8 Months Later and Happy

I had my BA in 1996, one week after my 18th...

I had my BA in 1996, one week after my 18th birthday. At the time I was insecure and had for some reason become obsessed with having big breasts. The thing is, I was never small to begin with. I was always about a C-cup so, objectively, there was really no reason for me to get them. But I somehow got the idea in my head and ran with it. Looking back, I think I was trying to distract myself from dealing with other things that were going on in my life.

So, fast-forward 16 years…now I am 34 years old and a completely different person than I was back then. I am happy and healthy and finally able to accept myself for who I am. I am comfortable in my body for the first time in, well, EVER. Now I am at the point that having these huge fake things on my chest just does not fit my personality or who I am at all.

I have been unhappy with my implants for years and knew that eventually I would have to replace them and get a lift because they have sagged over the years. I never thought it was an option to just remove them without putting new ones back in. Then I came upon this site and a few others like it and it was like a whole new door opened up! I decided almost immediately that this is what I had to do, and I have felt so happy since I made the decision.

So, my stats are: 32G bra-size now, implants under the muscle. They are very low and very bottomed out. I am not sure how many CC’s I have because when I was 18 years old I didn’t ask (can you believe it!) Oh, also, about three months after the first surgery I had to have a revision because the left breast was noticeably higher than the right, and the right had double-bubble.

At this point, I just can’t wait to get them out! I look at everyone’s lovely pictures on this site and wish so much that mine were already out. I can’t wait to feel light and free and be able to BREATHE again!

I have gone on three consultations and am trying to decide between two doctors at this point. These two doctors have two completely different recommendations—one says to just remove them and do nothing and they will look fine. The other one says she will reposition and lift all the tissue, raise the creases, and decrease the nipple size. I can’t decide which option to choose. One day I think I just want to take them out and wait and see if I need a lift, the next day I start thinking I might get a really bad result and should just do everything at once. The thing that worries me about not doing a lift at the same time is that my creases are so low that I think I may end up having sort of a double-crease with my own breast tissue lying disconnected on top of the empty pockets (does that make sense?) I am so confused…

I'm thinking of going back to get a second consult...

I'm thinking of going back to get a second consult with the two doctors I'm considering to help me make a decision regarding removing them with or without a lift. This indecision is awful! If I could have them out today I would do it! Honestly, I just want to have it over with!
I thought I would need a lift since mine were so low and saggy. Now that they are out the are shrinking back, not much to lift. Giggle:). Good luck. I would also wait. If you can skip additional scarring its worth the wait. :} Pink
Hello, I was told by both PS they like to do the lift at least six month after an explant... to let everything settle and heal I agree I am back in my cute push up bras and they look great after all how often are we topless? just a thought keep askig questions, also breast lift comes with a lot of possible problems. Keep me posted
I think we're all too hard on ourselves. You just posted on my pictures, saying I probably wouldn't need a lift, unlike yourself. I came over to see your pictures and I have to say, I think yours look 100x better than mine. We are definitely our worst critics. I think I've finally come to terms with having them removed, giving them 6 months to heal and then I'll decide about the lift. Hugs - I know this isn't easy!

I was just talking to my husband and telling him...

I was just talking to my husband and telling him how much smaller I'm going to be once I get explanted. I told him I'll probably be about half the size I am now. I am just trying to prepare him so he isn't totally shocked when it happens, but you should have seen the terrified look on his face! He's a self-proclaimed "boob man" and although he says he supports me, I know he would love it if I kept the implants in forever. I had them when we met and for reasons I don't understand, he loves them. I guess for some men bigger is just better. Today he said, "but they're still going to look good, right?" At this point I just wanted to punch him in the face. I mean really, how selfish can he be? Then he sort of tried to backtrack and said, "I'm sure I'll still like them," to which I said, "That's fine, but I really don't care if you do or not!" We were kind of kidding around, but I realized it is true that I don't really care what he thinks at this point. I want him to be attracted to me but not at the expense of my comfort and health...Then he said, "I love the stretch marks on them." Honestly, the things he says sometimes! Maybe he was trying to be accepting, but it sounded sort of like a backhanded compliment to me.

