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I am a very petite 36 year old women with two kids...

I am a very petite 36 year old women with two kids. I am very conscious about my breasts due to loss of volume and shape from my two pregnancies. I thought of having implants for years and did a lot of research about it. This year I finally decided to go for it and chose Dr David Kim to perform the breast augmentation and a small lift for me. I had my surgery on July 12. I was extremely nervous but I was very confident in my doctor that he will do a good job. The surgery went very smoothly. I felt like I just closed my eyes and next moment I opened my eyes and it was all done! I had literally no pain only some dizziness and nauseous from the general anesthesia after the surgery. The 2nd day after my surgery i was feeling all good and had my follow up appointment. The wounds are minimum and are healing well already. I chose to have silicone implants.There was no bruise or much swelling. My results looked already amazing only 2nd day! He gave me just what I dreamed about! I started with a very deflated small B and had a very full natural looking medium C. Now that I am 3rd day post-op and I am feeling great. I can do most of the basic light activities and taking care of myself. I take a week off work anyway just to make sure I am having plenty of recovery time. This Sat 7/20 I have my second follow up and I will keep everyone updated :)


which size did you get in cc? i wonder if mine will also be a c because I also went from a deflated B and also I am very petite. thank you
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I am only 5 ft and about 95 lbs now. My left implant is 286cc and right one is 304 cc since my left breast in naturally slightly bigger than right. Did you already have your surgery? Good luck and let me know if you have more question :)
Are you also having your surgery with Dr Kim?

Day 4 post op pic :)

Day 4 post op. Love how it looks so well in one of my fav bras already :)

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Day 4 post op side view

sorry my angle taking the pic is not the greatest..

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Before pic

As you can see I used to have really nothing, but now I am very happy :D


you look great! Would love to see some more pics! What profile did you get? Sounds like your recovery was ideal! Yay!
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Day 5 post op in my new small size surgical bra

Hi girls I was excited being able to drive today and made a few small trips to stores and did a drive through car wash :D I also got my new surgical bra from Amazon! It felt tighter than my small size underarmour sports bra so hopefully I can get used to the tight feeling soon :)


Sounds like your surgery & healing has been a lot like mine! So nice! You look fab!
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Thank you D you look gorgeous from head to toe! The new girls really compliment your trim body well!
Well holy cow- right back atcha!

Today marks...

the 1 week of my surgery in a few hrs! I am in general feeling great but as my hubby said I am probably the worst patient in the world. I think I might drive around too much yesterday and carried a little bit too much stuff, so this morning I did wake up with some pain but it went away soon after I got up :) So ladies if you are still in early stage of recovery remember even if you feel great and feel like you can do more really try to force urself to take it easy. So today I am for sure taking it easy :)
The other hard part of my recovery and please don't laugh haha is I can't eat spicy food for two weeks after the surgery by my dr's order. I am a spicy food addict ;) I really try not to but just couldn't help sneak in a little here and there...my hubby just shake his LOL...
So today I am going back to LA and will have my 2nd follow up tomorrow. At 1 week I am pretty pleased with my overall result. The only thing that bothers me a little is my left side is a slightly lower than the right and also seems a little smaller. I am also not sure b/c I have too much time now and can't stop looking at them all the time i am more sensitive to see the smallest difference as a big deal. I did a lot of research about this and I know it's still too early to tell and a little bit asymmetric is very common and normal. I just hope they will even out as much as possible later on...Is any of your ladies having this concern at an early stage of recovery?
I also tried some of my old bras and bikinis. Most of them still fit haha...I know probably many of your will not be very happy about it since we are all eager to get new bigger ones...but I am actually ok with it haha...the difference is b/f I could barely fill a A/B cup and now they are just kind of covering my lower part of breasts :) but we will see how the final size will be later on...
Thanks for reading and would love to see your feedback. I really enjoy all of your stories and feel grateful we are all so supportive and positive here for each other!
Have a great coming weekend!


Why was your pre size and how many ccs did you get?! Love the size and shape of them:)
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Thanks Doll! I was a very small deflated B, maybe even A when I lose a few lbs. I got the Natrelle sillicone mod-plus, L 286cc and R 304cc. I asked to have a final size med C and now I am 7 days post op I fit tightly into a 32 C underarmour sports bar :)
oh today is 8 day pos op haha..

