the asymmetry fairy. I can't wait to never see myself this way again!!!!!

More wish pics

Oh also..

Last post today, I swear! Sheesh, one would think I was obsessed with boobs o_O

Anyway I just wanted to mention more about my stats. I have no children/no breastfeeding in my life obviously. I do not plan on having any children in the future, and my hubs agrees. I know that's probably a concern for many of you considering BA, unfortunately I can't speak from any kind of experience in that department.

Had consult and scheduled surgery!

Well my consult went as expected, I didn't have many questions due to the amount of research I've already done. I felt comfortable and prepared with the whole experience. If anyone is still needing information to help prepare you for consults, etc, check out "The Boob Job Bible" it really helped me, and even has a printable form of questions to ask your potential surgeon so you don't forget anything! I don't have my specifics in terms of ccs/profile. It will depend on what looks best once I am under. I brought "wish pics" to my consult, Dr Kim did a basic exam of my breasts and looked at different implants with me. He said 400cc to get the look I'm going for, maybe more. Moderate plus or high profile are the two considerations in that department! I am SUPER EXCITED!!

More before pics and food thoughts

Just some more before photos while I have 'em haha! It will be nuts to look back on these in a few months.

My pre-op appointment is 7/15. I'm trying to stick to a core exercise routine and have already been eating much healthier for the past few months specifically, so I hope to make the most of my healing with the best foods! Whole fruits and veggies, limited (but some) dairy, lean meats, nuts/legumes, etc. Protein, fiber and vitamins! Smoothies (add some protein powder) and protein shakes are a great way to get the nutrients you need if you have a poor appetite post surgery.

I also found a menu you could loosely stick to that may give you some ideas for things to eat after surgery. If your surgeon has specific dietary guidelines for you after surgery, obviously stick to that.

Supplies and such

Yesterday I went out to get a few things needed for upcoming BA. My PS told me to get a front zip sports bra that fits me comfortably now. First I went to VS, they do have 2 sports bras that zip in the front which are expensive ($55 each) but both have underwire :( Next was Walmart, which I really don't advocate shopping at, but they had both Champion and Danskin bras which fit the criteria for $10-15! However... there were none in stock that were even close to my size. Thirdly was Sports Authority which was recommended to me by my PS office. They had a huge selection but also pricey. About $50/bra, and I found 3. I may return the two Under Armour brand bras and stick with the purple Nike one for now as it really is the best fit /most comfortable. Next I placed my Amazon order for palmer's stretch mark cream, bio oil, wedge pillow, body wipes (Burts bees), and a wedge pillow for the dreaded back sleeping. I'll obviously need more but I already feel like I'm going overboard!

fyi for those of you who wrote out a big ol review only to have it refresh and disappear - this happened to me yesterday ugh! The trick seems to be attach all pictures first, then type your review!

19 Days to go!

My pre-op appointment is in 3 days :-D I hope my blood work is good enough to move forward with surgery!

Here is a " before" bikini shot while I can get one! The black scribble is covering a recognizable tattoo, haha...

Pre-op Appointment

Went well! Had my blood drawn (should get results some time today), but mostly spent my time filling out a huge pile of paperwork, glad I was early! The PA (physician's assistant) then reviewed everything with me in major detail. Saw Dr Kim briefly just to confirm everything, I was given a written Rx for all my med school to take to the pharmacy, which I plan to do today :) eeeeeek I really hope my blood work comes back normal!!!!!

Damn autocorrect

Med school?? Medications**

Blood results

I freaked out a tiny bit because I hadn't heard anything about my lab work, so I called the office and found out everything is fine- they don't call unless there's an issue. HOORAY!!! :-D


I'm so antsy I don't even know what to do with myself! I can't believe I'm only 9 days away. I know I didn't include any boobie pics this time- just super proud of myself for getting in shape! I've been doing Jillian Michael's "Six Week Six Pack Abs" video (on Amazon Prime currently by the way) ALMOST everyday and already noticed a huge improvement in strength. Hubby says I look great ;) I think I will definitely be able to get myself out of bed post BAH heh heh

On a less positive note, I unfortunately have been a smoker for several years (stupid, I know) and that has definitely been the biggest struggle for me thus far. I truly feel for any of you who are going through the quitting stage. I am making a lot of changes in my life right now and I really hope this will be the push I needed to stop FOREVER!