Have your husbands/significant others been supportive? I'm starting to think this will be kind of a test to our relationship.
Hi Tinkerbell, I hope things are going well for you. Any idea on a date yet? Keep us posted. xo
Actually I have a second consult today with the surgeon I liked best, so if all goes well I may book a date today!
It's so funny how our stories are so similar! And yes husbands say very silly things, but try not to take it to heart because I am sure they are just as nervous about surgery and outcome as we are, and when they get nervous things just fall out of their mouths!!!

Well, I had a second consultation yesterday with...

Well, I had a second consultation yesterday with the doctor I liked best out of the three. I was pretty much set to go in, ask him a few more questions, and book a surgery date. And I think I am still going to book it, but he said something that really scared me. We were talking about how during my revision surgery 15 years ago to correct the double-bubble on my right breast, the doctor put in some kind of mesh-like material to support the bottom of the breast and smooth it out. However, he said that because so much time has passed, it may have grown so far into the real breast tissue that it would be impossible to remove! Or it may have dissolved all together! So he will look for it during the surgery and try to remove it if he can, but he says he doesn't know what he'll find until he's in there. What I'm worried about is that, if left in, he said this may interfere with the skin's ability to shrink and contract like it normally would. And of course this shrinking and tightening up is what I was counting on because I had decided not to get a lift at the same time. So now I feel like I have a whole new variable to worry about!

The thing is, I cannot envision leaving the implants in indefinitely and I don't want to replace them with new implants, so it's inevitable that I have to deal with this at some point. I guess I just have to do it and hope for the best. I guess the worst that can happen is that if the one breast with the mesh in it doesn't firm up that I have to have a lift in a six months or so to fix it...

Have any of you had this mesh-like material put in at any point? The problem is that I can't ask my original surgeon what the specific material is because he passed away recently. He actually killed himself in his Beverly Hills office. When I heard this, I was floored. I felt so badly for him. Even though I had been mad at him in the past for putting such huge implants in me when I was 18 years old--basically a child--he was always a very nice man. I guess we all have our demons. I hope he is at peace now. And I hope I can keep my peace through all of this.
Hi Tinkerbell! I have big ole boobies like you, and they have dropped a lot more than yours, and shifted laterally, too, stretching me out sideways! I see you wear a bra 24/7, well I have tried so hard to ignore my implants that I went braless a lot, and it shows! I am afraid I don't have enough tisuue to tell my husband that I will be half the size I am now, I will probably be flat chested and sagging, but we shall see very soon. My husband is fully supportive and tells me he just wants me to be happy. I am sure yours feels the same, and when he sees your happiness, that is what will matter most. Mine have lots of stretchmarks, too, some which I got in the original BA because the implants are too wide and gave me wicked side boob, which is so not okay. I think that might be why I lost so much sensation. My doctor also died a few years ago of a heart attack at 42, rumored to be drug related. HA!, I say. I am also mad that he shoved such huge implants in me. I have hated them since and have covered them up always.
Thanks NervousGirlie! That's so weird that your doctor died too! My boobs are very wide as well, much too wide for my 29-inch rib cage. I sometimes feel like they are actually placed on the side of my body, which is a really weird feeling. I wear a really tight bra to push them in and up and also to flatten them out so I don't look ridiculous, but it is a losing battle. It will be so nice to not have to spend so much time and energy trying to hide them. By the way, I looked at your pictures and you don't really look like you are sagging to me!
Thank you for your lovely compliment, but my nips are up yet my boobs are bottomed out completely! My ribcage is 30.5 in, so I feel you. When we got implants, there was only moderate and low profile, so ours are very round and wide! Don't you hate how your arms hit your boobs when you walk/ run? It sucks so much! And shoving them into dresses is the worst! I have to buy dresses bigger than I need, as I am a 4 on the bottom and a 6/8 on the boobage. Yuk! Maybe your implants shifted sideways a little, too? It seems to be something common that happens over time. Big boobs are so very overrated. Grass is always greener, I guess.