Day 9 yeah!

Happy Sunday girls! Hope everyone is healing well :) I had my 2nd follow up yesterday everything is going well and on track. Dr took of the tape of my wounds around the nipples. Wounds are healing well but you can see they are just very thin cut lines now. Breasts are getting softer but I do have to say they feel a little more sensitive and sore than before. Also from time to time I get this tingling almost feel like a little electric currents going through my breast tissue. But Dr said it's all fine now just make sure don't do heavy lifting and start taking Vit E 1000 IU to help healing.
I have worked up my nerves today to post a few more nude pics today to give you girls a better idea how they look now at day 9. The quality of images are not too good due to poor lighting in my room in the morning, some weird angle taking pics and poor quality of camera on my current phone but they will give you girls an idea :) I really like my results so far, they are getting closer and closer to my wish pic. I feel bad the pics I took don't do justice to them, oh well :)
My dr wants me to go back in two weeks but since I am out of town I will go back in a month but just have to keep track of my process. Ok that is for now I will keep everyone updated :)


oh my I meant to post the semi modified nude pics but somehow chose the fully nude ones :( I don't know how to remove those and re-post...can someone please help me?? thanks!!
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Haha nope that's just a wish pic haha thnxx

Day 9 pic

I forgot to add the left side..

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Day 9 pics

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Day 9 pics

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Day 9 pics

:( having some technical problems uploading pics but finally here we go...


ha finally figured out...
I think you should go for at least a C. I am barely 5 ft and 95 lbs and mine is a C now and I think they look just about right on my frame. I post a few more pics one is more of a whole body pic. Take a look hopefully it will give u a better idea as far as proportions :)

Day 9 pic sports bra


You look smokin' lady!
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Thanks D! You too!!!! You stay so slim after the surgery. You must manage your diet so well! I gain a little since I just love tot eat :(... I can't wait to get back to the gym and start getting rid of my little belly LOL!
The doctor gave me a range and I agree, 375 is the likely the best for my height and weight. The consultant said they should compliment and be as big or bigger than the degree my but sticks out. Weird but that actually helped me put things into perspective when I looked at my figure with the sizes on. I trust my doctor. He was confident that I could go up to 450 and look natural so that is what I am calming my nerves with now.
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When I was massaging...

earlier, I felt my left implant move around a little bit but not really the right one..has any of you ladies feel that at this stage?? I am 9 days post...I appreciate your feedback..


Congratulations! I agree, you look great! You're right about taking it easy the first few days even if you're feeling good. Thank for your updates and photos...your before and after photos are amazing!

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I have the same issue with my right one.I hope everything is ok with that.I am going tomorrow for my three weeks post op !!!
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Do you feel your right one move a little more than the left? My right implant is a little bigger than left so maybe it takes a little more time to settle. I checked with my Dr's assistant today and she says it's normal and you can feel all kinds of diff things at early stage. I guess as long as nothing is too obvious it should be fine. Let me know how your follow up goes tomorrow :) take care!

Back to work!

Today is day 10 post op and I am going back to work! This morning when I was massaging I noticed they have evened out more and more softer and natural looking now :) I still can feel tiny more movement of my implant on the left than right when I move them around I think I am just highly alert of that haha...wishing eveyone a great Monday!


I hope your first days back @ work are good ones! Xo
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Thanks D you are so sweet!!
Back to work has been going well :) I have a desk job so it's nice for my recovery. My girls have been looking more natural and scars are healing well. But I think they also shrink a bit :( However I've been feeling more sore, tension and tightness in the past few days. Especially when I am walking around and in certain positions the top and side of my right breast feels pretty tight and bruised and very uncomfortable. It does have some bruise around the nipple area that is still healing so I don't know if that is why. It's been stressing me out :( It seems like you are doing really well I am very happy for you :D

Almost two weeks...

