Question for those who are past the 3 week mark. I need your opinion!

Hello ladies! I've been obsessing with this...

Hello ladies!

I've been obsessing with this page for quite some time now lol. It helped me so much when I was researching more information and real stories on BBL. I've always wanted to get my breast done but even more than ever after I got my BBL done by Dr. B. (WHO IS FREAKING AMAZING). I've read the different stories on here from different women who have gotten the procedure done so I want to say thank you all for sharing your personal stories. It helped me so much throughout the process.

I literally decided last week to get it done and not look back lol.

I got Sientra 495CC on each. I was indecisive at first because I was worried they were going to be too big. I first tried on Allergan around the 400's up to 500. I actually liked the 500. I always wanted the "gummy bear" implants so when they told me it was available I immediately said I WANT THOSE! :o). I also want to say thank you to Iris who has helped me so much at Beverly Hills Physicians throughout this process. I recommend you to speak to her if you plan on having any procedure done at the office. She's so sweet, patient, explains everything to you and she actually follows up with you. Like Dr. B. They are always there for me so I can't thank them enough.

I went in today in the morning and I was home early afternoon. We had a small size just in case the 495CC's didn't fit but thank goodness they did! :o).

The nurse, Judy, was so sweet. She was there for my BBL so I was so happy to have her again. I knew I was in good hands. Dr. B. came over during recovery to check up on me and of course the first question I asked was which size did he choose LOL. I know I had a big smile when he said 495CC :D.

I did feel a bit nauseous once I got up out of the bed but felt better a little short time after. I had some soup and crackers today. Don't really have that much of an appetite but I'm about to have some more soup now :o).

I feel pretty good so far. Some soreness, stiffness but I guess that's completely normal. I will post pics soon :o)


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I'm feeling much better today than yesterday. Not...

I'm feeling much better today than yesterday. Not really nauseas but I am a bit sore today.


Soup is a good recovery food! And soreness is par for the course at this point. Please keep us updated as you continue to heal. Will you be posting before and after photos?

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Ok I have to say try not to use any of your...

Ok I have to say try not to use any of your muscles at all. Especially right after surgery lol. I kept trying to restart my iPhone by pressing the buttons down at the same time and since it wasn't working, I kept trying and trying. Yea I felt it later that day. Not a fun feeling. So today I told myself I'm going to take it lightly. Besides that, I woke up feeling better than last night :o). Im still sore and I do feel tightness but I hope it calms down more each day.

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Hello! I just got back from my first follow up...


I just got back from my first follow up for my BA. I LOVE THEM!!!

Dr. B. said everything looked good and to try to not pick up anything too heavy. I do feel more sensation in one of my breast more than the other. Hopefully with time I will have sensation in both :o). I added a pic from today.


They look soo nice! And still natural! If i ever get BA, i wanted the gummy bears too....oh and love Iris, shes sooo sweet! You look amazing! Xo
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Looking good. Yes definitely take it easy! You'd be surprised at how the littlest things can be challenging. Rest up, glad you are loving them.
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I'm anxious to follow your updates. Dr. Bruno did my lift last year. I'm meeting with him next wek to talk about implants. I'm not sure if I'll get them or not.
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Hello ladies! Well the first 2-3 days weren't the...

Hello ladies! Well the first 2-3 days weren't the greatest but I started feeling so much better yesterday. I was able to move around more, drive but at the same time take it easy. I woke up feeling better today. Hooray! I hope or continues where I feel better and less sore each day. I will post pics later. :o) Have a great weekend! xoxo


When was your BA? Congrats!!!! :-)
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Could you tell me how much u paid? Sound fancy cuz it's on Beverly Hills lol
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Glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your weekend.
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Hi ladies! So I went for my follow up today and...

Hi ladies! So I went for my follow up today and got my stitches removed. Not bad at all actually. Dr. B said everything looks good so that's really good news. He taught me the massages I have to start doing. So far not bad as well. THANK GOODNESS. I do realize that they did drop a bit. I have to post new pics. I do find myself staring at myself a bit more in the mirror not believing that I actually did it. No regrets. I'm happy :o). I am getting more sensation on my right boob. Hoorayyy.


I find myself doing that as well! It's a nice feeling when you look in the mirror and are all smiles. Glad you are happy. Congrats
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Thank you! It was about a week ago :o) xoxo.
Yay!!!! :)

Hello :o). Morning boobs are getting better!...

Hello :o). Morning boobs are getting better! Hooray! lol. I'm able to now put my boobs together so I can say the massages are definitely helping out. I do notice them drop more each day and they are feeling more like mine now. Especially on the bottom. They feel more like breast tissue. Have a great weekend everyone!

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I'm going to go try on some bras!! Wish me luck...

I'm going to go try on some bras!! Wish me luck ladies! This is going to be my first time trying on a bra with my 2 new best friends lol. I wonder what size I will be?? :o) xoxo


how tall are you?
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How did shopping go?
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Thank U so much!! Xoxo

Hi ladies, Question for the ladies who are past...

Hi ladies,

Question for the ladies who are past the 3 week mark: Do you feel they dropped more and are less hard?? I'm going to see someone around my 3 week mark and I'm a bit worried he might tell a big difference. Not that I care that much to be honest, but lol, I don't want them to feel/ look too hard I guess. Especially since he loves to give me big hugs and I haven't seen him in a while :o).

I would love your input :o).

Thanks and hope you are all enjoyed your weekend :o).



I'm a few days past 3 weeks and mine aren't extremely hard but not as soft they could be. They aren't noticeable at all unless I want someone to know I've got them done. They have dropped somewhat but still just a tad high. I think you'll be fine at the 3 week mark.
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Maybe it is because I have extra skin, or silicone (not sure what you have) but I have been massaging since day 2 and mine feel soft and squishy - there is just more there LOL! Someone tried to hug me really hard a week or so ago (when I was about 3 weeks post op) and I actually had to tell him not to squeeze me that had because I just had my boobs done. It just kind of came out of my mouth ha ha .. but in all seriousness he squeezed too hard and made them feel uncomfortable!
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at 3 weeks, i felt pretty "normal" a little hard, but probably not noticeable to someone hugging me, but, i didn't want to be hugged to hard either, tried to get my hubby to "pop" my back by huggging me real hard and pulling up.  Thought i was going to die and my implants were going to pop out of my incisions.  I recovered, but that was a bad mistake.  However, just normal hugs, i felt good.   As far as dropping, i didn't have far to drop and i think i was pretty much dropped at 3 weeks, but that's different for everyone.
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