Well, I am waiting to book my surgery until next...

Well, I am waiting to book my surgery until next Tuesday because my doctor said he is doing an explant on a woman on Monday with 600cc implants and she is willing to talk to me after explant and let me know her experience. I have been getting such great advice and support from all of you ladies, but I can't pass up the opportunity to actually talk to someone over the phone about it!

Then I was just looking back over the quotes from the three doctors I consulted with, and I realized that I can get a removal & lift from one doctor ($6,500) for pretty much the same price as just the removal alone from the doctor I decided to go with ($6,100)! But I know I shouldn't pick a doctor based solely on price. I know there were reasons I didn't like the less expensive doctor, but as I was looking at that lower price quote, it's funny how those reasons just seemed to be lessening in importance. (Also, I am on my period, and I know from experience that my thinking processes can be very different during this time! ) I think I need to spend some time meditating as I have truly become obsessed with breasts!
I just had my 600 CC implants removed a month ago, how big are yours?
I'm not sure exactly, and my original PS passed away so I can't get my records. But the doctors I've seen recently seem to think they are somewhere in the 450cc range. They're very round and very wide- they seem to wrap around the sides of my rib cage, which I hate. You look amazing, by the way. I hope I have as good a result as you!
Aww your too sweet! They look much better in photos then real life lol. You have beautiful breasts so I'm sure you will look great! Keep your head up, your gonna love the way you feel!

I'm still deciding between surgeons. I find it...

I'm still deciding between surgeons. I find it bizarre how the prices I've been quoted are so different. One surgeon says $6,100 and another says $4,000. This is just for explant. And the surgeon who quoted $6,100, who I thought I liked better, showed me some more before & after pictures the other day at my second consult and two of the patients' nipples had caved in! So I told him I wanted to do the incision underneath the crease to avoid this risk, and he said that it would lessen the risk of the nipples caving in, but that it could still happen. What? I don't understand this. If you don't touch the nipple at all, how can the scar tissue of the nipple (which healed years ago) have a chance of caving in? Now I don't know what to think of this guy.
I would just have the explant. I had my implants removed w/o deflating. I wanted to keep the saline inside the implant. You can look at them if you wanted to:) I had no pain what so ever, even though they pulled the big things out of me thru the small opening! Just a little tugging here and there. I was scared I would be sooo sore. But nope!! Don't be to hard on yourself the first few weeks. The first day was so hard. If you can resist. Don't look and the boobies:) They do not look good! Kind of like when you just have a baby. Your belly doesn't look very good:) Time heals all things. XXX Pink
How are things going, Tinkerbell? Deflating the implants sounds scary but so simple? Wouldn´t it be a easier operation when there is not som much to take out? Just make a litte hole and pull the shrunken implants out?:) But I´m not a surgeon, I haven´t got a clue. If you´re still choosing between just explant or explant plus lift, I would say just explant. It´s more expensive ( if you decide to have the lift afterwards) but on the other hand you get a chance to see how your boobies heal. Which means more waiting, true, but maybe it´s worth it? Good luck to you!
My PS used a syringe to draw out the saline and removed deflated implants through a small incision under each breast. :)

Hi everyone! Well, I took the plunge and scheduled...