I'll be two weeks post op by this Sat, went back to work Monday already. Things have been going well in general. I have a desk job so it's been easy on my recovery :D My girls have been looking more natural and scars are healing well. But I think they also shrink a bit :( However I've been feeling more sore, tension and tightness in the past few days. Especially when I am walking around and in certain positions the top and side of my right breast feels pretty tight and bruised and very uncomfortable. It does have some bruise around the nipple area that is still healing so I don't know if that is why. It's been stressing me out :(


We got the same bra at VS ;) What size did u end up getting or try on
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I'm glad work has been good to you & that your incisions are healing well. Did you have areolar incisions? Maybe that's just part of the healing! I've also noticed that when I use my muscles (driving, using a garlic press, etc.) my boobs tense up & feel more uncomfortable. So maybe you're just using your muscles & not realizing it. (?) See if it's doing the same tomorrow. Often if I give the soreness a day, it'll be gone the next. Weird, yes. And about your size, you look amazing. Maybe you're getting accustomed to them, or maybe the swelling has gone down. Seems girls say they felt bigger after they've dropped/fluffed, so you may discover that too! Sorry I'm so chatty! Just glad you're well!
haha I love how chatty you are! I am the same! if we meet in person we'll have a hard time stop talking LOL! I really don't think I've been using my muscles too much but maybe I don't realize it since I am used to lifting heavy b/f the surgery. Yes I did have areolar incisions and the right side has more bruising than the left. It's like I got two new babies with different personalities LOL, one is so relaxed and easy and one is pretty rebellious haha...oh well I hope it gets well soon.. I really appreciate your comforting words :)

Pic update

Almost day 13..Right one is dropping and softening up slower than left and also have a little more bruising than left. Scars around nipples are healing well.


wow Minibear, you are looking so great! Congrats!
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Thank you so much!!
Minibear, you look great!! Where did you find that Underarmour sports bra? It looks comfy and like it gives good support. My boobs still feel a bit achey when I'm not in my sports bra but I'm having a hard time finding ones that give enough support as my PS wants my girls pretty compressed for now.
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15 days!

I officially passed two weeks mark today! My boob envy wishing my girls were bigger and higher has most gone aways . I think my PMS made my mood so bad haha..I am loving my girl more each day. They are perfect size for me :) The tightness and soreness of the my right boob has been getting better. It has dropped a little more and the tightness and soreness have gone down :) My Dr also gave me green pass to go back to the gym start some light cardio now!! :) Hope all your lovely ladies at different stage of your healing doing wonderfully and happy weekend!

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A few pics from day 12/ 13


You look great! Don't know if I just missed it but what CC and profile did u get?
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Hi dear I got Sillicon Mod +, left 286 and Right 304. I currently wear C cup with my sports bra. Maybe when I reach a month I'll go get measured :)
Thanks Minibear!

New workout tank top

I had this cute workout tank top my friend gave me for a while but couldn't fill it nicely before. Now I can wear it so much better and looking forward going back to the gym :)


Hey minibear!! Im a mod + girl too! Love your results! It's nice to see another girl on here with a smaller cc size like myself : ) i think they fit you perfect!!
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hi girl Thank you so much :) Your result is awesome and you look smoking! I know it is nice to relate to another smaller cc girl here haha as most ladies here have bigger ones :) I just want something that's nice shape and be proportional to my body :) What is your cc sorry if I miss it in your posts?
awww thanks! i think you got exactly what you wanted! they look like you have a great set of natural boobies!! i got 304/339. and i swear they are getting bigger each week. i think its one of the perks of having mod +'s. they are like chia pets, add water and they grow lol

Almost 3 weeks and having new change..

Hi ladies I am almost 3 weeks post op. I'm feeling good and the healing is going well. My girls have soften up a lot and pretty much evened out. I don't have any soreness and only minimum tightness when I get up in the morning for brief moments. I have always felt more movement of my left implant when I massage but in the past few days when I push certain way, I can hear the squishy sound from my left implant. Has any of you ladies been experiencing this? Thank you!


I heard some squishing sounds in my right one a few days after surgery & it happens occasionally now but very rarely. I don't think it's unusual & it will pass.
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Thanks D I checked with my Dr's assistant and she said it will go away. I sure hope so soon :) Have Friday and weekend!!
I felt some small popping sounds but never heard anything. I've heard other ladies on here comment on boobie sounds. Do a search on it on here & you'll see a bunch of stuff, I bet. Glad you are healing well. You are looking FABulous :)
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Hi all the beautiful ladies...

