Want to get gummy bear implants size 375cc does...

Want to get gummy bear implants size 375cc does anyone had this kind of implants? I am 5.4, 30 years old no kids, 130lb. It's difficult to decide which implant and style I want. Regular silicon or gummy bear tear drops? I went today for consultation with Dr.Kadz Beverly Hills, does anyone did gummy bears with him? Also going for consultation with dr. David Kim, dr. Staton, and dr. Sejal Patel, any experience with this doctors?
Dr. Kadz did my breast augmentation just over one month ago! I have the gummy bear implants and they are amazing! I love them! I get so many compliments on how natural they look. Dr. Kadz is amazing. Myself and two of my friends have gone to him for breast augmentation and two more of my friends are getting a BA from him on May 9th and May 20th! I highly recommend him to anyone interested in BA!
do you know exact style of your tear drop implants?? like if it's natrielle style MF or FX??
What are the price difference between the too? I like the gummy bears they tend to look more natural.

confused ...

I am so confused and can't sleep,trying to decide where should my scar be? Areola or under my breast and also may be i should go with regular silicon gel? decisions decisions....any reccomendations????
I had the areolar incision both times and you can barely notice the scar...my girlfriends that has the infra mammary incision (under the fold) complained that the bands of bras would rub up on the incision and would be painful or irritated (if you choose Kadz definitively go with the areolar incision...it's his specialty)
I got FF...full height and full projection...the FX stuck out way too much and I didn't want so much projection
Natrelle 410 FF

went for appt.today :-)))

today i went for another consultation with amazing Doctor Sejal Patel in Beverly Hills,he was great,explained to me a lot and recommended round mentor implant instead of Gummy Bear tear drop.I was searching between Mentor,Sientra Gummy Bears and Allergan Natrelle. They all good but I agree that it matter which doctor do the surgery. I am happy with Patel he was great,so i am very close to my surgery.I have another consult to go to and that i will decide. Want to do it this month so badly :-)))

More of wish boobs

Some pics I like
There are a lot of things to consider. I am getting Mentor MemoryGel 425 HP under with inframmatory incision. I don't think there is a wrong decision just what is best for you. I chose the crease incision because while it might uncomfortable while the incision heals, I could not imagine shaving under my arms with a scar. How would it ever heal? I chose Mentor MemoryGel because it has been FDA approved in the US, gummy bear has not though it has been used in Australia and Europe for years. The Mentor MemoryGel is a 5th generation silicone with a less than 1% rupture rate. If there is a rupture, the silicone does not migrate. I chose 425 because I liked the look of the 400 and you lose 25-50 cc's going under the muscle. I really think choice is a matter of preference, what you like and don't like, what you are hoping to achieve. Everyone has a preference, just like do you want Coke or Pepsi? There is no wrong answer, just what is right for you.
thank you and good luck tomorrow!!!!
Actually...gummy bear implants HAVE recently been approved by the FDA in the USA, otherwise surgeons would not be permitted to use them

More wish pics

I love this boob job made by dr. Ryan Stanton Beverly Hills;)

Surgery date scheduled !

I went today to see dr.Ryan Stanton (friend recommended him) and he and his stuff were great! I finally found my doctor! Scheduled surgery on May 22.We decided to do 400cc so i can have natural look that i want.He use Mentor implants,moderate profile.I am so excited!

Good bye small boobies

So today is a Tuesday and I have one more day till my surgery and I can not wait any longer! I am very excited and happy. Can't wait to start shopping for new bra and new swimsuits for summer.
I've picked up my medication today and I don't start taking them until surgery day.
Honestly I am little confused about implant size. I think 400cc will be too big on me and will make my body look square. I was originally thinking to do 375cc style 15 in allergen or moderate profile in Mentor but difference is very small. I will update after my surgery on my new boobies. By the way I didn't tell my family and my sis, so it's going to be huge surprise for them( not a good one ;)