Hi everyone! Well, I took the plunge and scheduled my explant surgery for December 21st. I am very excited and relieved that I FINALLY made this decision. :) There truly is no turning back now! Thank you to everyone who has read my indecisive and confusion-filled posts along the way! This site has been extremely helpful to me throughout the decision process. :)

I also decided to have the implants deflated in-office 10 days before the surgery so that I can get an idea of what they're going to look like. I am trying to avoid a lift, but even if I don't have a lift I think I may need to have the creases raised because they they were lowered too much when I got them in. I think if I don't raise them up, I'll end up with a double-crease and they won't sit right. I'm not sure about this, but at least deflating them beforehand will give me an idea (hopefully) if there's going to be any kind of major deformity.

Hopefully it won't hurt too much or be too overly traumatic to have them deflated. I'm a bit nervous about walking into the doctor's office with huge breasts and walking out 15 minutes later flattened! It sounds weirder than the actual surgery to me for some reason! I also don't know what kind of bra to wear between the time of deflation and explant. Should it be a tight compression bra? And can I do all my normal activities during this time? Can I work out? If anyone has any thoughts on this I'd appreciate it!
Pre explantation deflation is a viable option in most cases. The other option for explantation is to undergo serial deflation to allow the breast skin to phase into their new shape and dimension. This is an option that I advise for patients with skin laxity.

Decided not to do intentional deflation before...

Decided not to do intentional deflation before surgery. I talked to the doc I was originally leaning towards about it, he said he DID NOT recommend it in my case. He said unless I was considering new implants or a lift at the same time, the the risks (of infection, seroma, punctured lung) outweighed the benefits. So, I cancelled the deflation and surgery with the other PS and booked with this one, for the same day (Dec. 21). I would have liked to do it sooner, but I'm in grad school and have to wait for my winter break. It's so funny, I keep having strange dreams about getting my implants out. One of them felt so real that when I woke up, I had to feel my chest to see if they were still there!
I'm so happy that your surgery is soon! Can't wait to see your results as well! I think you made the right choice too many risks with deflation in my opinion.
hi tinkerbell, i agree. don't do the deflation. i think i would have been depressed to see my boobs with the empty bags inside. people seem to say it looks really deformed, which might make you think the outcome will be worse than it is. plus, the bags might fold up and poke your tissues, or make your skin shrink up oddly. you asked me about my doc raising the creases, which she did not do. i think that unless you have the original scar in the creases, they don't know exactly where your natural crease is. now that my implants are out, my natural crease went right back to where it was. i can see the lines that she drew under my implant and where my real crease now is. i will try to post a pic to show you. your crease line should just bounce back. my doctor put my incision lines higher than the crease of my implants so that they wouldn't end up on my ribcage. they are not exactly in my crease, but a little higher up on my breast, which she says is going to keep me from having irritation while wearing underwires. definitely do not do the lift. everyone said i would need and want one, and my boobs are droopy, but totally not needing a lift in my opinion. they just look like fairly normal, not particularly attractive boobs, and mine were much lower than yours. you will be amazed at how much the skin shrinks back when the implants are removed, truly. my boobs were full of stretchmarks too.

Hi everyone! My surgery is coming up soon and I...

Hi everyone! My surgery is coming up soon and I just need some advice about how long the recovery time is. My husband says he will be able to take care of me, but he works a lot (from home, but still...), so I am thinking maybe I should ask my sister to come stay for a few days and help. I don't have kids, but I do have cats, one who needs medication, and I am concerned about feeding them, cleaning their litter box, etc. Do I have to keep my arms and chest completely immobile so the muscle will heal back to the chest bone? How long did it take until you could do light housework, etc? What about driving? Washing your hair? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
I had my implants for 26 years and the dr said the implants and capsules came out intact together, nothing was stuck to anything (thank goodness!!). Having the lift allowed a lot more space to work, making them come out much easier. I was advised by 3 doctors not to have them deflated as mine were saline with a silicone outer layer. Do you know what yours are made of?
are you getting capsules removed? since you have had your implants for quite a while, you should really consider it. i had 4 consults and 3 recommended removal as the longer you have had implants, the thicker your capsule will be, and it might interfere with mammos later on. i am glad i did it. it also prevents the weird muscle movement as the muscles won't be attached to the capsules anymore.
My PS said he would look and remove any thickened parts or pieces that looked problematic, but that removing all of it would be unnecessarily traumatic and could lead to deformities. I don't know, I go back and forth about if I should insist on full capsulectomy or not. That's a good point about the muscle movement though. I already have weird muscle movement now and it would be nice to get rid of that. On the other hand, it costs approximately $3,000 more for full capsulectomy w/my PS. I don't understand why your doctor charged so much less!