It's been wonderful here reading all your stories and sharing our experience in supporting positive ways. However due to personal reason I will close my account soon in a few days. I would love to keep in touch to keep each other updated on our progresses. If anyone is interested please inbox me for email exchange :) Have a wonderful weekend my lovely friends here!


Good luck Minibear!!!
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Thank you girl! Best luck to you too!
Sorry to see you go :(. Good luck wita everything!!
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After all...

Hi girls after contacting realself trying to close the account, I was told my infor will remain here but I can remove some pics. So I removed some pics and guess will continue post my updates for while. Hope you all doing great in your recoveries :)

Upload a pic from a few days ago in bikini. By this Fri I will be ONE month haha...I have been pretty comfortable with my girls except I started working out more by week three and might have overdone it a little bit a few times so my incision on the right nipple got a bit red and ichy and also the right boob was a little bit sore so I am turning down the workout intensity again :( But I am given the green light to wear underwire bra during the day now but still wear sports bra at night for a few more month..


             nice results
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Thank you! love yours too :D

One month post op

Hi girls how are you all doing? Time goes by fast! I'm already 1 month and I am very comfortable with my girls and no more itching feeling on my nipples either a few days ago already :) My girls have gotten really soft and even out, I am just doing my daily massage three times a day. I also work out more now, more cardio, more lower body light weights and even started arms and shoulder with light weight past weekends. I feel pretty good so far.
My dr gave me green light to wear underwire bra but I am chicken and want to wait longer since I have seen much more conservative opinions. I do have to wear the sports bra at night for few more months but I am completely comfortable with it.
As far as bra size at this point, I got measured between a C to a small D at VS. But I am very happy with the C. The other day I was at the gym in my new sports bra and tank top and got very conscious how big they looked, more than I thought haha..I am just glad I didn't go much bigger that I would look top heavy.
Hope you all are happy healing!


What profile you got Minibear?They are lovely!!!
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aww thanks sweetie I got silicone mod plus :)
Doing good! Chillin!! Lol got measured today and got my first underwires! 34DDD! Gonna post pics and update my profile tomorrow. So much realself work to do!! Lol how are you doing this week?

Happy one month to me :)


I've been slacking on RealSelf since I was on vacation & I still want to reply to your email but I just wanted to say that you look superb. Awesome cleavage! Just gorgeous, Minibear!
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Thanks D!! I hope you had a great time on vacation!! Look forward to hearing more about it! :D
I am feeling the same way about being self conscious about my size. I am happy I didn't go bigger, I think maybe it will just take some getting used to.... Having to dress myself in a whole new way haha no more just having nipples lol I am proud and love them but my boyfriend told me last night that I have been wearing more revealing things ...but maybe I just have to go shoppig for bigger tops haha I don't know.. And I notice I have been slouching more because I feel like they are out on parade when I sit up tall still... But they are still quite high!! I am super happy with my results, I guess my brain is just still adjusting
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Suture spitting

Hi girls two nights ago, a small black piece size of the small tip of ballpoint pen, on top of my left nipple incision, came off while I was massaging and then there was some light yellowish puss coming out. I was freaking out as I am almost 5 weeks post op. I was thinking the little piece was part of the suture for my incision. Then I started to have some radiating pain from that area too. I put some healing cream on it but it was on and off having some radiating, pulsing pain along with a little bit redness. The second day morning I checked where the puss coming out, it has sealed and I felt fine, but there was still a little bit pain in that area. I checked with my Dr and found out it's something that's called suture spitting, which was something my husband and I suspected. It's pretty common. Sometimes the dissolvable suture didn't fully get absorbed in the body and a small piece can be spitted out. So in case any of you girls experiencing this no panic :) As long as it is sealed on it's own and you have no other symptoms of sickness you are good :) but always check with your Dr :)


You look amazing!! The suture spitting story sounds scary but good to know!!!
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Thank Ana! I love your new look!! You look awesome!!! I wish I could have known those things beforehand but sometimes we have to find out by ourselves haha...so I hope whatever I learn can help others prepare in case the same happens :)
hi Ana I forgot to mention that the suture spitting is not as scary as it seems ...it's more like you had a pimple on your nipple LOL and it popped haha..