I love this

It's done ! 5 hours after surgery

So it's been few hours after the surgery and I feel good. Little bit pressure and pain in my chest but that's normal. My chest feels and look tight and sore. It was very quick and easy. I came in at 7am and we started like at 8. They gave me something that made me feel so gooood;) and I felt asleep and than I opened my eyes and it was over. I felt like it was only a menute since I felt asleep but it was 1,5. I feel great now, don't feel sleepy or anything like that. Can't wait to see them after all bandage is gone. My first reaction was like " why they so small" I was expecting to wake up like a bombshell lol but they are small cause it's under my muscle so I can't wait for my boobs to feel soft. We used 400cc Mentor moderate profile. I was thinking before to go with 350cc but I think I did a good choice listening to my doctor. Dr.Stanton and his stuff are amazing by the way. If you would ask me right now if I would do this again I would say "yeahhhh" love my boobies and so happy. I am in boobieland ;)
So I missed if you went regular silicone or gummy bear? What size did you end up with? Sorry I go for my pre-op in June 4th and need to decide which one and what size. My PS recommended highly cohesive (gummy bears) due to my lack of tissue in upper pole (you can damn near see my ribs from top of boob to bottom of boob - not flattering!). Anyhow I've been reading about how firm they are and how they just stick straight up when you lay down, and then your native tissue falls to the side....I'm so torn about what silicone to go with. Just curious which you chose, and why?? Hope you are feeling and healing well.
Hi,I have 400cc Mentor Cohesive gel Moderate profile.Gummy bear to me are great but they are too hard when you feel them,and i was afraid to get fake look so I went to few doctors who recommended Cohesive silicon gel.So far I am in lots of pain,it hurts so bad but I am just waiting for pain to go away and for my skin and muscle to soften up.Good luck to you!

day 2 after surgery

Today I am in lot's of pain.Everything hurts,like i have 1000 pounds on my chest.I am little swollen specially on my sides,abdomen and near armpit.Everything else look tight and small.I was like "where is my 400CC" lol but i know that it need time to settle and for muscle to soften up.I feel sleepy all the time.It's hard to stand up and turn or to do anything with my arms.I use my abc all the time to stand up from the bed or couch.I sleep in almost sitting position with lots of pillows.Cant wait for my breast to soften honestly it hurts a lot.
Read my review...I have the highly cohesive gummy bear implants and I love them!!!

Day 2 post op pictures

Here is how my breast looks at the moment. It sits high and feels very tight. Can't wait for them to soften up. I love it so far. On pics you can see how big and swollen my abdomen looks, it's huge and hard.

Day 3 after surgery

So here is another update on my boobies. So they still feel tight and I feel pressure around my scar area. I have some tingling feeling in the morning like little bubbles inside my breast ;) funny. I feel great but still taking my pain meds since it's still hurts to stand up from the bed.

Day 5

Lots of swelling is gone. I feel sharp shocking pain in my left breast from time to time when I move around, and it's not a pleasant feeling. I breast still feel tight and huge like 100 pounds each ;) but I feel much better.


Here is how my scars look

Tomorrow is one week

I love how great they look after only one week

12 days update

I finally feel good,no more pain during the day and no more sharp pain in my nipple that i had sometimes in my left breast.I still have burning hot kind of knife stabbing me in my right breast next to my under arm.It hurt a lot at night,makes me wake up few times during night.I feel it during day time only if i push on my skin,kind of like bruise but inside,very sore.I started finally driving my car (couldn't drive it for a week).Still sleep in sitting position at night which helps with my sharp pain.I ordered some Bio Oil and Scar Away,can't wait to start using it in another 2 weeks.My incisions look better,they itch a lot and still very dry.All bras i tried and not comfortable so i am stuck with that grandmas surgical bra that doc gave me,and it's kind of big on me now.Tried to massage my breast but right breast hurts a lot (in that area i told you) so can't really massage it very well.I will post some pics in end of this week.My boobs look great already but they still very high.
Looking really good!! I'm thinking of doing 400-425cc myself. Are you happy with your size?
yes i am happy! they look huge in sports bra and smaller in loose blouse.I think i will be small D in VS, definitely bigger that C cup, bigger that i wanted but I love it! Good luck!!

13 days pics

Some pics from yesterday! Almost 2 weeks

Sports bra

Just got sport bra from eBay 5$ only! It's super compy

2 weeks

I can't believe it's been two weeks since my surgery ;)
I absolutly lovee your boob they came out just great thats. You're dr. Did an amazing job!
Thank you! I love dr.Stanton work and very happy with result.Wish you all the best with your surgery!

3 weeks post op

My breasts are getting softer and better every day. I just started using ScarAway silicone sheets and bio oil every day. I regularly massage them, but my right boob stil very hard and hurts every night ( nerve pain). They still didn't drop and look very high. By the way I am very happy with my size ;)
Your results look great! What was your size before implants? 400cc?! I'm a few days behind you as far as healing up. Are you still wearing the compression bra?
thank you.,it's almost 4 weeks already so I switch to sports bra from target.My size before was 34B, I used to wear push up bras from VS. You can see my pics before in my story:-) good luck!
Loving your results!!!