Okay, so I only have 5 days to go before my...

Okay, so I only have 5 days to go before my long-awaited explant surgery! I have been on this site since about August reading all of your stories, looking at all your beautiful pictures, and I am so ready to finally have my surgery.I can't believe I finished my first semester of grad school while in the midst of all the consultations and confusion and decision-making. I have looked at more breasts in the last few months than any straight woman should! :)

All I can say is that I am very excited! I have had to resist calling my PS to try to move the surgery up because I have this whole next week off and don't know what I'm going to do with myself for the next 5 days! I am so restless that I took one of the Tylenol 3's today that he prescribed for after the surgery!

Hi Tinkerbell i am following your posts. Not long now. I can really understand all the questions going around in your head. I am sure all of us girlies on the other side now remember how nervous we were and all the what ifs! I am so sure you will be fine and it wont be as bad as you think. Just to say thinking of you--not long to go. xxxx All i can say about my experience is that i had mine out under local with sedation. The following day i was up and out walking our dogs with my husband!! I took one paracetamol and that was it!!! I cant say i really had any pain. Just hated sleeping on my back. It is no where near as bad as having the implants put in xxxx ( if you have a partial or full capsulectomy i do believe there is a bit more discomfort--hang in there girlie xxx)
That's amazing that your implants and capsules came out all in one piece! Mine are saline and I think the outer shell is made of silicone like yours. I could be wrong, but don't all implants (whether saline or silicone-filled) have an outer silicone shell? In any case, I decided not to have them deflated beforehand because I didn't want to add any other variables or complications to the mix, and I'd rather have them taken out intact. Considering they've been in there 16 years, who knows what the fluid could be like at this point. My doc said even though they are technically "sealed up" that particles or contaminants could have gotten inside and it's better not to let that get into the body if at all possible. So I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well on the 21st!
I'm getting a little nervous. For pain, my doctor only prescribed Tylenol 3 (the one that has codeine). Do you think this will be strong enough?

Made my husband watch a You Tube video of an...

Made my husband watch a You Tube video of an explant surgery so he could see what I have to go through. He was horrified.
Tinkerbell, I'm excited for you! You will be suprised how awesome your going to feel. It's like a ahhhhhh moment when the weight is lifted. For a few weeks when I got out of bed I was like wow this feels so amazingly light and free:} You will do great beacause your so educated. Soon you will be like us. :}
All it takes to get them READY... Well done! I believe mine was not the bit ready and things went downhill because of that... But it took a second surgery for him to realize seriousness of the matter.
That's great you didn't have much pain! I'm amazed you were able to walk your dogs so soon, they must be very obedient and not pull on the leash or else I would think it would have hurt!...Luckily I sleep on my back most of the time so that won't be a big switch for me, but I'm hoping I don't have to sleep elevated on a wedge too long because that's not comfortable. Thanks for checking in!

My surgery is tomorrow. I'm getting a bit nervous...

My surgery is tomorrow. I'm getting a bit nervous now. I hate going under anesthesia. It's such a helpless feeling. I'll just be so happy when I'm safe at home in my own bed.
hope you are doing well!
waiting to hear from you! i hope you are home resting now xx
I've been thinking of you all day, Think. I can't wait to hear how beautiful you look! =)

Hi everybody, I made it through surgery. I don't...