I really wish you could edit a past entry. Seems to be a common gripe on here..*wink nudge realself*

Anyway, not sure why I typed 'BAH' (am I a sheep?) What I meant was BA (breast augmentation) :)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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did u get your BA yet?
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I love it! Keep posting!
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My nerves are through the roof! Not too much longer now & it's bye bye flat chests! :D
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I'm 4'9 100lbs and am just as flat as you are! :p I'll probably get mine around January. I had my nose done in March so I can tell you first hand that it may be a little nervewracking - you may think about chickening out but DON'T! You'll be glad you went through with it. And be sure to keep us posted. Best of luck :)
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Thanks so much! Luckily I work in a hospital so I'm used to surgery, but you're right- when it's you, it's a different story! I plan to continue my review after surgery for sure. This site was really the turning point in my decision as the first-hand info from women was invaluable to me. Thanks again for the support and best wishes to you when it's your turn! :)
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Gotta love mother nature, I got the tall, blonde & thin but no boobs hahaha at least she didn't decide to throw a mustache in there :-p
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Good luck. I have very small boobs like you as well. I just recently had a baby. 7 months tomorrow to be exact, and my boobs got pretty big. I breastfed for 5 1/2 months. Just recently stopped, and there went my boobs... back to their itty bitty size lol I've been wanting to get them done for the past few years now. I am 25. I just don't have the money yet. Isn't that an issue for a lot of us. haha I hope you get exactly what you are looking for and are very happy with them. I would love to see after pics. Again, good luck sweetie.
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You're so kind! Don't worry, I plan to post "after" pics for sure - hopefully not TOO many :-p
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I was doing jilian michaels at some point too! Great job working on your abs! What about you smoking? Do you feel like you might stop for good? It is kind of a perfect reason to get out of the habit of smoking now that you are forced to. So either way good for you!
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I really hope to be done for good. I already know from past experience that with any pain medications I will have no desire to smoke as it makes me overwhelmingly nauseous so I can't for sure post op! Also increases your chance of cc which frightens me. I'm doing well now, but I figure once I get over the several week mark I'll have less and less desire to do so over time :-/
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Sorry I totally thought that didn't post, so I wrote it again :/
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Hi, really enjoyed reading this so far :) one thing I have been worrying about is that I am too thin, I thought a surgeon might tell me to put weight on first. I noticed you're also quite thin, was this ever brought up by the doctor? Thanks :)
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Thanks for reading! :) The physician's assistant who went over everything with me during my pre-op appointment did mention that I was slightly underweight (just for her notes I think, she didn't seem overly concerned) and my PS didn't mention it at all during my exam, so I'm not worried. If I were dangerously/unhealthy thin I'm guessing I would have heard about it! I eat like a cow and have been thin my whole life so I'm not sure if there's a way around it anyhow haha
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Really enjoyed reading this so far, just have one question. I noticed you are quite thin - I am too and sometimes have trouble putting weight on. Was this ever an issue I.e. we're you advised to put weight on? It's just something I have been worrying about before going for a consult.
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How do you know what size sports bras to buy for post surgery? Do you just kind I guess at it?
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My PS told me to buy one that fits me NOW so that it is tight/has compression after BA :) no guessing needed!
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Thank you!!
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Just wondering, how tall are you?
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Nevermind, I just read the title haha. Good Luck with your surgery! :)
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Thanks so much! Yeah I'm 5'6" and slightly underweight :-/
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I also cant wait to see update on your pre-op as mine was a bit different from what I have expected
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