5 weeks post op and happy Monday

Got a new necklace and thought it's a nice match with a simple black bra :)


OMG totally off subject but i just read in your story that you are a spicy food addict.. so am i!!!
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wow haha...did your Dr forbid you eating spicy food during the first two weeks post op? When my two weeks passed I was going way off limit eating spicy food LOL o_O
I love the outfit!!!! Too bad you can't get away with wearing just that lmao
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6 weeks update

Had my 6 week appt yesterday. Dr is very happy with my result. The boobs are very soft and squishy now. I have a tiny piece of un-dissolved suture on my left nipple incision. Dr said it's common and didn't seem to be concerned at all. I forgot to ask him if I should just take it out...will call him tomorrow. I am given green lights to go back to my normal workout routine and can even do chest workout again in two weeks. But I will gradually build it up and listen to my body. I increased weights for my lower body and started back workout. I will also start more weights on shoulder and arms too. I also did an great sweaty 50 mins spinning and felt great :)


You have amazing cleavage! I have to really squeeze mine together to get that look. Yeah, I'm a little jealous. lol
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um yeah im jealous too!! the cleavage is amazing! what bra and exercise top are you wearing i want 3 of them!!!!
Thank you!! You look amazing and fabulous!!

new VS bra C is small o_O

I got measured a few weeks ago at VS as a C but yesterday did some bra shopping but realize the C cup is small on my girls...hmmm...the cups are not fully covering my nipples..I didn't get to try different styles so I am wondering if other styles I will be fine with a C...


omg they look amazing!!!!! how many cc's did you get? my dr said the most i can go is 400cc and thats if my muscles allow it to fit otherwise he's gonna put 350cc. im scared to not like the 350 as much ( even if it'll be a huge improvement)
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Thank you TinyTots. I am very small (5 ft and weight between 92 to 95 lbs) so I have small implants. left is 286cc and right is 304cc. I saw your pic with the 400cc, looks pretty good! and I love the wish pic you chose, very similar to what my wish pic was :) best luck with your journey to your dream boobs :D
I was gonna say you are def bigger than c!!! More like a DD!! Looking gorgeous!!!
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Two month update

I am officially two month! Time flys :) My girls have been feeling completely part of body since around 6 weeks. I am given green light to do any work out i want including chest by now but I think I'll wait a little longer to work on chest. I tried to do some body weight exercise for chest. It feels weird, no pain but just awkward. It feels like I am pulling them apart LOL. My Dr said I can wear bras with underwire but no padding no push up for several more months. I really don't know what I can buy! :( I want to wear something cute besides sports bras most of the time. I saw some ideas from a few other ladies. Please help and give some suggestions. Thanks!!


I'm 5 months post op and still can't do chest. Like you said it doesn't hurt but they do get pulled apart. I'm afraid if I build up my chest muscle again my boons will get further apart. Also my PS said no direct chest exercises ever... But I tried anyway LOL!! Luckily I can do everything else I did prior to BA and I'm back to lifting heavy weights!
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I don't really mind if I don't ever do chest again LOL..I never really liked it haha..the only thing I was a little worried is that since we train back but not training chest will that cause muscle imbalance? I know I am so happy pretty much back to all my other weight lifting workouts now ;D
LOL! I could care less about doing chest too! I HATE push ups. 

Sports wear

Hi for girls who are into working out, what brand of sports bra are you into? I love VS, lululemon, underarmour and recently have been digging Nike haha...Today I went crazy shopping at Nike and just for the sports bra I got like 4 or 5 of different color and style, not to mention the tank tops and shoes I got there ;D The simple little sports bra is great for wearing under the tank top with a low front opening! oh and this pic is taken in a side laying down position which I never really tried before taking a pic to see what the girls look like LOL!


happy 2 months! we got ours around the same time! :) . yours looks beautiful! you have such a nice body!!
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wow we have the same time and the same doctor! love your new fabulous pics!! I love how Dr Kim's work is just so natural and beautiful :)
Looking amazing!!! Happy 2 Months! Hugs!!!
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Re-measured to be a 32D