Hi everybody, I made it through surgery. I don't have pictures to post yet (sorry), but I did get to see my breasts briefly yesterday at my post-op appointment and I was relieved that they look pretty good considering. It turns out my implants were 400cc and overfilled. I don't have drains, which I'm thankful for.

I'll post pictures as soon as I can. I'm actually a bit afraid to take off the tight compression bra and take a shower because everything just feels so delicate still.

Oh, one more thing. When I saw the implants, I was surprised to see that the fluid was dark red. My first thought was "is it blood?" However, my doctor said it wasn't blood, but that my original surgeon had actually mixed in betadine with the saline. I've never heard of this before, but he said some doctors used to do it. He also said he was very glad I hadn't opted for the deflation beforehand like the other doctor had suggested because if this old betadine-saline solution had gotten into the pocket it could have caused problems. So, I'm very grateful that I listened to my intuition on this one. I know a lot of women get deflation and it turns out fine, but in my case I just had a bad feeling about it.

Other than that, the doctor said everything looked "pristine" inside and that my capsules were "cellophane-thin."

Thank you all for your support!
So happy for all your surgeon said! REST! Congrats. Very, very happy for you! My "euphoria" without implants feeling like burdens just GROWS every day, and has, for a month and a half. Life is good. CONGRATULATIONS.
So pleased you have posted--some of us girlies here were getting a bit concerned. Well your the other side now and it it sounds like you are going to do really well. All the best to you and have a great implant free Christmas xx
Glad to hear everything went well! Rest up and happy healing!

I'm allowed to take a shower today for the first...

I'm allowed to take a shower today for the first time since surgery, but I'm scared! I feel so safe and secure in my tight compression sports bra and I really don't want to take it off! I'll post pictures as soon as I work up the courage.
Just a tip leave the steri strips on as long as you can. I still wear mine and the scars look amazing!! My dr. Said the longer the better. Hugs! Glad your doing well! :} Pink
I know, it is awfully scary to take the sports bra off! But you don't have to do it yet, maybe a good thing to let the scars heal another day? Best wishes!
Glad you made it to the other side too. WE DID IT!

Here is a picture finally! I am one week...

Here is a picture finally! I am one week post-explant. There is still some surgical marker on my skin and it hurts to scrub it off, but you can see pretty much what's going on. I have to say I am really happy I explanted. I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I can breathe deeply without strain. It's an amazing feeling.

I am pretty happy with the results so far, but I really hope they firm up some more. When I take off the sports bra, they look okay, but by the end of my shower they have gotten lower and lower and I feel like they are going to fall off my body! It's a little scary! Has anyone else experienced this? I really hope that as time goes on they will be able to retain their shape, or maybe I'll just have to wear this bra forever!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!
I wonder why you got implants... Your boobs look a normal size!!
You boobs look so natural and beautiful! I am happy for you!
Glad to hear you are doing well! And, yes, mine drooped more after shower than right after the sports bra came off. Your breasts are larger than mine, so you look really good! You will have a great look! I have noticed, now 8 weeks later I think, that I apparently had more swelling post op than I actually realized, as they do continue to change, but not badly. Just a little smaller. But I can live with that! Congrats! It is now done and you can enjoy the new you!

I went shopping for a new sports bra today because...

I went shopping for a new sports bra today because the one I was given after surgery now doesn't feel tight enough. I guess some of the swelling is going down. The process of trying on bras was physically painful and emotionally frustrating. I didn't know what size I was, so I was just trying on smalls because my band size is 32. But I felt like all the material was poking into my breasts and scratching me and then I started to worry I was going to damage the tissue. I didn't know what to do, so I just bought the best one I could find, but I don't even know if I'll wear it because it feels weird. I found myself wondering if I'll ever be able to wear a normal bra again without being in pain. I may have to wear this surgical bra forever.

How tight should your bra be during recovery?...

How tight should your bra be during recovery? Aren't the breasts supposed to be compressed so that it encourages the tissue to contract? I'm wondering why my doctor didn't give me a tighter bra.