5 weeks

So it's been almost 5 weeks and I finally feel great. I can lift my arms up, no soreness, nerve pain. I feel like my boobies are part of my body. I feel great and confident. Love every minute of it :-) About Scar Away silicone sheets- honestly i don't see any difference yet,my scars look kind of dark now. I keep using Bio Oil and it takes forever to dry out (has mineral oil which clog the pores) I still haven't gone to the gym or any workout. I think next week (6 weeks) i will start with hiking and see how it goes.My breast still hard and drooping slowly.Will try to upload pics now:-)

5 weeks update

Your boobs look so good! I love you VS purchases too :)
Thanks :-)
Great results!

Finally 6 weeks post op

I feel great, no more pain. Finally I can go to the gym, swim and enjoy my life more. I feel like I've always had those implants;)

7 weeks

Softer and dropped ;)
how are your new boobs girl ? :) hope youre rocking them !
Try mederma for scar tx*

9 weeks

I absolutely obsessed with my boobs! Love them! Love them ! God bless dr.Stanton for doing such an amazing job on me! I was expecting nice boobs but they are even better than I thought! Soft and perfect! No more pain at night.
thank you
yes thank you,i love love love them!

Before and after

We need new updated pics!
Do you have his email?

3 Month post op

Loving my boobs more and more every day


So I went to Nordstrom and Bloomingdales to finally find me a nice bra. Nordstrom measured me as a 32DD but they didn't have anything I like, I went to Bloomingdales and they had tons of amazing sexy bras and also measured me 32DD. I got very soft nude bra from Calvin Klien which was 32C cause all DD they gave me to try were to big! Anyways love this bra, it's very comfy and has no underwire.
You look perfect! Thanks for the progress updates. This really helps me stop worrying (I'm 3 weeks ). I got mentor mod classic too & it seems not to be much different then gals that get mod+. Is it just me but it looks like yours got bigger as they've dropped? Your 6 weeks pics look smaller than your 3 months to me. Your scars look great at 9 weeks. Nice job.
Thank you,yes they changed so much in last 3 month, they still dropping and getting softer day after day:-) They are look much different since they dropped a lot.For the scars i use Scar Guard now and don't see any difference yet but they got darker.
Looking great :) enjoy the shopping! It's awesome to finally have boobies, isn't it?

3 month

Your BA is very interesting because nowadays nobody really gets "moderate profile" every girl seems to get moderate plus or high-profile so more pictures of your implants will really be appreciated. I am thinking of getting a BA I've been told moderate plus are the best ones for me but I really look forward to moderate profile implants bcus I think they look very very natural!!!!! could you please post some bra- less pictures of your implants thank you.
New update pics would be nice :)

4 month update

Thanks for updating! You look so fabulous. I'm sad that I only got 275. I was so terrified of being too big. Now I have to decide what to do. I think I'm getting on my doc's nerves but he is very nice with me though.

4.5 month update

So what Can i say? I am very happy with results and this was one of best decisions made in my life! i can finally wear nice lace bras or no bras,cute dresses and swimsuits.My breast drop a lot since my last update.They much softer and look very natural.
About scars: I started to notice that i am getting Keloids or Hypertrophic scar.This is not doctors fault,it's just how my body is and I knew this might happen.I used to use Silicone ScarAWay sheets-didnt do anything.So I am using now-ScarGuard. Honestly i don't see anything yet but I just had Steroid injection in my scars to make them flatter and I am waiting for this to work.If anyone have some suggestions about any Hyperthophic scar treatments please let me know!!!!
I still sleep on my sides or on my back,cant really lie down flat on my abdomen because i feel implants and i have a feeling that i can make them look very flat lol,don't know wny...:-)
For anyone who want to get their breast done-Do it! its easy and fast recovery! Do your research! I thing i got lucky to go with THE BEST doctor i could ever dream of.DR.RYAN STANTON to me is an artist! To open a little secret for past 3 years i've been working for plastic surgeons and I didn't work for dr.Stanton but i choose him over every other one in BH area.
Will do another update soon:-)
Your girls look fantastic! Thanks for sharing your story!!
you are welcome;)
i did post some pics.Thanks i love my natural look also:-)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

My friend recommended this doctor,he did her breast augmentation and she looks amazing,her breast look very natural.After meeting with many other doctors I've decided to go with dr.Stanton. He is amazing,he listen to you not trying to push anything you don't need.Week after my consultation I've scheduled my surgery.Let me tell you,surgery was easy,I woke up feeling great.Doctor Stanton is one of the best,and his stuff all of them are great.I would recommend Dr.Stanton to every person who want to change something in their body.I love my breast now! I would do it again and again cause he is truly the best doctor!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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