Finally Getting Boobs, but Trying to Decide on CC's - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello all, I'm so happy I found this site! So to...

Hello all, I'm so happy I found this site! So to start off i'm 30 yrs old 5'4 125lbs currently 32 A. I have two kids 8 and 5 yrs old. Breastfed i'm really deflated. I've been considering BA for about 4 years now. Finally i'm scheduled for my procedure. After seeing 3 different surgeons, I finally found one that i'm comfortable with and that has many great reviews, he's also a board certified plastic surgeon, not cosmetic surgeon, phew!!. So i'm going for mid-full C.I tried on sizer silicon 350 cc and 400cc. I really liked how the 350cc looked on me, but the 400cc seemed a bit on the big side. I'm hearing that a lot of women wished they would've went bigger. So I don't know which will fit me better. This whole experience is overwhelming. I am scared and have had nightmares that my breast are uneven and ect. Well I won't be changing my mind, I still want them,lol! I'll be posting pics soon, before and after. If any of you have any advice, I'd appreciate it. :-)

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. Glad you consulted with several surgeons! About your size, a photo will allow us to see your shoulder and rib cage width...thus better advising you! It's normal to be scared and nervous. Try to distract yourself with meal planning, cleaning, etc!

Thank you Beth, I will be posting pics tomorrow. I've been cleaning and exercising to keep my mind busy:)
good luck!
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