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Hi there! I'm getting breast augmentation with Dr...

Hi there!
I'm getting breast augmentation with in Beverly Hills next month!
I chose him because I hear he's the best!
Natural look all the way
Undecided on silicone or saline
Between umbilical saline or silicone through the nipple
Hoping he will help me make the decision at the consultation
Likely to do under the muscle, I understand it to be better for a natural appearance
My top concerns: Beautiful Natural look Natural feel (no chance of seeing or feeling the implant) & Minimal Scaring
I have a bit of a convex chest which I'm hoping will appear less prominent once I stick some boobs on it ;)
I am a 34 A/ SMALL 34 B right now @ VS and I'm leaning toward a Small C
I'm 19 (soon to be 20)
120 lb
I'm in texas traveling to Cali
My consultation will be the day before surgery which I'm not freakin out about too much, I did the same for my rhinoplasty in January (I think I got all my freak out out then)
I think since I have picked the most capable surgeon it has made me comfortable diving into the procedure ????!
I'm excited forsure!
Bye bye push-up bras & chicken cutlets ?

Did it!

Had surgery around 2 today
So excited its over
336 cc silicone
I was able to get silicone at my age but did have to sign a couple of concent forms, I did believe it to be the better choice for me because there was no greater health risk in getting them at my age, I believe the FDA put that regulation to ensure you are mature enough to understand the health risks silicone can pose, which I do.
I'm all bandage up right now so I haven't seen anything
I have my post op tomorrow at 9:30. There I will be able to remove the bandages, see my new boobies, and transition to a sports bra :)
Currently I am feeling like myself but cannot do basic tasks such as pulling down my pants flushing the toilet opening doors opening medications etc.
My beautiful friend Steph has been helping me with all those things
I feel quite a bit of discomfort in my chest, it is a bit hard for me to breath
That's the only thing that kind of sucks
Oh and trying to sleep up
right :/ not used to that yet
Anyway I'm super happy it finally happened. It's still not super real yet because I haven't seen them or anything but I'm quite excited
(Forgot to press post update last night)

Bandaging dr Kim put on after surgery

I have boobies

It's awesome
I got my bandages off today around 12, such a relief
I can't believe how good they look already it's ridiculous
I'm seriously so impressed
Sports brain it
Feelin great
Takin pain meds every 4 hours
Dr seemed super excited on the results
He pinched my nips and it hurt haha
Getting drowsy from pain meds
Night everyone :*

Day 3 :) post op

Hey everyone
Healing up over here on day 3
Been in an out of bed all day
Naps are great
My back is hurting a bit from sleeping up right :/
Boobs are quite tender especially when I wake up or stand up
Took a little walk, that was nice :)
Dr said to start messaging my breasts tomorrow, that should be different
I'm super happy with the way they look so early on into the healing process
No scary FrankenBoob! Woohoo
Love that my convex chest bones are less apparent now
All good things

Kinda worried

A bit of blood in my stool
Has anyone experienced this?

Day 5

Woke up
Boobs look awesome but a couple of weird things
In my left breast I feel an off sensation at the cleavage part like a dull sensation of something moving inside of it however when I take my sports bra off this totally goes away
In my right when I massage I can feel a bit of a lump
You can't see it of feel it when not applying pressure
Going to call to ask about these things today
Other than the couple concerns my recovery is going very well
My breasts are already quite squishy which I'm kind of surprised about considering the amount of reviews I read about them feeling like rocks for awhile
I think the most uncomfortable thing about recovery has been sleeping upright
I sometimes wake up after a few hours and have to re adjust
Sometimes I'll have tightness in my chest and it will feel a bit tough to breath. Deep breaths do wonders

Day 5

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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Yes more pics pretty please
  • Reply
Hi Hun, can u put more pics up?
  • Reply
yes yes! new pictures please
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You look awesome already! Keep up with the healing.
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Thank you!
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I can't wait!!
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He does do a great job!! I noticed that on his patients, the implants aren't high up after surgery. U look great Hun!! Congrats:)
  • Reply
That's what I noticed aswell! It's like he doesn't cause as much trauma to the area no bruising either and incisions look great for how recent it was done! So happy with him
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From what I can see they look pretty good already ;). Minibear has also went to dr. Kim and looks amazing. How tall are you and what do u weigh? Just want to get an idea Thx!!! Congrattttsssss!!!
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I am 5' 4" 125 lb
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And thank you!
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nice! im excited to see your results =) i have a consul with dr. david kim in a few weeks
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The consultation wasn't do convincing for me, he definitely knows what he's doing but he is quite cold. As long as you know what you want (natural vs round) and a cup size idea you're good and as you've seen in his before and after a he delivers awesome results
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thanks for the tips! what cc did you get? and which incision did you choose?
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We decided on silicone for the most natural feel I told him I wanted a natural looking small to mid c and showed him my favorite pic of his, he didn't tell me in advance but he ended up using a 339 implant (which looks perfect for what I wanted) I chose silicone through the nipple :)
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You're right! He is kind of dry with regard to his personality. Lol but he does know what he's doing. I've been to another consultant and the doc didn't tell me all the things dr. Kim told me. I like that he tells u what you're getting into!!
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Omg!! I can't wait to see pic! Congrats! I'm going with Dr. Kim too! I watched all his videos. I hope they turned out perfect. Rest well :)
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Yay you make the best decision! They look awesome and I'm only a day out So excited to see them progress :)
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Congratulations for scheduling your surgery date! I have also heard the same thing that @clg101013 mentions about being 22 years old to get silicone. If it helps any, I have a similar chest shape and got 210 cc saline implants 8 years ago and am still happy with them. Keep in mind that you will most likely have a gap between your breasts, so your old push up bras can be used to push them together when you're dressing them up. :) Do you have anyone helping you during your recovery? Here are some items you may want to have on hand. Keep us posted!

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Can't wait to hear about your results and experience. I've chosen Dr. Kim too. Think I'm going to get mine early Dec. Good luck. !!:)
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Good luck with your decisions! All the best for your surgery!
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Thank you
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From all my research, silicone under the muscle offers the most natural appearance. Can't wait to see your results! I have also chosen Dr. Kim for the same reasons, and had my consult August 19th, but it will be a while before my actual BA. Keep us posted!
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That is what I am leaning toward because of my lack of breast tissue! I will make the final decision based on Dr.Kims opinion on consultation day I'll keep you posted!
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