Ok girls I have to confess before my surgery I really didn't know much about bras >_< I never really knew the different types and styles and all those terminology in the bra wonder world haha...and I am always confused how cup works...now I am learning everything about bra, I just realized what a push up really is ( OMG please don't laugh at me, LOL) A few weeks ago I thought I was 32 C but the bra I got is too small so two days ago I went to VS to return a lovely push up bra cup C since I can't wear push up for a few more months, the very nice kind lady there spent some good amount of time educating me about bras and chose a few non-push up bras cup D to try. So officially 32 D fits me pretty well. I got a few comfortable everyday bras from there and feel like there are still a lot to learn about bras ;D The pic I post today is one of the non push up, demi bra I got. It is very comfortable and I love it for a everyday kind of bra.


Hi you look incredible! I am going for similar results. Just curious how many cc's you got. Thanks!
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Thank you so much! I got left 286 and right 304. I started with a A or very small B usually couldn't fill up the top haha..best luck to your surgery!
Looking great! What was your initial size? And how many cc did you end up with?
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Slimming down and still got boobs!

What a amazing feeling that now I can lose weight but still got boobs!! Before the first thing that disappeared were boobs when I was slimming down haha..


Your boobs look great ! They looked great in your 4 day post pic. Did they sit pretty high after surgury? I'm having mine done by Dr. Kim too. I'm so anxious. Thx for posting those pics!!
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Thanks! I am so excited for you! Dr kim will give you just what you want :) My frame is even smaller than you: 5 ft and 91 lbs :) I asked final result to be medium C and I like how it fits my body, def not too big haha :) They did not sit high after surgery. They already looked very nature from day one. Dr Kim will do a very good job that you will have an easy recovery :) Best of luck to you and keep us updated!
lol I mean look natural :)

Beast cancer awareness month

Hi girls I am three month and 10 days post op now and I just had my first breast check after having implants. Having the implants making the procedure a little more complicated to see everything. I am glad my check result is good :) Make sure we keep the checks routine and keep our girls nice and healthy :) Best to all you lovely ladies!


looking smokin hot lady!!!!!!!!
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Thank you hot stuff yourself ;))
Wow they look amazing!!
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Side projections in clothes with bra and without bra

For those who are curious how the projection of my girls look like in clothes with and with out bra I am posting two pics for comparison. In the black sweater I had a un-padded VS 32D bra and in the pink lacy gown there is obviously no bra ;) It will give you an idea on the side projection. Hope it helps.


Hi Minibear, I forgot if I already asked you, but how many Cc's did you go?
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left 286 and right 304. Have you decided your size?
I want to be a small C. My pre op is in a coue wks. But is a medium C the same thing as a full c or is it bigger?

5 more days to 4 months!

Time flies! My girls are almost 4 months old haha...they feel absolutely just part of my body! I do a lot of high impact, jumping exercise these days too, just make sure I wear a max impact protection sports bra ;) I have my Dr's follow up appt this Sat :)


Looking awesome! I may have already asked, but what profile do you have?
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Thank you! I have Mod +
Hi mini! Can u post a new pic update just so I can see how diff u look now?? :)
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pic update 5 months :)


I love your results. Totally flawless :)
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Thank you for the sweet compliment! :) Only few more days for you! How exciting!! Best luck to you and look forward to seeing your results :)
amazing results! Dr. Kims consistency is why I know I am going to him! absolutely love his work and he gave you an amazing rack! lol thank you for the updates and how you progressed during your journey!
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One year anniversary coming up!

I haven't been updating here for a long while! Life gets busy but I enjoy my girls very min ;) wish all my beautiful friends enjoy their girls and best luck if your big day is coming up!


You look great!! .. im going to see dr,kim in a few weeks.!!! What profile did you get and how many cc's? i love your results so much i have to ask how much you weight and your height? im just trying to figure out if i may get the same size implants as yours ... bcus yours look so perfectly REAL :) wow you look great!
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Sexyy!! Time does fly!
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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kim did an awesome job. He is talented, skilled and experienced. This is what I wanted for years and it's so important I just wanted to have the best doctor to do this for me. I just showed him the final results I wanted and he delivered great results. His coordinator June is also an amazingly sweet woman that she took so much time to give me all the infor I needed and answered all my questions. I felt very much in good hands before my surgery and very satisfied with my results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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