I think the tape over my sutures is coming off and...

I think the tape over my sutures is coming off and pulling out the stitches with it. I am freaking out! This probably happened when I was trying on sports bras today. I have left a message with my doctor but be hasn't called me back yet! I seriously don't know what to do!!!
I think you will be fine as long as its not all of them. My stitches came out here and there. I'd still get ahold of your doc but I wouldn't panic :)
You look FABULOUS! I definitely think you will tighten and fluff! I have the same problem when I take my gauze wrap off - the longer they're "free," the more they feel like they're sagging down. I'm just hoping that gets better with time. I'm already noticing a lot of the dimples filling in and tightening up.
Thanks! I guess we just have to be patient. Right now, it's a race in the shower so I can put the bra back on and feel supported again. Hopefully this won't last forever. It would be nice to eventually not have to wear a bra at night.

Sorry about my mini-mentdown yesterday! I was able...

Sorry about my mini-mentdown yesterday! I was able to see my doctor today and he said everything is okay. It turns out that when trying on sports bras yesterday the tape over the incisions partially pulled up and pulled off some of the scabs, but not the stitches (he said all the stitches are actually internal).

I think I just need to relax. Yesterday was an emotional roller-coaster. I am starting to see that this surgery marks a sort of turning point in my life, in a good way, and is bringing up some feelings and making me evaluate a lot of things about my life. So grateful I found this site. And also glad I have a good therapist :)

Happy New Year everyone!
Hi Tinkerbell, I have bought Casall multi sports bra and Casall adjustable sports bra and like them both. But I think too it is hard to find a sports bra that is both comfortable and firm. Often I wear 2 sports bras on top of each other which gives great stability. About the stiches, I am sorry but can not give you any good advice there.
Thanks, I'll check those out!

Just wanted to share something nice that happened...

Just wanted to share something nice that happened the other day. When I was out shopping I told the salesgirl I didn't know my size and she said "Well, you look very petite." PETITE?!!! I have not been called petite for YEARS because those huge implants always made me look so much heavier than I actually was! It have to say it was a really good feeling! :)
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you look fab, tinkerbell!!
Thanks NervousGirlie, so do you!

7-Month Post-Explant Update

So I can't believe it's already been 7 months since the surgery! I feel great--I can breathe deeply, my back doesn't hurt anymore, my clothes fit better, and I no longer feel like a porn star in hiding. (totally kidding- I hope I am not offending any porn stars who may be reading this :)). It is true that I have some stretch marks, they sag a bit, and they are not completely symmetrical (the left has always been slightly bigger than the right). But the bottom line is that I am so much more comfortable in my own skin now that these things don't bother me that much. The funny thing is, my husband likes them more now than before--a pleasant surprise. Overall I am so very happy I explanted and I really encourage anyone who is considering it to just take a deep breath and go for it...It's a journey, but one that I am so glad I have taken. Love to all of you!
You look so much better now without those implants! Gorgeous! I'm so happy I decided to only do a lift and not get implants, reading your story helped me
I keep seeing this everywhere.....so many breasts that look 100 times BETTER without the implants in!! What on earth were we thinking before?!
I don't know what I was thinking- I've asked myself the same thing! I really do like mine better now. When I look at old pictures of myself they just look like huge balloons! And to think I kept them in for so long when I could have gotten them out years ago and been so much more comfortable as well!

8 Months Later and Happy

I just wanted to post a couple pics with bras on so you can see the difference of before and after. The main difference is that I'm not full on top like I was with the implants, but I expected that. As the months go on, I continue to feel more and more comfortable with my new (original) self!
Thank you! And good luck with your upcoming surgery! I looked at your profile and I think a simple lift will be perfect for you! :)
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Dr. Chiu was amazing throughout the entire process. He took time answering all my questions, and made me feel comfortable and cared for. I would definitely recommend him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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